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Albion Online – Joseph Update Arrives Next Week – Check Out This Trailer

Albion Online will be getting a big new update next week when the Joseph patch arrives. To show off some of what players can expect with Joseph, devs released a new trailer. Most notably, Joseph brings the Arena online that yield tokens that can be used to purchase rewards.

Vendetta Online – iOS Version Arrives as a Free Download

Guild Software has sent word that Vendetta Online is now available on the App Store as a free download for any mobile system that features iOS 10 or above. The game will allow players to command their own vessels and explore a galaxy with thousands of others online. In addition, it supports MFi game controllers.

– Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Multiclassing & Character Creation

The Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire team stars in the latest developer diary and backer update. In this new video, multiclassing is explored, but maybe even more exciting than that, is that we get a first look at character creation. Wow…things are looking good too.

Destiny 2 – Eternity Map Arrives in the Competitive Playlist

For fans of the intense PvP action found in Destiny 2’s Crucible, a new Competitive map called “Eternity” is now available in the playlist. Eternity cam as part of the Trials of the Nine event. It’s an icy looking, very odd looking map.

EverQuest – Ring of Scale Comes in as EQ's 24th Expansion

EverQuest is expanding for the — get this — twenty-fourth time with Ring of Scale. Players will return to Kunark and visit familiar places from the Empires of Kunark expansion that came out last year, though a host of new monsters will greet them. New gear, spells and AAs are included in the expansion content as well. The team has plans to reveal more about Ring of Scale in October and pre-orders will begin mid-month.

World of Warcraft – 8th Running of the Gnomes Benefits Breast Cancer Research

The 8th Annual Running of the Gnomes taking part in World of Warcraft has been detailed on the event’s official site. The run is set to take place on October 14th at 4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern on the Scarlet Crusade – US realm. Anyone wishing to participate logs in with a new level 1 Gnome and requests an invite to one of several guilds taking part in the event. Why is this such a special event? Participants are raising funds for breast cancer research.

Minecraft – All Versions Meld Into a Happy Family with Better Together

The Better Together update for Minecraft has been deployed that brings the Windows 10, mobile, VR and console versions of the game together. Minecraft is now a universal game and unites players around the world on millions of devices and includes thirty-four new features into the game.

DC Universe Online – Riddled with Crime Launches with Hand Buzzers

OK that may not be entirely true, but we do know that DC Universe Online has launched Riddled with Crime, the game’s latest episode that brings both Joker and Riddler to the forefront. Players will work alongside iconic heroes like Batwoman, Nightwing and Talia Al Ghul to bring the funny bone ticklers to heel. Players will have new feats, collections and high-level gear to find.

Fortnite – PAX West 2017 Interview with Zak Phelps

While at PAX West 17 we had a chance to catch up with Zak Phelps, the executive producer behind Fortnite to find out what the future holds for the franchise and where they’re at now. Check out the interview and let us know what you think! And be sure to check out Fortnite! It’s super fun!

– Battlerite Prepping for November 8th F2P Launch

Stunlock Studios has sent word that Battlerite will be launching as a free to play PvP arena brawler on november 8th. Considered the “spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions”, the game has seen over a million downloads since launch. To give the uninitiated a chance to see what all these folks have experienced while playing, a free week will run from September 25th to October 1st. Battlerite will be 50% off that week as well.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds – PUBG Journal: The Tawdry Ballz eSportz League ESL Audition Tapes

Imagine a team of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds enthusiasts that is so inept that the only way to believe their ineptitude is to witness it first-hand. Imagine a team where if any could go wrong – it does. Imagine, if you can, a team of PUBG players who needlessly drown when able, only to still achieve the much lauded Chicken Dinner at the end of a match.

World of Warships – Warships by the Numbers – Happy 2nd Anniversary!

World of Warships officially is turning two this week. Wargaming has produced a pretty nifty infographic to show off some of the big numbers pulled by sailors over the past two years. In addition, the dev team is ready to unleash in-game festivities throughout the balance of the month.

Star Trek Online – LeVar Burton Brings His Talents to Beyond the Nexus

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton is reprising his role in Star Trek Online. In Beyond the Nexus, players will pair up with Burton playing Captain Geordi La Forge. He will continue his role into Episode 14: Emergence which is set to launch on October 3rd.

Fortnite – Battle Royale Mode Goes Free for All on Sep 26th

Epic has announced that the new Fortnite Battle Royale game mode will be going free for all players starting on September 26th. Battle Royale places a hundred players on a single map and challenges them to be the “last one standing”.

Wizard101 – I Admire You, For the Things I Can't Do

lthough I would love to do EVERYTHING in Wizard101, I know it’s not possible. We all have our little in-game hobbies that we excel at and enjoy. Mine is derby – but most of you knew that already. Today though, I’m not going to be talking about me. I’m going to be talking about all of you, the community. Doing cool things in-game that I’m either not good at or just don’t have time to do. So …. here’s to you.

Black Desert Online – Soundtrack to be Remastered by European Orchestras

Kakao Games and PearlAbyss have announced that the Black Desert Online soundtrack is headed for a complete remaster at the hands of the National Orchestra of Halle in Germany as well as orchestras from Prague and Budapest. The newly recorded and re-arranged tracks, all 240 of them, will replace the original MIDI soundtrack.

Overwatch – Philadelphia, Dallas & Houston Complete OW League Roster

The final three Overwatch League cities have been revealed as Philadelphia, Dallas and Houston. This brings the number of cities / teams taking part in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League to twelve. Preseason for is now scheduled to begin on Wednesday, December 6th, with proper season play starting on Wednesday, January 10th. The season will run through June 2018 with playoffs and finals in July.

Guardians of Ember – Leaving Early Access Behind, GoE Launches on Steam

Guardians of Ember has officially left Early Access after nine months and a successful IndieGoGo campaign. With today’s retail launch, players will discover content that is nearly three times the size it was at the start of EA as well as full localization in German and Spanish. To celebrate the big day, Insel Games has released a brand new trailer.

World of Warcraft – Would WoW eSports Be Better Served with PvE?

World of Warcraft’s competitive and casual PvP is in the doldrums right now for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the Legion stat templates. Recently, however, Blizzard introduced a new angle on WoW’s eSports scene with the Mythic+ Invitational, a PvE based event. Is it possible that this is the future for WoW eSports?