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Heroes of the Storm – G'Day, Mate – Junkrat Joins the Nexus as Hallow's End Kicks Off

Fans of Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm will be happy to hear that Junkrat has joined the Nexus with some pretty explosive abilities and unique game play. In addition, the Hallow’s End event has started that can see players earn skins, mounts, emojis, banners and portraits.

Guild Wars 2 – Shadow of the Mad King Begins, Runs Through November 7th

Guild Wars 2 is now decked out for Halloween with the return of the Shadow of the Mad King event. It’s set to run through November 7th and features tons of fun activities with a chance to score weapon / armor / mount skins. Of course, you’ll have to put up with “tricks and treats and terrible jokes”, but it’s all in the name of fun, right?

Dungeons & Dragons Online – Mists of Ravenloft PreOrders Begin, Packages in 3 Flavors

The next Dungeons & Dragons Online expansion is called Mists of Ravenloft and it brings the new Aasimar race into the game. In preparation for the December 5th launch of Mists of Ravenloft, Standing Stone has opened up preorders. Currently, there are three packages available, each with a number of in-game perks. All of them include access to the Aasimar race.

World of WarPlanes – Al King on Recovering the Warplanes Brand, 2.0 & the Future

The team at Wargaming flew me out to San Francisco for an indepth look at World of Warplanes’ newest revamp. While in their offices, I had a chance to interview Al King, Global Brand Director of Wargaming, and pick his mind about his thoughts on the new World of Warplanes and what he plans to achieve with the 2.0 patch.

Ashes of Creation – Bear McCreary, The Walking Dead Composer, Signed on for AoC Soundtrack

The Ashes of Creation site has been updated with the interesting news that Bear McCreary has been signed on to compose the soundtrack for the game. McCreary is best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Defiance, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and other well-known television series and films.

Conquer Online – Conquer Online 3.0 Gift Pack Giveaway!

Conquer 3.0 New with new looks will be released on October 17th, Conquer Online team join hands with to provide wonderful gift packs for new players to challenge numerous martial artists in the world of Conquer! Players will get a set of level 15 super +3 equipment (B) to start the new journey, there will also be gifts including EXP Balls, Dragon Balls and + stones to support a new player. Get your key now!

– Creative Sound BlasterX SIEGE M04: Why Rule Just One Gaming Genre?

The fast-paced, unforgiving arenas of e-sports continue to grow and increase in challenge every year. With their rise, games and products arisen to match. The need for increasingly accurate and higher performance tools has never been higher. It is into this mix that Creative Labs issues its new flagship gaming mouse. Read on for our review of the SIEGE M04.

Ashes of Creation – Be Treated to an Alpha Zero Key in Halloween Themed Giveaway

The Ashes of Creation team is ready to unload a lot of treats for community members interested in taking part in Alpha Zero. A number of contests and events provide opportunities to score a key to be able to check out the game firsthand. From now through October 31st, you can take part in events like Intrepid’s Costume Ball, Pumpkin Carving, Halloween Fan Art, and Horror Short Story Night. In addition, keys will be available during a Halloween live stream event.

Conan Exiles – Latest Newsletter Details Thrall Inventories, Temperature Changes & More

The latest Conan Exiles newsletter has been posted to give the community a bird’s eye view of what the development team has been working on. Most notably in the “Current State of PC” section, information is provided about how thrall inventories are now out on Testlive. This will make moving and deploying thralls simpler by allowing Archer, Fighter and Dancer thralls to “follow” the player instead of packing them away in inventory.

Overwatch – Overwatch League ? Presenting The San Francisco Shock

NRG Esports is a well-funded organization with some of the top investors run by Andy Miller. They were one of the first teams to enter into the Overwatch League. Now, they have unveiled their team, the San Francisco Shock.

LawBreakers – Huge Update to Drop This Week with New Competitive Ranked Mode & More

A huge LawBreakers content drop is expected to come this week that includes a number of big things for players. Most notably, the long-awaited Boss Leagues will arrive that brings competitive ranked play into the game starting with Beta Season 0. During this event, Boss Key devs will be able to collect and process data and feedback to make improvements going into the future.

Conquer Online – A New Era Begins Today – SPONSORED

It’s a new day in many respects for Conquer Online. The venerable game is squarely in the middle of its second decade of life, but that’s not stopping developers from bringing it up to today’s graphics standards. With today’s update, Conquer Online gets a visual facelift in its characters and maps. In addition, balance has been tweaked to provide a better experience for players. To celebrate, the dev team has a number of events planned. It’s a great time to revisit an old friend.

Rocket League – Haunted Hallows Brings Super Scary Pumpkins to Chase You Around

Rocket League is getting its own version of a Halloween event with the start of the Haunted Hallows event. This is the first time that a themed event has been introduced to the game and brings with it an all new limited-time Candy Corn currency. Candy Corn can be earned by completing Online Matches and used to claim themed-items to spruce up your ride. In addition, players can earn special event crates that can contain all sorts of items.

Armored Warfare – Dia de Los Muertos PvE Tournament Starts October 28th

The German Community Organization Team is inviting all Armored Warfare players to a special tournament event in celebration of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The event takes place on October 28th and features “PVE Hard” gameplay for teams of five.

The Black Death – New Dev Blog Explores Profession Structure

In The Black Death, you’ll actually and literally be able to “play doctor” when you first boot up the game. Every player arrives at the starting zone and begins the journey as a Plague Doctor. A questline through the city allows them to collect gold and become familiar with game mechanics. However, once “out in the world”, players can specialize in any number of other professions including as a smith, hunter and others.

Final Fantasy XIV – All Saints' Wake to Provide Thrills, Chills & Fuzzy Outfits Beginning October 19th

The annual Final Fantasy XIV event, All Saints’ Wake, is scheduled to kick off on October 19th and run through November 1st. Players will be able to participate in special events starting with the “It’s Probably Pirates” quest. From the official literature: “Godriquelain is suspicious about the Continental Circus’s true motives. Speak with him outside Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre to see how you can be of aid.”

Skyforge – Skyforge PS4 Revenant Class Sweepstakes! has been given 100 keys for Skyforge on PS4 that will give players the all new Revenant class in the game. The Revenant – a mighty warlord, appropriately adorned with impressive armor and wielding a ghastly two-handed axe – siphons the life from its enemies using vile shadow magics, assuming it hasn’t simply butchered opponents into a gory mess first. Enter for a chance to win a key now!

World of Warcraft – Elysium 'Private Server' Shuts Down Temporarily Due to Financial Shenanigans

In World of Warcraft news that’s always good for a few hundred comments, it’s been revealed that the so-called “legacy” WoW server, Elysium, is shutting down due to “failures to uphold the project’s ideas and integrity” with one “staff member” taking home about 2,000 Euros per month via PayPal donations. According to a new post on a site called “”, the project’s servers are currently down in the hopes that they will relaunch again under new management.

Wizard101 – Wizard101 Gloomthorn Hoard Pack Giveaway! has teamed up with Kingsisle to give away items from their all new 2017 Gloomthorn Hoard Pack! Our key will give you a random item from the pack as well as a rare chance to get the entire pack full of goodies! Some of the items you can get are an All Souls Pegasus (1 Day) Rental Mount, Bat Swarm (1 Day) Rental Mount, Unicorn Wig and many more items! Get your key now!