Software Token Version Update

On Dec. 4, 2014, in order to add usability features such as language selection, the iOS/Android app “SQUARE ENIX Software Token” will receive a version update.

Current users of the Software Token app should update via the App Store/Google Play as soon as the version update is available.

If you are unable to perform the version update normally after Dec. 4, you will need your “Emergency Removal Password” to remove the Software Token linked to your account before uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Locating your Emergency Removal Password:
1. Log in to the Square Enix Account Management System with your Square Enix ID, password, and One-Time Password.

2. The Emergency Removal Password can be found on the page after logging in under the section “Token Usage Status”.

Removing the Software Token from your account:
1. Go the Emergency Removal page and then enter your Square Enix ID, password, and Emergency Removal Password.

2. Click the URL located within the automatic email that will be sent to the registered email address.

3. The Software Token will be removed once the URL is accessed.
* The URL will only be valid for 60 minutes.

After removing the Software Token from your account, please uninstall the app from your device. You will then need to reinstall the app and link it to your account.

Join the mass test on Thursday, December 4th

As a final check up for the coming Rhea release we are going to have another mass test on our test server Singularity on December 4th at 17:00 UTC – you are welcome to join!

During this mass test we will check the appearance of ships again, which are now rendered with physically based rendering (PBR), but we will also test the general stability and performance of client and server. If you’re interested in attending please join us on Singularity, Thursday, December 4th, at 17:00 EVE-time (=UTC).

All participants will receive a small reward of two million skill points on Singularity.

Please refer to this forum thread for more information about how you participate in the test, and this EVElopedia article for more information on mass testing.

Rooster Teeth: Things to Do in Minecraft – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving might be an American holiday, but everyone can enjoy this humorous video from video-making legends, Rooster Teeth! The crew gets into all sorts of Minecraft trouble, in the name of the holidays. Enjoy!

This holiday season, from November 26 to December 7, we’re chopping the price of the Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition in half*! Now is the perfect time to pick up this award-winning MMO, for yourself or a friend, and experience a truly Living World™ where your actions make a difference!

Act now and take advantage of the Guild Wars 2 Black Friday prices!

*Offer applies only to Digital Heroic Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition purchased through from 12pm Pacific Time November 25, 2014 through 11:59pm Pacific Time December 7, 2014.

Welcome to the Upgrade Arcade


Come one, come all, to the Upgrade Arcade! Try your luck at prizes by upgrading an on-screen weapon to the next level. At certain Upgrade Levels, you will unlock different prizes varying from Manastones to the exclusive Sleek Hovercycle mount!  Step right up! Don’t be shy – we’ll even give you a few free tries!

– How to Play –

The Upgrade Arcade can be accessed by clicking the smiling Shugo icon on the lower right corner of your screen. Use this icon to play, browse the prize list, or check out the Help guide.

To play, you’ll need an Arcade Token. One Arcade Token is consumed each time you begin playing at level 1, and will last until you claim a prize. This means it’s possible for you to get to Upgrade Level 8 on one token!

Click Play to start the mini-game and you’ll see the weapon on the screen change before you. Subsequently by clicking Play, you will continue to upgrade the weapon and the Upgrade Level. There is a chance to fail at each upgrade level so play wisely!If you want to claim your prize, click Reward and a random item from the tier’s prize list will be placed in your inventory.


If your upgrade fails at Upgrade Level 6 or higher, you have two choices. You can claim your level 1 prize, or you can click the Resume option to spend two tokens and regain your place! The Resume icon lights up to let you know it can be used, but can only be used once per play.

As you play the Upgrade Arcade, you will notice the Frenzy Meter filling up. Every token you use to play or resume will fill up the bar. Once the bar is full, Frenzy Mode begins and you have 90 seconds of boosted upgrade chances and additional Frenzy Rewards! Click away!


– Where to Get Arcade Tokens –

There are a few ways for you to get tokens for the Upgrade Arcade.

  1. A survey will be available at level 30+ for (1) Arcade Token.
  2. A quest will be available at level 50+ for (3) Arcade Tokens. You will need an [Event] Lucky Token to begin this quest. The Lucky Token is delivered automatically to the special cube of characters level 50 or above after ten minutes of play time. Once you have clicked on the Lucky Token, simply follow the quest instructions.
  3. Prestige Pack holders will receive (2) Arcade Tokens via survey each Arcade Event week.
  4. Arcade Tokens are available as prizes from the mystical Shugo Kingdom Adventure.
  5. Arcade Tokens can also be purchased individually or as a bundle from the in-game shop or web store. 


– Rewards –

The rewards can be viewed in the Upgrade Arcade menu and are distributed randomly from the upgrade tier you end on. Remember, you can claim your reward at any time. If you want that prize at Upgrade Level 6 without risking a failure on your next attempt, hit the Rewards button to claim it right away. Keep in mind that if your upgrade fails and you do not resume playing, through choice or lack of tokens, you will only get a prize from Upgrade Level 1.


Collect your free tokens and try your luck at the Upgrade Arcade! Mini-game ends December 10, 2014.

Upgrade Arcade & Black Friday Store Sale – November 26, 2014

It isn’t technically Friday but why wait to have a sale? For the next six days, maximize your inventory space with a number of pets half off, discounted Level 4 Expansion Tickets, and/or cheap cabinet space for your home. The Upgrade Arcade mini-game is currently available and Arcade Tokens are available individually or in a discounted bundle for those who want to try their luck at winning exclusive prizes. The additional storage would be perfect for all the prizes you win!


