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SMITE Tactics – SMITE Tactics Guan Yu Giveway! has been give special gift keys for SMITE Tactics that will give a code which will unlock the legendary Chinese god Guan Yu and add him to the player’s card collection. These codes are only valid for console versions of the game (XBox One / PlayStation 4). Get your key now!

– Gaming Video Content (GVC) is a Viewing Juggernaut & Bigger Than You Believe

SuperData Research has a new report, most of which we can view, that contains some really interesting factoids about Gaming Video Content, or GVC. It will probably come as no surprise that 665M people regularly watch GVC with 46% Female and 54% male viewership. In addition, the average income is around $58K per year. These folks, according to the report, are watching GVC rather than primetime television, a startling shift from past eras.

World of Tanks – Interview with World of Tanks Composer Akira Yamaoka

World of Tanks is proud to work with composer Akira Yamaoka on its upcoming project for new artists. Akira is best known for the Silent Hill series which took the horror genre of games into a whole new level. He has been making music for games as far back as Contra. Akira will be judging the music submitted by fans for World of Tanks. He also will have a song on the new soundtrack. We got the chance to sit down with Akira and ask some questions about his career and passion for World of Tanks.

Trove – Adventures Content Expansion Coming on November 14th

Ricky “Din Othar” White, Senior Producer on Trove, has penned a new letter on the official site to reveal the first information on what he calls “a massive free content expansion for PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4”. Called Adventures, the content drop is expected to take place on November 14th.

– Bluehole Poised to Reveal MMO, 'Project W', at G-Star 2017

Bluehole is on the verge of revealing the first information about its “Project W”, said to bae an MMO developed by Hyung-Jun Kim, most recently with NCSoft. Interestingly, Bluehole will not take on publishing duties in Europe or North America, but will instead partner with Kakao Games after their success with Black Desert Online.

– Cougar Armor Gaming Chair – Comfort, With Some Drawbacks

We’ve taken a look at a number of products from Cougar Gaming this year. So far, every one has shown itself to be quite the bargain for the money. Today, we’re leaving peripherals behind and taking a look at their very own racing chair. Will it keep up the trend? Read on for our full review.

Star Trek Online – Free Discovery Uniforms for All Just for Logging In

From now through October 31st, Star Trek Online players who log into the game will receive a free Discovery-themed uniform. The uniforms are based on the new CBS series, Star Trek: Discovery. In addition, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, players will also receive a free Type 7 Shuttle.

Hex: Shards of Fate – PlayStation 4 Version Launches in North America, 'Soon' in Europe

Hex Entertainment has announced that the PC version of HEX: Shards of Fate is now joined by the PlayStation 4 version in North America. The European launch of the PS4 version is expected to happen soon. PlayStation 4 fans can enjoy UI upgrades, a smooth controller experience and an enhanced tutorial system.

– Five Star Wars Games We?d Like to See

With the recent news of EA’s closing of Visceral Studios and move of the Star Wars project there to EA Vancouver, there’s been plenty of speculation on what the revamped game may look like. Since we’re probably not going to know either way for a while, I thought of a more important question: what kinds of Star Wars games would we like to see? The possibilities are almost endless, but I have a few picks in mind.

Life is Feudal – MMO Version Ready for Open Beta on November 17th

Life is Feudal is ready to unleash an open beta phase starting on November 17th. The team believes the game is ready for wider consumption after what it calls a “successful series of closed beta tests”. Players can also check out starter packages to provide some in-game goodies. Packages come in $30, $40, and $100 versions, each with its own set of items.

Conan Exiles – Official Launch Delayed to Q2 2018 to Meet Quality & Polish Goals

The Conan Exiles Twitter page has been updated with a brief post to announce a slight delay in the full release of the game to address “quality and polish we would like to be able to meet before full release”. As a result, the ship date for Conan Exiles has slipped from Q1 2018 to Q2 2018 which provides the team with time up to the end of June to get things in order.

Pokemon Go – Spooky Pokemon Sableye, Banette, and Others Arrive Tomorrow

If you’re still playing Pokemon Go, you’ll definitely want to check in starting tomorrow and keep checking back through November 1st. For the first time, third-gen Pokemon will be included. As you collect, you’ll find a lot more ghost-type and spooky Pokemon including Gengar, Cubone and Misdreavus.

– The Boyfriend Dungeon Lets You Date Your Weapons…Yes, Really

Kitfox Games has probably earned the weirdest game of the week title — maybe even for the month…or year. In a new trailer, the team has revealed its new procedurally generated dungeon crawler called The Boyfriend Dungeon. In a nutshell, you run through randomly generated dungeons slaying monsters and so forth. But, when finished, you use your gold to…well…date your weapon. You can choose from four different weapons, each with its own gender and personality. Seriously, we can’t make it up.

Crowfall – Exciting Harvesting Changes & Singapore Bloodbath

My time in Crowfall has been limited to harvesting, crafting, and fooling around in the Eternal Kingdom building. Writing about harvesting and crafting is fairly moot however with the drastic changes coming to harvesting in 5.3. Crowfall’s harvesting quickly leveled up from a standard MMO doldrum activity to resource gathering that will be interactive and have diverse play styles.

World of Warcraft – 8.0 Briefly Turns Up on WoW Beta Version Tracker Site

An eagle-eyed Reddit user named “Tiwuno” caught a momentary slip up on World of Warcraft version tracker site BlizzTrack. For the briefest of moments, the most current beta version listed across all regions was 8.0. Blizzard traditionally releases expansions on even numbers. For instance, Warlords of Draenor was 6.0, Legion 7.0 and so on. The (to be precise) version was only live for a few minutes before being rolled back. However, it indicates that the expansion is well underway.

Destiny 2 – Start Your Engines, PCers! BattleNet Updated for Preloading D2

If you’re a PC player and have been anxiously awaiting the release of Destiny 2, your time is nearly at hand. The BattleNet launcher has been updated so that you can preload the game starting today in preparation for the October 24th release date. The client weighs in at about 38Gb, but servers seem to be moving along at a good clip.

Blade & Soul – The Merchant of Wonders Returns in Blade & Ghoul

If you aren’t already neck deep in candy corn after all the Halloween-themed events in MMOs today, we have another one, this time from Blade & Soul. Appropriately named “Blade & Ghoul”, this year’s event marks the return of the Merchant of Wonders. After completing certain dungeons, she’ll have a chance to appear to offer you the ability to purchase items in a randomly generated list of goodies that also includes “ghoulish cosmetics”.