Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

Dear Daevas,

The Aion team would like wish you and your family happy holidays. During this time, the team will be spending the rest of the year with their families. Customer Support will be available to take your inquiries but response times may be slower during this period. There will be a scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, December 31 and many Solorius Festival events continue to run until the start of the new year.

Events to keep in mind:

  1. There will be a scheduled server maintenance on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 from 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM Central time. The game will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour.
  2. The Power Lockbox will no longer drop in game after the December 31st maintenance. The all-new Fortune Lockbox will drop in its place.
  3. Gank the Granker event will end at 12:00 AM Central January 1, 2015. Coin exchanges with Pandarinrinerk will be available until January 7, 2015.
  4. Wheel of Fortunerk mini-game will end on January 2, 2015.
  5. Solorius Festival Cookie Decorating Contest submissions will be accepted no later than January 1, 2015.


Stay safe and warm this holiday season. We’ll see you next year!


SethBling Presents: Aimbot

“Aimbot”: it’s a word that makes many players cringe, and/or seethe in rage. Why would anyone aimbot? “It’s cheating!” “But it’s not cheating!” So the discussion goes, on and on, about the ups and downs of using an aimbot.

Fortunately, SethBling’s recent creation isn’t that sort of aimbot – this redstone-driven bow is designed to home in on zombies, as long as you shoot in their general vicinity! It’s a remarkable creation, especially for being made entirely in the game. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays from ZOS!

We’re looking back on a great year and forward to another one this season.

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #76

We gather up more excellent fan creations in our last issue of the year.

ESO Orienteering Challenge

Think you’re a great explorer? See if you can be the first to find our secret locations!

Loremaster’s Archive: Re-forging the Past

Kireth Vanos describes her lifelong pursuit of learning to craft in the Dwemer style.

Minecraft 1.8.2-pre1: Christmas Gift Edition Released!

Mojang is heading off for the winter holidays soon, but before they do, the 1.8.2 pre-release 1 was sent off on its way, right into your hands! This pre-release mainly focuses on fixes, squashing bugs, and some performance enhancements. Among the bugs fixed include mobs following players (as though hostile) in Spectator Mode, explosion force with directional bias, and some revisions to explosion physics that will, among other things, reduce how far explosions can send objects.

To get pre-releases, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “pre-releases” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog). Easy!

Cross-platform server jar: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.8.2-pre1/minecraft_server.1.8.2-pre1.jar

Report bugs here: Minecraft issue tracker

Battle it out with the Dev Team Friday, Dec. 19, 2014!


Conquest has returned to RIFT, and with it comes a chance to earn a title for defeating a Dev!

As RIFT developers, there’s nothing better than getting a chance to experience the game with you, the players. So we’re extremely excited for Friday, Dec. 19, when we’ll join you in Conquest in a massive throw-down for pride and glory!

Starting at 11am PST (7pm GMT), Devs will be on the EU shards honing their weapons and looking for players to battle it out with. Defeat one, and we’ll award you with the prefix title “Mutineer.”*

After being ruthlessly battered, we’ll head over to the North American shards at 3pm PST for a chance at new foes. Devs will have the prefix DEV_ appended in front of their name, so they’ll be easy to spot.

Good luck in your hunting, and well met on the field of battle!

This week, we’re pleased to announce that one of our partners, TOPOP, is featuring three fantastic Guild Wars 2 statues in their December sale! Enjoy savings now on statues of Rytlock, the Shatterer, and Zojja with a golem.

Guild Wars 2 Rytlock Brimstone: Hero of Charr Figure Statue
This Blood Legion charr was stationed in the Black Citadel as part of its vanguard. Now, he’s available for reassignment to your home or office. This 11” PVC statue comes with 10 interchangeable accessories, including a right hand that wields the legendary sword Sohothin.


Guild Wars 2 the Shatterer Dragon Statue
The Shatterer patrols the Dragonbrand within Blazeridge Steppes, overseeing the Branded within. Now, this 8” PVC-and-resin replica is ready to stand guard for you. The statue features the Guild Wars 2 logo emblazoned on its platform.


Guild Wars 2 Zojja with Golem USB Flash Drive and USB Hub Figure Statue Set
Zojja is a highly respected asuran elementalist, golemancer, and member of the College of Synergetics. This beautiful replica features fully articulated arms, including one equipped with a light-up function. The Zojja figure also doubles as a 16 GB flash drive for storing your own knowledge. Accompanying Zojja is a golem with fully articulated arms, four USB ports, and a light-up function on its eye and chest.


