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Unicorns Return to RIFT Aug. 6-12


Giddy-up: Unicornalia returns to RIFT Aug. 6-12!

Unicorns from the Plane of Life are whinnying themselves hoarse in fear for their lives! Prepare to assist the PRI in rescuing these stunning steeds by completing special Unicornalia event quests.

In return, you’ll receive Sparkle Essences which can be saved up or exchanged for your very own Opal Unicorn Mount. You can even earn or purchase Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves that have a chance to contain the rare Onyx Unicorn Mount.

The event starts tomorrow, Aug. 6 and ends on August 12, so be sure to talk to the PRI representatives waiting in your capital city before the unicorns disappear!

Nightmare Saga: Act 2 is Live


Orphiel Farwind has opened a portal to the past. Uncover the key to ending his reign in the second act of The Nightmare Saga – now live!

In Part 2 of the Nightmare Saga, you’ll follow Orphiel on a journey through pivotal moments in Telaran history, from the Mathosian civil war to the fall of Port Scion, in an attempt to unveil the mysteries behind Lord Arak’s origins. If he is indeed the Nightmare, who is the dreamer?

Embark upon this tour through time to receive awesome rewards, including a Smooth Guffin Pebble to summon 3 ferocious Guffins to fight by your side and your very own (tradeable!) Orphiel Farwind Dimension NPC with a habit of opening portals to unforeseen places.

Shake the fog of nightmares from your shoulders, Ascended. Let not the river of innocent blood in your wake be the legacy that Lord Arak forces upon you. You will have your vengeance in time!

RIFT Behind the Scenes: Stephen “Drakcoon” Mabee


Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver sits down with Senior Concept Artist Stephen “Drakcoon” Mabee to talk about art, RIFT, and Planetouched Wilds!

Ocho: Could you introduce yourself?
SM: Hi, I’m Stephen Mabee, Senior Concept Artist, also known as Drakcoon on the forums.

Ocho: How long have you been here?
SM: Around a year and eight months. I’ve been with RIFT since the beginning, though!

Ocho: Tell me a little bit about your history with RIFT. How did you start?
SM: I originally came from another MMO, where I was a hardcore raider. I had hit a couple world firsts in that game, but it had gotten stale and I was looking for something new. The early news about RIFT, especially dynamic rifts, really attracted me so I came over with some of my friends to check it out.

Ocho: What are some of your favorite memories of playing RIFT?
SM: Interestingly, I really enjoyed the process of leveling up! The large group of friends who I was playing with was a big advantage. Killing Greenscale together for the first time was a huge rush!

Ocho: Do you still play RIFT?
SM: I still play RIFT quite a bit. For me, it’s father-and-son bonding time, since my father also plays. We’re big into PvP and playing Warfronts together.

Ocho: Favorite Spec?
SM: Right now I’m playing Warlord and Reaver. Reaver is pretty solid at the moment, but Vladd is sure to keep changing things to keep us on our toes.

Ocho: What’s day-to-day life for a concept artist on the RIFT team like?
SM: Every day I get tasks from my manager, Marigold. She explains importance, and we tackle them in order. I’ve been working on armor and mounts for a while, making sure we have new stuff in the pipeline for players. Once I’ve got my tasks, I get my coffee and go at them!

Ocho: What have you been working on lately in RIFT?
SM: Recently, I’ve been working on the Shalistiri who we’re fleshing out for an upcoming release. They’re genie people who have been getting more attention and backstory. I start with the bosses and gradually work my way down towards the base creatures. I’ve also worked on a set of weapons for them to go along with that.

Ocho: Do you spend much time looking at references or searching out inspiration?
SM: I usually gather a bunch at the beginning, looking at Google or surfing art sites. I generally have a pretty good idea of where to go after talking to Captain Cursor, who comes up with the story and lore side. For the Shalistiri, I thought genie. It’s a little cheesy, but my mind went to Robin Williams, so in a way it’s a bit of my tribute to him. Other things I looked at included Middle Eastern cultures. The Shalistiri are air creatures, so wind and air motifs play in a lot. Flowing and elegant designs were on my mind while concepting them.

Ocho: What’s something you particularly liked after seeing it in game?
SM: A lot of it hasn’t been released yet, but the next raid we will release is really exciting to me. It’s a bit of a different direction than we normally go, but the raid will be unique visually with a lot of different elements that will be completely new to RIFT.

Ocho: What is your favorite thing to create?
SM: Big, bad bosses. When I go to the forums and I see a boss that I helped design being a challenge for players, I enjoy it. When folks do finally beat it, it’s glorious, with a lot of yelling. I’ve been there so I know how great that feels.

Ocho: How did you get involved in doing art?
SM: I started doing art, drawing and whatnot, at a really early age. My parents both loved art. My dad was into fantasy art, and it was always around growing up. Dad was an inspiring artist, but he went the military route, which is a bit different. They were always very supportive of my interest in art.

Art went away when I was in middle and high school – I had other things on my mind at that time. I guess I got really serious about it again towards my senior year of high school, when I was figuring out what I wanted to do with my life.

