TeamSpeak 3

Server Info

Password: Not posted due to trolls and spammers. Please ask a member or see in-game notes.

Downloading TeamSpeak 3 download page
Make sure to download the Client (not the server) for the Operating System that you use.


Server Rules

  1. Push-To-Talk. There’s nothing like listening to 10 different people cough, type, drink and yell at their spouses.
  2. Foul language and joking around is fine, but be respectful if some one asks you to tone it down or stop.
  3. If you are going AFK for an extended amount of time, please move yourself into the AFK channel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Teakspeak even if I don’t have a microphone?

A: Absolutely. If you don’t have a microphone, or heck if you’re just shy, you can still listen in on the conversation. If you’re doing an event, it’s good to be able to hear what’s going on too. Of course, you’ll need a microphone in order to talk, but one is not required just to listen.

Q: How do I set my Push-To-Talk button?

A: Go to Settings > Options > Capture (tab on the left) and click on the Push-To-Talk radio button. The button to the right of that will allow you to set which key to use (the left CTRL key is the most common).

Q: How do I switch channels?

A: To move yourself into a different channel, simply double-click on the name of the channel you wish to move to.

Q: How can I change another persons volume?

A: If another person is really loud, or really soft, you can adjust an individual persons volume by right-clicking on their name, then clicking on Change Volume.

Q: Can I create my own channel to use?

A: Yes! Right-click on any channel you want to make your own under, click on “Create Sub-Channel” then give it a name. This will create a temporary channel that will delete itself when it becomes empty (all users leave the channel).


Suggested Addons

Volume Control – This addon reduces the volume of other applications when you or someone else is speaking in your channel. This allows you to keep your music, game or any other applications volume at their normal levels and still be able to hear people talking. Suggested settings are “Volume suppression rate” between 15% and 25%, “Delay to retrieve original volume” at 0 seconds, and select “Suppress volume while you are speaking.”

Duke Nukem Sound Pack – Bring the the voice of Duke Nukem, John St. John, to your TeamSpeak 3 Client with this new special sound pack. Hail to the king, baby!