LawBreakers – Huge Update to Drop This Week with New Competitive Ranked Mode & More

A huge LawBreakers content drop is expected to come this week that includes a number of big things for players. Most notably, the long-awaited Boss Leagues will arrive that brings competitive ranked play into the game starting with Beta Season 0. During this event, Boss Key devs will be able to collect and process data and feedback to make improvements going into the future.

No, Squadron 42 isn’t going to release this year

All right, let’s be honest, you probably didn’t actually think that Star Citizen’s much-delayed single-player Squadron 42 was coming out this year. Around this time last year, it was confirmed to have been delayed; now it seems rather definite that it’s not going to be this year, either, as the most recent update on the schedule for CitizenCon confirmed that […]

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Conquer Online – A New Era Begins Today – SPONSORED

It’s a new day in many respects for Conquer Online. The venerable game is squarely in the middle of its second decade of life, but that’s not stopping developers from bringing it up to today’s graphics standards. With today’s update, Conquer Online gets a visual facelift in its characters and maps. In addition, balance has been tweaked to provide a better experience for players. To celebrate, the dev team has a number of events planned. It’s a great time to revisit an old friend.

Meet the Character – Provost Varuni Arvel

Provost Varuni Arvel stands as a beacon of faith, a leader within the Clockwork City’s Congress of Calibration, and one of the key figures you’ll encounter when exploring the Brass Fortress. Learn a little more about her past and rise to the rank of Provost with our next Meet the Character!

World of Warcraft Elysium emulator disbands, reforms under cloud of corruption

The drawn-out story of Project Elysium, one of the more notable World of Warcraft emulators that rose to prominence in the wake of last year’s Nostalrius saga that saw the legit WoW community agitate unsuccessfully for vanilla servers, has taken a brutal turn this week. No, Blizzard didn’t issue a cease-and-desist takedown, but rather the emulator operators themselves tanked their own project. The […]

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Rocket League – Haunted Hallows Brings Super Scary Pumpkins to Chase You Around

Rocket League is getting its own version of a Halloween event with the start of the Haunted Hallows event. This is the first time that a themed event has been introduced to the game and brings with it an all new limited-time Candy Corn currency. Candy Corn can be earned by completing Online Matches and used to claim themed-items to spruce up your ride. In addition, players can earn special event crates that can contain all sorts of items.

Armored Warfare – Dia de Los Muertos PvE Tournament Starts October 28th

The German Community Organization Team is inviting all Armored Warfare players to a special tournament event in celebration of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The event takes place on October 28th and features “PVE Hard” gameplay for teams of five.

The Black Death – New Dev Blog Explores Profession Structure

In The Black Death, you’ll actually and literally be able to “play doctor” when you first boot up the game. Every player arrives at the starting zone and begins the journey as a Plague Doctor. A questline through the city allows them to collect gold and become familiar with game mechanics. However, once “out in the world”, players can specialize in any number of other professions including as a smith, hunter and others.

The Daily Grind: Is PUBG finally the ‘WoW killer killer’ we’ve been waiting for?

Say the words “WoW killer” to a bunch of MMORPG players in 2017 and you’re bound to get eyerolls, for good reason: Even though we’ve been watching over the last decade as game after game chased the title, most folks don’t really believe that any MMORPG will ever truly “kill” World of Warcraft except possibly WoW itself, however slowly. Globally oriented, […]

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The Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is upon us once more!

Event Period: Tuesday, October 24, at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, November 6, at 6:59 a.m. (PST)

Read on for details.

The Stream Team: LOTRO’s Haunted Burrow is habit-forming

October means that Massively OP’s MJ can immerse herself in as many Halloween events as possible. And one really fun event is Lord of the Ring’s Online’s Harvest Festival: That haunted Burrow is certainly habit-forming! Or is it Hobbit-forming? MJ is diving right back into the spooky rooms in hopes of looting that rare pony from the cellar. There are […]

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Final Fantasy XIV – All Saints' Wake to Provide Thrills, Chills & Fuzzy Outfits Beginning October 19th

The annual Final Fantasy XIV event, All Saints’ Wake, is scheduled to kick off on October 19th and run through November 1st. Players will be able to participate in special events starting with the “It’s Probably Pirates” quest. From the official literature: “Godriquelain is suspicious about the Continental Circus’s true motives. Speak with him outside Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre to see how you can be of aid.”

Skyforge – Skyforge PS4 Revenant Class Sweepstakes! has been given 100 keys for Skyforge on PS4 that will give players the all new Revenant class in the game. The Revenant – a mighty warlord, appropriately adorned with impressive armor and wielding a ghastly two-handed axe – siphons the life from its enemies using vile shadow magics, assuming it hasn’t simply butchered opponents into a gory mess first. Enter for a chance to win a key now!