Arcade Token

Play the Upgrade Arcade with an Arcade Token. Enchant a weapon on screen to reach certain Upgrade Levels to unlock prizes! Tokens are available until December 10, 2014.



Four popular inventory pets are half off. Take your pick between Golden Pack Saam Egg, Traveling Kitter Egg, Harvest Saam Egg, the Evolved Speckled Ailu Egg or buy ‘em all!

Expansion Tickets

Cube and Warehouse Level 4 Expansion tickets have been discounted just for Black Friday. Expand your inventory with any of these tickets by one more line or use four to max out the number of extra space you can currently get!

Housing Cabinets

Last but not least, housing cabinets are another great way to stash your hoard of treasure, materials or even costume skins.


And still on sale are bonus items for Shugo Kingdom Adventure, new costume skins and headgear, Lockbox Key Pouch and more. Don’t forget Tempering Solutions are the bonus item for a Large C.U.B.E. for the next two weeks only!


You can see all our store items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

New Rewards in Shugo Kingdom Adventure


You already know you can get Tempering Solutions, Shu-ghost Pet Egg, Steampunk Wings, Bulwark Burster, AP relics and more by running Shugo Kingdom Adventure. Now for the final week of the event even more prizes have been added! You can get your hands on Mythic Weapon Tuning Scrolls, Mythic Tiamat Stronghold equipment, and Arcade Tokens for the Upgrade Arcade!

Run Shugo Kingdom Adventure daily free and for extra runs and keys, pick up the bonus items from the store.

Guild Spotlight – Hunting Blades

Looking for a guild? Check out today’s latest
interview and see if you find a match!

Mass Test! Wednesday, November 26th – 17:00 UTC

We are planning another mass test on our test server Singularity for testing new features for the Rhea release.

We are focusing on the appearance of ships, which are now rendered with physically based rendering (PBR), but we will also look at the health-bar of drones in the drone bay and check the general stability and performance of client and server. If you’re interested in attending please join us on Singularity, Wednesday, November 26th, at 17:00 UTC. All participants will receive a small reward of two million skill points on Singularity.

Please refer to this forum thread for more information about how you participate in the test, and this EVElopedia article for more information on mass testing.

Next Tuesday, December 2, the story of Living World season 2 continues in the Seeds of Truth release!

You’ll have two weeks while the release is live to log in to unlock free, permanent access to the story of Seeds of Truth.

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Do you remember the teaser we put out on the episode 25 of Ready Up? It’s time to find out what it was all about! Join Competitive Events Manager Joshua “Grouch” Davis and PvP Gameplay programmer Evan Lesh as they talk about (and show off) the upcoming changes to PvP.

You can find us on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel this Wednesday, November 26, at 12:00pm PST (19:00 UTC). Note the date change because of Thanksgiving holidays: Wednesday instead of Friday!

Points of Interest

Last week’s episode of Points of Interest featured a visit from Teddy Nguyen and Peter Fries to dig into the making of Tangled Paths, and our first official edition of PvP 101 from Hugh Norfolk. We also shared some insight into the character of Canach straight from John DiMaggio, the voice of Canach. If you missed the live show, we’ve got it available now on YouTube!

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We’ll see you on Twitch!

With our new Mine-r-Tron permanent mining tool, you won’t miss out on any precious ore nodes while adventuring in the Silverwastes! Be sure to check out our ongoing Pre-Black Friday sales with 30% off Character Slot Expansions, Storage Expanders, and Upgrade Extractors, available only through November 27. Read on for details about this week’s offerings.

  • Mine-r-Tron

    I’m excited to offer our latest and greatest talking-golem gathering tool: Mine-r-Tron, the most enthusiastic gathering golem yet! This little vocal assistant can’t wait to mine ore of every type for you.

  • Mini Chickenado

    Don’t ask how we turned this swirling chaotic mess into a mini-just appreciate that we did! Back by popular demand, this Mini Chickenado may cause a mess but it’s sure to turn some heads. Grab it today and stand out from the crowd.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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Join the EVE University Super Lecture Session "This is Education" on November 23/24 – Fleet action included!

EVE University, famous for their extraordinary and high quality introduction lectures to EVE Online, has announced a super lecture session on the 23rd and 24th of November from 21:00 UTC to 06:45 UTC free for everyone.

This super lecture session “This is Education” is a wonderful opportunity for every new and returning player to get familiar with the EVE Online mechanics in a fun and quality way. Participation is  highly recommended!

The EVE University Super Lecture Session is currently scheduled as following (times in EVE time, UTC):

November 23rd

21:00 – Shield Tanking 101 with I Am Ozymandias  (1 hour)

22:00 – DScan 101 and 102 with Karimson Safehold  (1 hour) in Amygnon.

23:15 – Fleet Operations 101 with Krevlorn Severasse  (1 hour) in Aldrat.
    The fleet will travel to Hek.

November 24th

00:30 – Open lowsec roam with Apothne of Pandemic Legion (1 ½ to 2 hours)
     Departure system: Hek
     Free frigates, fully fitted, will be provided for attendees below 3 months of age.

02:30 – Joining a Corporation 100 with Krevlorn Severasse (1 hour)

03:30 – Ship Fitting 101 with Cerulean Ice (1 ½ hours)

05:30 – Armor Tanking 101 with Krevlorn Severasse (1 hour)

06:45 – Shield Tanking 101 with Krevlorn Severasse (1 hour)

The lectures are conducted on the EVE University public mumble server (setup instructions are available here) and are free for everyone.


Don’t miss out on this Super Lecture Session!
Check also the session overview page for additional lectures.