Mumbo Jumbo Presents: Bank Vault Door Creation



Mumbo Jumbo walks us through another clever building tutorial! Today’s build offers a clever way to create a bank vault-style doorway, complete with a combination lock. Of course, potential vault-crackers could just bust through the door with a pick-axe, so what to do about them? One could put explosive (or burning) traps inside the vault, but that might destroy everything inside. Instead, a clever alarm system is designed and demonstrated, and works very well! Difficult to detect, but quite obvious when it goes off, it will alert vault owners to any potential break-ins. Neat!


While the vault door is built with banks in mind, one could potentially use this door for other things as well, including post-apocalyptic vaults of a non-specific variety.


As with other Mumbo Jumbo videos, the vault, alarms, and combination lock are fully explained, along with a guide on how to build each. Enjoy!