Shroud of the Avatar sells toilets and wheelchairs for charity

While it still continues on that long road to launch, Shroud of the Avatar is using some of its development time and resources to help those in need outside of the game studio. In this past weekend’s newsletter, Portalarium mentioned a few new store items that it’s created for the purposes of raising money for charity. One of these? A […]

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World of Warcraft – Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans

In World of Warcraft news that’s always good for a few hundred comments, it’s been revealed that the so-called “legacy” WoW server, Elysium, is shutting down due to “failures to uphold the project’s ideas and integrity” with one “staff member” taking home about 2,000 Euros per month via PayPal donations. According to a new post on a site called “”, the project’s servers are currently down in the hopes that they will relaunch again under new management.

Chronicles of Elyria picks up former Revival lead developer

Has enough time gone by to start erasing memories of Revival, that ambitious but troubled horror MMO that was canceled back in March 2016? While the project is dead, its developers have forged on — and one has made the jump to another indie MMORPG. Chronicles of Elyria announced this past week that it picked up Adam Maxwell to become […]

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Wizard101 – Wizard101 Gloomthorn Hoard Pack Giveaway! has teamed up with Kingsisle to give away items from their all new 2017 Gloomthorn Hoard Pack! Our key will give you a random item from the pack as well as a rare chance to get the entire pack full of goodies! Some of the items you can get are an All Souls Pegasus (1 Day) Rental Mount, Bat Swarm (1 Day) Rental Mount, Unicorn Wig and many more items! Get your key now!

The Black Death outlines the new profession system that starts you off as a plague doctor

There are no medical exams to pass when you start a new character in the next patch of The Black Death. You get to start off right away as a plague doctor near what appears to be the epicenter of the plague ravaging the area, and there’s even a set of quests introducing the many skills available to you. Once […]

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Pumpkin Spice Lupin

There’s a chill in the air that blows across Hydaelyn as summer fades, which can only mean one thing: All Saints’ Wake is upon us!

If this is your first time participating in this seasonal event, the journalists at the Mythril Eye have you covered. Here’s a special article written by Havak Alvak, that offers some background on the festivity. (Note that the items listed below the article were from a previous year’s event.)

Let’s look at what rewards we have in store this year!

There must be a full moon over Hydaelyn, because we’re about to see an influx of werewolves.

Check out the Werewolf Attire set:

It’s…so…fluffy! I can hardly stand it! Too cute!

But—I play as a Miqo’te. I already have fluffy ears and a tail to contend with, but thankfully…

It changes the ears! (My, what big ears you have!)

And even the tail!

The tail swings as you scamper about, and you just might be confused for a Lupin! Best of all, the Werewolf Attire is dyeable. Choose from a variety of colors to transform into all sorts of beasts, whether that’s a fearsome werewolf, or simply a Miqo’te who forgot to brush up in the morning.

And as exciting as this fluffy set of paws and claws is, that’s not all! Intriguing new furnishings will also be available.

This year, you can procure a Ghost Candlestand, a Pumpkin Tower, and an All Saints’ Wake advertisement.

The light from the candles sway and flicker, providing an eerie glow to transform any table to a spooky setting! And as you can see, the Pumpkin Tower is quite large, so much so that you can actually…

…jump on to the top of it!

I’m sure housing enthusiasts will find creative ways to use this piece, while I get excited to be part of the décor myself. Be one with the pumpkin.

Moving onto some festival treats! This year we’ve got Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Pudding. Delicious!

After a long day of adventuring we’ll come in for some warm pie and pudding, this is going to be…

Wait, that pudding…

It’s YOU?!

* That didn’t stop us from finishing the pudding. We’re growing adventurers, you know. We need nutrients, even if they’re haunted.

** We do not recommend eating the puddings that can be found in various dungeons such as Pharos Sirius and Haukke Manor. Avoid those puddings.

That’s it for our preview of this year’s All Saints’ Wake seasonal event rewards. We hope you have an enchanting time during this night of fright and enjoy these treats too!

Let’s get spooky!

All Saints’ Wake starts on Thursday, October 19th at 1:00 a.m. (PDT).

– Community Team

Wurm Online forces player gods to move on, changes transfer rules

One of the more interesting features of Wurm Online is the ability for players to ascend the mortal realm and become demigods in their own right who can dole out missions and influence the game world. The designers of the game feel that this ascension should come with a physical removal from the world itself, which is why demigods are […]

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