Ocho: Did you go to school for art?
SM: I attended Ringling College of Design in Sarasota, Florida.

Ocho: What was your course of study?
SM: Originally, I was considering computer animation, but the year I started school was sort of the end of traditional cell animation. I re-evaluated what I wanted, and went with illustration as a general field.

Ocho: Do you have any advice? Concept art is pretty much the coolest art job in the company. It’s what most folks think of when they say, “I want to create art for video games!”
SM: Spend more time on art than anything else, even games. Draw every single day, and spend most of your day doing art rather than whatever else you could be doing. You might think you’re missing a lot, but most of that can be made up. Practice is super important and just takes time. You can’t fake tens of thousands of hours drawing.

Ocho: How do the long development cycles and delayed gratification from seeing your creations in-game impact you as an artist?
SM: I don’t mind it too much. I’m constantly creating new art, so it’s nice to see stuff I’ve worked on pop up. It refuels me and keeps me going. Since it’s been so long, I can look at it with fresh eyes. The next raid we will release was concepted months and months ago.

Ocho: So you’re the guy who has all the info the players want about future content?
SM: I might know a few things. We work really tightly with the design team, because the closer we work together the better the stuff we come up. We have a really great relationship with the designers here on the RIFT team.

Ocho: What’s it like digging in Captain Cursor’s

RIFT is Overrun with Razorbacks! Round ‘em up July 23-29


Razorbacks are going hog wild in RIFT! Now through July 29, you’ll have a chance to get a brand-new mount by helping terrified Telarans fend off these predatory pigs.

Get to wrasslin’ and wranglin’ while completing Instant Adventures and closing Nightmare Rifts to earn Succulent Truffles – special event currency that can be exchanged for Razorback Troves that, when opened, may contain the mightiest swine you can ride: a brand new Armored Razorback Mount!

If you’ve been itching to rule the roads with one of these robust razorbacks, now’s your chance! Talk to your local PRI Representative to complete daily quests and get one step closer to charging into combat on the back of these battle-ready boars.

Get the Inside Scoop on Assault Mode


Be among the first to discover all the details of the new Warfront mode and map coming in RIFT: Into the Wilds! Read on for more information and join us for our live stream and playtest!

Assault Mode:

The ebb and flow of battle can be intense, and our newest addition to Warfronts captures this very spirit! In Assault Mode, you’ll play the part of Attacker or Defender while fighting through a series of objectives. Occupy strategic positions and force your way into your enemies’ inner sanctum, or drive your foes from your halls and secure your defenses against future assault. Once an assault is completed, you then switch roles and the battle resumes!

Assault on Bronze Tomb:

Assault on Bronze Tomb is an all-new Warfront Map and environment build specifically for Assault Mode. It features three distinct stages, brutal room-to-room combat, and a vast trove of ancient Brevanic technology, magic, and wealth. Mercenary companies from all over Telara and beyond rush to take control of this wondrous cache. You must fight through the Tomb to take your prize, but will you have the strength defend your new wealth?

Each team will attack and defend the strategic capture points throughout the Tomb. As one falls, more will open. Be wary of the Tomb’s devastating traps – or use them to your advantage to defeat your enemies!

Passage of the Fallen Heroes

Attackers and Defenders first clash amid the Tomb’s outer defenses, surging back and forth using jump pads to propel themselves into the fray. With two capture points to hold in order to secure the passage, teams must split their forces to retain control. Powerups and fiery traps add to the excitement in this entry point to the Tomb.

Tomb of the First Settlers

The action does not end once the Passage of the Fallen Heroes falls! Defenders can retreat to the Tomb of the First Settlers and rally around two additional control points in its central chamber. Opportunities for flanking maneuvers exist, but combatants will have to navigate amongst fiendish spike traps to take advantage of them.

Aurentine Treasure Vault

Finally, a dedicated attacking force may be able to breach the innermost sanctum of the Bronze Tomb and penetrate the Treasure Vault itself. Before you can gather your riches, however, you’ll have to secure the vault from its tenacious defenders. With cannons, ice traps, and a fountain spewing venom, this is no easy feat! Canons can be activated by either side, so control of these mechanisms can be crucial in capturing this region’s sole control point!

Learn All About It

Want to learn more about Assault Mode and the Assault on Bronze Tomb? Check out our RIFT live stream on Friday, July 24 or join in on the playtest!

Live stream

We’ll be previewing Assault Mode on Friday, July 24 at 3:30 PM Pacific on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel. Join us as we talk about the what, why, and how of Assault Mode, as well as observe a live test in progress. Host Eric “Ocho” Cleaver will be joined by Michael “Kerilar” Hansen, who will spill all sorts of interesting and fun details about the design.


Watching a livestream is exciting, but what could be more fun than being among the first to experience the thrill of Assault Mode? Playing it! Jump on the Public Test Shard this Friday, July 31 at 3:30 PM Pacific, and battle in full view of your fellow players watching. For more details on the playtest, visit the forums… if you dare!

So prepare yourself Telaran, the Assault on Bronze Tomb is coming with RIFT: Into the Wilds!

