ESO: Morrowind Concept Artist Q&A and Wallpaper

The Warden, The Elder Scrolls Online’s first all-new class, is coming to Tamriel with the launch of ESO: Morrowind on June 6. Prepare yourself by downloading this action-packed new illustration and read our interview with the artist who painted it!

Watch the Trailer for Flashpoint

Flashpoint, the fifth and penultimate episode of Living World Season 3, arrives on May 2! Watch the teaser trailer below, and see the truth reflected.

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Join us on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit on release day after the episode goes live. Members of the development team will be there to celebrate the release with fans.e episode goes live. Members of the development team will be there to celebrate the release with fans.

Turn Back Time with an Hourglass Staff!

It’s the anniversary of the Searing, so check the store throughout the week—I’ll be restocking some of the items I’ve commissioned based on designs from 250 years ago. Now, I’m commemorating, mind you, not celebrating. Don’t send me any more strident nastygrams postmarked from Ebonhawke.

  • Hourglass Staff

    This intricate staff is probably new to you, unless you’re some kind of wacky, Mists-walking time traveler—or you’re secretly hundreds of years old. Even if you’re not, you can look the part.

  • Retro Fashion Discounts!

    For a limited time, I’m offering the glowing Chaos Gloves Skin at 20% off, and the classic Monk’s Outfit at 40% off. You can also pick up a package of Salvager’s Supplies, containing both of our convenient Salvage-o-Matics with sundry items, an Upgrade Extractor to save your valuable runes and sigils, and 3 Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps.

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ESO: Morrowind – Naryu Series

Join the Morag Tong assassin Naryu Virian on a guided tour of the people and places of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. Starting with Vivec City, we’ll post a new video featuring another aspect of the Dark Elf homeland every week. Keep an eye out for future updates, and get ready to experience ESO: Morrowind for yourself on June 6!

Coming Soon: The Spring Alter Ego Extravaganza!

The Spring Alter Ego Extravaganza is returning to Vana’diel starting on Monday, May 1!
How’s your change to grab the following alter egos if you missed them last time!

King of Hearts

Event period: Monday, May 1 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Thursday, May 31 at 7:59 a.m.

Read on for information on how to obtain the corresponding ciphers.

This week in Minecraft — April 22nd

Learn more about the changes coming to Command Blocks, preview the last new features to be introduced ahead of Minecraft 1.12 and take a sneak peek at new Glide tracks and the Minecraft Switch Edition.

The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of April 24

We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below!

Streams for the Week of April 24

Wednesday, April 26

GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German)
10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
The week in review with the GuildNews crew.


The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Mohammad Qureshi)(English)
Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
We’re pleased to welcome Mohammad to his first time on the art show! Tune in to see his stunning landscape work. You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

Saturday, April 29

Weekend Chillstream with Shadiz (by Shadiz_live) (English)
8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Join Shadiz for a chill session of sPvP and/or Fractals fun!

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Thank you for watching!

The Feast of Swords

The Feast of Swords has descended upon the three nations once more! Relive the story of the mystical Genji Hakko and find out who is behind this year’s nefarious plot!

Event Period: Thursday, April 27 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Wednesday, May 10 at 7:59 a.m.

Read on for details.

Watch the Warden Gameplay Trailer

In The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, Tamriel has a powerful new protector. On June 6, you can take control of the brand-new Warden class and protect Nirn with a host of unique, nature-based abilities. Check out our Warden Gameplay Trailer below for a look at the kind of hero you can become.

New Hair and Accessory Colors in Total Makeover Kits!

“Why don’t you dye your fur, Evon?” is a question I hear…well, not frequently. Once in a while. Maybe every other—hmm. Somebody asked me that once, let’s put it that way. Anyway, the reason is that I have a brand image to maintain. I could change up the color of my mane, I suppose, but I’m often told the grey makes me look distinguished. At least one person has told me that, and they weren’t even an employee.

  • New Hair Colors and Accessory Dyes

    Imagine: you, wearing one of six exclusive new hair colors, warding off the last of the chill with a good book while spring rain falls gently outside. The object of your affection or animosity walks in. You lock eyes. Sophisticated. Mysterious. Beautiful. Find your new look in Total Makeover Kits and Self-Style Hair Kits.

  • Primordus’ Dye Kit

    Do you know what’s better than fire? Magic fire. Here’s a dye kit that’ll give you one of twenty-five flaming colors, with a chance to find six shimmering, brand-new shades. Now that’s hot stuff.

  • Chaos and Crystal—Restocked!

    Light up your fights with the Chaos Weapon Collection, now available at your local Black Lion Weapons Specialist. I’ve also brought back our popular Crystalline Dragon Wings Backpack Glider Combo, and rotated the selection of miniatures available from the Black Lion Miniature vendor.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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