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Diablo 3 – Hack & Slash a Jack O'Lantern for This Year's Carving Contest

The Diablo 3 team just sent out an update that the annual Blizzard Pumpkin Carving Contest is underway. Fans are invited to “unleash your magical axes, psi blades, sharpened claws and other creative cutlery to carve up Blizzard-themed Jack O’Lanterns”. Five winners will be chosen to receive $60 in Blizzard Balance to use however they choose in the Blizzard Shop.

Overwatch – Misfits & Freaks Add Up to Thirty-Five Million Players

The Overwatch Twitter page has a new post to announce that the buy to play game has now crossed over the thirty-five million player mark. “What a bunch of misfits and freaks we got here — we love it! Thanks for teaming up with us, heroes!” the post reads. Accompanying the quote is a great pic of Junkrat in his Halloween skin.

Destiny 2 – Priming the Hype Cannon, Bungie Releases PC Launch Trailer

Bungie is stoking the flames of desire with the release of the PC launch trailer for Destiny 2. (All of the footage, by the way, was captured on PC.) If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not know that the highly anticipated game will be launching on BattleNet on October 24th. Yes, just a week from tomorrow! Are you prepared?

Ship of Heroes – Lightning Blast Powerset Previewed in Latest Video

The Ship of Heroes team is ready to show off the latest powerset that is currently in the works. This time, the Lightning Blast is the third full powerset to be shown off to fans. It is a primary powerset for Devastators and can be a secondary for support characters. Lightning Blast will provide players with a primary and secondary damage effect as well as a debuff to defenses. Add in some self-buff powers and you have a robust powerset to consider.

Rift – Bastion of Steel Raid Preview

In July we bought you a preview of Rift 4.2:Celestial Storm. Following this update, on October 25th Trion Worlds will release 4.3 with two major updates: “Bastion of Steel” 10 man raid and “Mystic Archer” – a new soul for the Mage class.

World of Warcraft – Pink Haired Gnomes Run to Raise $16k for Breast Cancer Research

The World of Warcraft Running of the Gnomes event is now complete for 2017 and it absolutely has blown away its original goal of raising $4,000 for the Cleveland Clinic and breast cancer research. In addition, the team behind the annual event was hoping to beat the 2900 Gnomes taking part. Well, they beat it indeed. As of today, the event has raised $16,000 with over 7,000 players taking part.

Portal Knights – Vacant Islands Arrives in Latest Update

The latest update to Portal Knights has been released. v1.2 features tons of new content, much of it in response to player feedback. In addition, the Vacant Islands provide players a new location to discover, clear and inhabit. Once done, building a stylish new abode will be imperative as will decorating it with the finest items. Decorative props can now be discovered and mined from dungeons and then placed in the home.

World of WarPlanes – Onsite at Wargaming America and Hands-on WoWP 2.0

The guys at flew me out to take a gander at the newest World of Warplanes 2.0 patch, in what is essentially a re envisioning of the game. I got to meet with the developers and get a hands on with the new Bomber class and play with the Wargaming team on the new objective focused maps. Al King, Global Brand Director of Wargaming, also took the time for an interview about how the team reached 2.0 and their future plans for the game, which you can read here.

Runescape – Spend 10 Days in the Dimension of the Damned

Runescape players can take part in an all-new competitive adventure called the Dimension of the Dead. For ten days, players will be challenged to survive the zombie challenge. The event takes place in a “parallel Runescape universe” with the challenge coming to a final showdown where top players compete to be named King of Queen of the Damned on October 28th. Players will score in game items, a year’s Premier Club membership and even an all-expense paid trip to Jagex!

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds – 322,000 Players Banned Since Launch, 6k-13 Per Day

According to BattlEye, between 6,000 and 13,000 players are being banned from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds per day. Since launch, 322,000 players have been booted from the game for any number of reasons from using third party programs to exploits and more. The BattlEye Twitter post says that “the vast majority is from China”. In addition, the company claims the number of banned players is “more than twice as many as posted by PUBG just a month ago”.

– South Park The Fractured But Whole Review – A Super Heroic Fart Fest

For those not aware, “South Park” is an adult oriented cartoon TV series that’s in its 21st season on Comedy Central. It’s been over two years since a sequel was announced for the TV show’s first video game, 2014’s “South Park: The Stick Of Truth”. Since the announcement, UBISoft has been working closely with the show’s creators; Trey Parker, Matt Stone and their staff at South Park Studios to make what can only be described as the funniest turn-based super-hero, adventure RPG ever.

Minecraft – Spoooooktacular Event Begins on Official Partner Servers

Minecraft players can now take part in the annual SPOOOOKTACULAR Halloween event taking place across the Mineplex, InPvP and Lifeboat servers, official partners of the devs. Players will find “blocky Halloweentowns” packed with tricks and treats. They’ll also find Zombie Invasions, Pumpkin Kings and special Jack O’Lanterns with in game prizes and quests included.

Grand Theft Auto Online – Transform Races to Launch Tomorrow – Get Ready for a New Twist

RockStar has released a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online’s newest game mode called Transform Races. During these special events, the vehicles players are driving will change constantly. Players will be instantly shifted into land, sea or air vehicles in the blink of an eye. Transform Races will launch on October 17th.

World of Tanks – Kennedy's War Story Campaign Launches for Consoles October 17th

Wargaming has announced that console World of Tanks players will be able to revisit the Cuban Missile Crisis in the new story campaign called Kennedy’s War. It will be available on October 17th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and XBox 360 and for XBox One X at launch. The story mode campaign is free to all players.

Secret World Legends – Link Up with SWL And Get Awesome Stuff as Funcom Celebrates Community

Funcom is celebrating and growing its Secret World Legends community by asking fans to subscribe to social media channels. By way of thanks, players can score a Cerulean Eagle (Twitter), a Pajama Onesie Outfit (Twitch), a Modern Cowhand Outfit (Facebook) and the Grim Glamor Mummy (Google).

– Creative Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08: Surprisingly Capable

Sound Blaster is a name that’s almost legendary in the PC audio space, backed by an extensive range of sound cards, speakers, headsets and amplifiers that stretches back over decades. But how would the firm’s first pro gaming keyboard stack up in the highly competitive peripherals market? As an opening effort, the Vanguard K08 is a surprisingly capable and full-featured choice.

– Wooting One Mechanical Keyboard: Finally, True Keyboard Innovation

In May of 2017, the small team at Wooting launched their Kickstarter to fund the Wooting One, the first mechanical gaming keyboard to offer analog support. In just seven hours, the One blew through its original ?30000 funding goal. By the end of the month, they were funded to the tune of more than 450% of their target. Backers were excited about the Wooting One: a truly innovative mechanical gaming keyboard with the potential to change how PC games are played.

Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 4.1 First Thoughts

Last Tuesday saw the release of The Legend Returns, Stormblood’s first major content update. Patch 4.1 brings a wealth of features including a new 24-man raid, an extreme primal and a continuation of the storyline after the liberation of Ala Mhigo.

Sea of Thieves – Inn-side Story #22: A New Type of Multiplayer Game

Rare is back with another edition of the Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story, this time detailing how the team is working to create a unique multiplayer experience that is friendly, both to those who love that type of experience and to those who’ve maybe become jaded over the years.

Star Citizen – Around the Verse – Cockpits: Enhancing the Experience

Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts are back for the latest edition of the Star Citizen: Around the verse video diary series. In this latest video, the pair discuss the recent 3.0 testing of Evocati and the discovery of new bugs that are “must fix” before releasing it into the wild.