Going to Gamescom or PAX Prime? See you there!


Trion Worlds welcomes you to community parties at Gamescom and PAX Prime: Come on in and hang out with our Devs and Community Managers – have a drink on us and celebrate all of our games: RIFT, ArcheAge, Trove, Defiance, and now… Devilian!

Admission charge? Of course not, we’re Trion!


Get your limited edition Devilian t-shirt at either party, available on a first-come, first-served basis. One per person ONLY – no, you can’t have an extra one for your BFF, your mom, or your dog. When these shirts are gone, they’re GONE, so show up early!

We will offer limited quantities of awesome ArcheAge PvP survival kits (strictly tongue in cheek – you’ll still die to pirates), as well as exclusive game codes for Devilian, RIFT, and Trove. These will be available at both our Gamescom and PAX Prime parties.

At PAX only, we will have a very limited number of beautiful RIFT Raid Steins, for true Telarans only! Be prepared to state game name, level, and soul build to prove you’re legit!



  • Thursday, August 6
  • 7:00 – 11:00pm
  • Location: BAUWERK
  • We hope to have shuttles from the convention center to Bauwerk – watch our Facebook page for updates:


Some Trionites will be on panels at PAX Prime – watch for the news on that front as soon as PAX announces the schedule!


Nope and nope. We are off site for both parties, and welcome all Trion players, up to the capacity of the venues. ID is required for drinks. These parties are truly free-to-play!

Watch for updates on Facebook:
Or on Twitter: @TrionWorlds

Whether Cologne or Seattle – come out and REPRESENT!

Your friends at Trion

RIFT 3.3 is Live – The Nightmare Saga Begins


Dig into the mysteries of the Nightmare Saga, aid Cosmologist Mann in setting Tarken Glacier right, and craft amazing new armor and weapons in RIFT 3.3: Waking Nightmares!

The Nightmare Saga Begins

Embark on a brand-new Saga Quest revealing the origins of Lord Arak. All level 65 Ascended have received a letter from Purgav, a concerned Ghar Researcher in Goboro Reef, opening the door to this journey to the realm of dreams. Act 1 is available now. Act 2 is set to release on July 29, followed by Act 3 on August 12!

Planar Crafting

While you’re fighting through Tarken Glacier, stop to battle invaders from Planar Crafting Rifts to acquire all-new materials used in recipes of unprecedented might.

Instant Adventure in Tarken Glacier

Scale the Glacier in this max-level Instant Adventure that will take you from the jaws of the reanimated dragon, Shigoroth, into the twisted mind of Cosmologist Mann.

Silver Loyalty Tier

Those who achieve the coveted Silver Tier of Loyalty will be rewarded handsomely with prizes including Distinguished Levitate, the Miss Moneypiggy Companion Pet, and a special new “Pay to Whinny” Minion card.

Intrepid Gilded Prophecy

Return to Gilded Prophecy with three levels of challenge including an all-new Introductory level that allows you to raid in a more forgiving environment. Already an accomplished raider? Then the challenge can be increased with commensurate rewards!

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Waking Nightmares arrives with new Server Bank Slots, Wardrobe Collections, Fashionable Achievements, Hardmode for Rhen of Fate, and more additions to your favorite systems, plus a new Power Pack and a special Credit Promo: Now through July 31 you’ll fish up an all-new Nightmare Thresher Mount when you buy a $100 Credit Pack in-game.

So venture forth, Ascended, and experience epic encounters both old and new. Waking Nightmares has arrived!

For full details read the RIFT 3.3 Patch Notes.

New Nightmare Thresher with $100 Credit Pack Purchase


A rare-spawn Nightmare Thresher Mount is surfacing from the Plane of Water in RIFT 3.3.

From now until July 31, players who purchase a $100 Credit Pack in-game will also receive this special terror from the deep. Rest assured: it may look like a nightmare, but it rides like a dream!

Read more about RIFT 3.3

*Note: Applies to in-game Credit Pack purchases only!

Who Wants Free Patron Time? YOU do! Log in to RIFT July 17-19!


As a big thank you to all of our loyal players, anyone who logs in to RIFT between 12:01 AM Pacific July 17 and and 11:59 PM Pacific July 19 will be granted 3 free days of Patron Time!

It’s that simple, just log in at least once within the above time frame and you’ll get 3 free days of Patron time. We appreciate everything you do to make RIFT the great game it is!

Head to the Races for Budgie Week! July 9-15


Budgie Madness is back in Telara!

If there’s only one thing that the Planar Research Institute loves more than the meticulous study of temporal anomalies, it’s Budgies. And from July 9-15 they’re hosting a new week of races starring your favorite avian mounts.

PRI Representatives are waiting to get you saddled up for daily races in Silverwood, Freemarch, Cape Jule, and Pelladane. Victorious jockeys should save up their Bird Seed to take home their very own riding bird. Or try your luck with Umbral Budgie Troves that have a chance to contain the limited edition Umbral Budgie.

Don’t miss your chance to catch a ride astride one of these magnificent beasts!