The Tamriel Town Crier, Issue #2

Hear ye! Enjoy these new fan-created videos, podcasts, and more.

Starlight Celebration:

Break out the vintage rolanberry and prepare for festive cheer, for the Starlight Celebration is upon us!

As soft white flakes flutters down from the clouded sky above, let’s take the time appreciate all the season has to bring.

The M.H.M.U. has cobbled together wonderful treats for adventurers, as has become standard fare in recent years-and this time around there’s something even more special!

Piqued your interest, have I?

But you know how cagey those moogles can be-“Surely you shan’t strive to strangle these stupendous secrets from us?”

But the Magic Paradise Weekly has other plans in mind. Join their most “standout” novice journalist as she attempts yet another mission to wrest the scoop from the puffballs’ furry grasp.

Read on for her probing interview.

Unwrap the Latest Version Update!

Get the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season with Gifts, a new job-point related enhancement system!

Even the scroogiest of scrooges will enjoy Seekers of Adoulin story quests, Chacharoon’s Cheer abilities added to Mog Gardens, a second log window, new Unity Wanted battles, job adjustments, transportation-related quality of life improvements, and a variety of other additions and adjustments.

Read on for details!

The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #75

Enjoy new fan creations and learn about upcoming community-organized events.

Rhea Has Been Successfully Deployed!

We are happy to announce that the Rhea release has been successfuly deployed!

The Rhea release brings a long list of changes to the world of EVE Online, including User Interface updatesnew exploration content101 new wormhole systemsmanual flight controlchanges to cloning mechanics and a new opt in beta starmap that we’re looking to gather feedback on!

For more information on the Rhea release, and to see a full list of features, take a look at the Rhea release page here, and read more about what’s coming in CCP Seagull’s “Coming to EVE in the Rhea release” dev blog. For a full and detailed breakdown of changes please see the patch notes for Rhea.

For general feedback on this release you can post and discuss in this forum thread. To discuss issues, please see this thread. For those of you playing with our Mac client, please report your Mac specific issues in this thread.

Who will be the first Capsuleer to reach Thera?

Immediately after EVE’s extended downtime on December 9th and the deployment of Rhea, every single EVE player will be able to find wormhole entrances to the 101 new shattered wormhole systems including the mysterious and unique system of Thera.

o7: The EVE Online Show is looking for the first Capsuleer to reach Thera on Tranqulity, so that we can give you a well-deserved salute on air. We will be quietly monitoring the local chat channel in the Thera system, and the first player to type the message “Hello Thera!” in that local channel will receive a shoutout on the next o7 broadcast on Thursday, December 11th.

Do you have what it takes to race your fellow players to the new frontier? If so, we’ll see you in Thera!


The December login campaign will be held during the following period.

Campaign period: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 7:00 a.m. (PST) to Friday, January 2, 2015, at 6:00 a.m.

Receive login points each day just for saying hello to the citizens of Vana’diel, and exchange them for various in-game rewards!

If you are logged in when the campaign begins, you must either relog or change areas in order to receive your points.

Read on for information on how to participate and for a list of items available in the December 2014 Login Campaign.

Calling All Movie Makers! – "This Is EVE" Trailer Competition!

Here at CCP, we’ve been incredibly humbled to witness the reaction to the latest trailer for EVE Online, “This is EVE”. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, feel free to check out the uncensored version here!

Our goal with “This is EVE” was to show what it actually feels like to play EVE, and the action and reaction that goes on during gameplay by showcasing the recorded experiences of players during real events in game.

Now we’d like you guys to show us, and the rest of the word, what makes EVE unique, and what makes you keep coming back for more. We’ve prepared some prizes for you, and we’d like to encourage you all to to take part. Prize packages include stacks of PLEX, signed copies of EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Editon and twelve month subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud Complete.

A panel of CCP employees including Developers, members of the Community Team and members of the Cinematics Team will be  selecting the best entries, which will be showcased at Fanfest 2015, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The top three videos will be screened in front of a live audience at the CCP Presents keynote on Saturday, March 21st 2015 and their creators will win a fabulous set of prizes.

For more information on the full terms and conditions and prizes for this competition, along with how to submit your trailers, please click the flags below for localized information!