Q: A lot of news gets posted daily here, do you post all this yourself?
A: All the news posts here on RunicPortal are automated. Every 15 minutes, the sources are checked for new content and anything new gets posted to the top of the Home page.

Q: How do I signup for an account?
A: Simply find the menu on the right that says “Login with:” and choose a web service to connect to RunicPortal. Web services supported are Amazon, Blogger, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Mail.ru, OpenID, StackExchange, Twitch.tv, Twitter, Windows Live, WordPress.com, Yahoo!, and YouTube.

Q: I don’t have an account with any of those web service, can I still signup?
A: Not to worry, we’ve included a backdoor for you, hidden from spambots. All you’ll have to do is take the web address for RunicPortal and add /signup to the end of it.

Q: Do I really need to signup for an account here? I just want to read the news.
A: Not at all. The only reason to signup is if you’d like to post within the forums. In fact, you won’t even see the login anywhere but in the forums.

Q: This site is great! What can I do to help?
A: Thanks for asking! The simplest thing you can do is Like us on Facebook using the box to the right. If you’d like to become a Guest Writer, complete with your own post category (think Filter By News Source) and listing on the Team page, get in touch with me (email, in-game, etc.) and we can set something up. If you’ve got your own website or blog, you could give us a mention, I’d be more than happy to return the favor. Of course, you can always buy me a drink, too.

Q: Having all the news posted to the Home page is great and all, but how do I view news from just one source?
A: On the right side of the site you’ll find a menu called “Filter By News Source,” simply click on the News Source you would like.

Q: I’m trying to find a news post I remember from a while back, where’d it go?
A: News posted from news site sources (like Massively.com and MMORPG.com) are automatically deleted after 2 weeks. This is done for a few reasons, the biggest reason is to keep the RunicPortal site database from getting too big, news sites can post a dozen or more articles per day. The other reason is that RunicPortal is not the actual source for these news posts, only a temporary place to read, and is removed out of respect for the site it was created on.

Q: Can I make comments on news posts?
A: While you cannot comment on news posts directly here on RunicPortal, you can click on the post title to be brought to the original source post. Each source has it’s own commenting system and policies, so refer to their site for information on commenting.


Q: What kind of text input is supported in the forums?
A: There are two modes that text can be entered by, the Visual editor and the HTML editor. The Visual editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type of editor and is the easiest way to enter text. The Visual editor also supports the use of BBCodes, a list of codes can be found below. The HTML editor is a coding editor and is usually used by more advanced users.

List of Standard BBCodes *

Bold {content}
Italic [ i]{content}[/i]
Underline [ u]{content}[/u]
Strikethrough [ s]{content}[/s]
Align: Center [ center]{content}[/center]
Align: Right [ right]{content}[/right]
Align: Left [ left]{content}[/left]
Align: Justify [ justify]{content}[/justify]
Horizontal Line [ hr]
Subscript [ sub]{content}[/sub]
Superscript [ sup]{content}[/sup]
Reverse [ reverse]{content}[/reverse]
Font Size [ size={size}]{content}[/size]
Font Color [ color={color}]{content}[/color]
Preformatted [ pre]{content}[/pre]
Blockquote [ blockquote]{content}[/blockquote]
Area [ border]{content}[/border]
[ area]{content}[/area]
[ area={title}]{content}[/area]
Block [ div]{content}[/div]
List: Ordered [ list]{content}[/list]
[ ol]{content}[/ol]
List: Unordered [ ul]{content}[/ul]
List: Item [ li]{content}[/li]
Quote [ quote]{content}[/quote]
[ quote={id}]{content}[/quote]

List of Advanced BBCodes *

URL [ url]{link}[/url]
[ url=link]{text}[/url]
Image [ img]{image_url}[/img]
[ img={width}x{height}]{image_url}[/img]
[ img width={x} height={y}]{image_url}[/img]
YouTube Video [ youtube]{id}[/youtube]
[ youtube width={x} height={y}]{id}[/youtube]
Vimeo Video [ vimeo]{id}[/vimeo]
[ vimeo width={x} height={y}]{id}[/vimeo]
Google Search URL [ google]{search}[/google]
Note [ note]{content}[/note]

* All BBCodes listed here have a space inserted after the initial open bracket ( [ ) so they do not render on this screen. When using them yourself, be sure not to add the space.