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ArcheAge – ArcheAge Begins Mobile CBT Arrives, All Welcome to Join In

Gamevil has sent word that the second round of the Android global beta test for ArcheAge Begins has kicked off and that it will run through July 3rd. Anyone around the world can download the game from Google Play and take part in this testing opportunity. During the event, a number of special in-game events will take place to ensure players have a chance to see the game in action.

Fortnite – Physical Deluxe Edition Announced for Worldwide Distribution

Gearbox and Epic have signed a deal to bring a physical Deluxe Edition of Fortnite to retailers worldwide. This special edition features Heroes, weapons, boosts, Early Access, head-start and more. It is available on PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC for $59.99. US retailers include Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Gamestop.

Final Fantasy XIV – DDoS Attacks & What Gamers Can Do – Avast Director Speaks

Avast Director of Strategy Jonathan Penn has some great advice for Final Fantasy XIV players and for players of all online games. His comments came after the news of ongoing DDoS attacks on FFXIV: Stormblood broke across the Internet. Attacks such as these can come at the virtual hands of any number of devices connected to the online world.

Wizard101 – Test Realm Reopens to Test PvP Action, Quest Logs & More

The Wizard101 Test Realm has reopened and players are invited to check out several new and improved game features. Things players will be testing include: PvP Daily rewards, PvP turn-based tournament mode, PvP rank boosting, new chat channels, chat emojis, a tutorial tip log, Avalon fishing, improvements to the quest log and much more.

Orcs Must Die: Unchained – Chaos Trials Allow Players to Survive & be Rewarded

Chaos Trials have launched into Orcs Must Die! Unchained. During Survival, Sabotage, Endless and Weekly Challenge modes, players have a chance to have a chaos key drop. Teams of 1-3 players can use the key to push back the trial tier in order to have the key upgraded to a higher difficulty. Each victory offers a reward chest and more skulls dependent upon how far the team progresses. Players can also keep track of their progress against others via leaderboards.

Albion Online – The Guardians of Albion Yield Huge Piles of Resources

When Albion Online launches in July, it will come with five world bosses based on resources. These bosses will require coordination and cooperation of a raid-sized group of players to bring down but it will all be worth it. When each one is killed, the corpse turns into a resource node that gives players 2,560 Tier-6 crafting resources!

– Hellion 0.2 Update – Cinematic Trailer

Hellion will be getting a big update tomorrow. To show off some of what players can expect to see in the first-person survival title, the devs have put out a new video. Female characters are being added, a new loot distribution system is being implemented, new customization options (ship & station) are being added and more.

Blade & Soul – E3 2017 – What's In Store for the Balance of 2017?

Blade and Soul has been out in the US for a little over a year now and players have been responding quite well to the Kung-Fu inspired action of the MMO. While at E3 I got a chance to see what it has in store for players in the second half of the year and beyond. It turns out there’s new characters, new missions and some brand new countries in their eSports finals.

MXM: Master X Master – E3 2017 – Hands On with NCSoft's Latest

NCSoft’s latest offering to the MMO universe, Master X Master(MXM for short) launches today, but before it hit digital shelves we got some hands-on time at E3 to check out what you can expect from this hybrid MMO/MOBA before you give it a shot.

Black Desert Online – Worker Exploit Being Addressed in Today's Update

According to a new post on the Black Desert Online site, a new worker exploit has been reported that has resulted in players taking advantage of it gaining a huge advantage over non-exploiters. The reports have been assessed and determined to be as a result of a failsafe mechanism used during server / client synching in order to prevent game errors.

Final Fantasy XIV – Stormblood Launch Issues Blamed on Ongoing DDoS Attack

According to a new post on the Final Fantasy XIV site, it appears that the rocky launch of Stormblood came as a result of a third party DDoS attacks that are still underway. The team has been trying to get on top of the attack, but the methods have been changing at nearly every moment.

Ragnarok RE:START – Ragnarok RE:START Gift Key Giveaway! has been given special keys for Ragnarok RE:START – the all new progression server for Ragnarok Online that is coming soon from Warportal. These keys will give you 250 points free for pre-registering! Get your key now!

Ragnarok Online – Ragnarok RE:START Gift Key Giveaway! has been given special keys for Ragnarok RE:START – the all new progression server for Ragnarok Online that is coming soon from Warportal. These keys will give you 250 points free for pre-registering! Get your key now!

– Epic Space: Online – One Server, One Universe – Apollo – Trailer

Epic Space: Online is a space-themed third person sandox MMO. It features “unique voice communication” as well as twitch-based combat with all players sharing the same game universe. Players work to complete orders and work cooperatively to take and secure objectives. To show off emergent game play, the team has released a new trailer.

– Break the Piggy Bank: Steam Summer Sale Starts June 22nd

According to PayPal UK, the Steam Summer Sale will be kicking off on Thursday, June 22nd. The information was leaked by the company’s Twitter account so, while technically not “official”, it’s a pretty reliable indicator and the past has proven that PP’s leaks have been accurate. We’ll have to wait for Valve’s official word.

World of Warcraft – Kil'jaeden Ending Cinematic

World of Warcraft’s latest raid is Tomb of Sargeras. We’ve got the ending cinematic for those of you who don’t mind SPOILERS. Again, this has SPOILER content so if you want to see it at the end of YOUR raid, don’t watch!

Overwatch – Latest Update Brings Low-Gravity Horizon Lunar Colony Map

Overwatch has been updated with the latest patch that most notably brings the Horizon Lunar Colony map online. This is a unique map for a number of reasons including the low-gravity environment that can add a new challenge to the game.