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Mass Effect: Andromeda – 'No Planned Future Patches for Single-Player'

The BioWare blog has been updated with a brief, but heartbreaking, note to let fans of Mass Effect: Andromeda know that there “are no planned future patches for singl-player or in-game story content”. Development will continue on multiplayer missions and in “upcoming comics and novels” that will include the story what happened to the Quarian ark.

Final Fantasy XIV – Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Game Sweepstakes has 15 total prizes for PC version of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood to give away to our community. Prizes include 10 copies of the Complete Edition which features the core game and the Heavensward and Stormblood expansions and 5 copies of the Stormblood expansion. This sweepstakes will run from August 19 @ 4:30PM EDT to August 26 @ 4:30PM EDT. The more days you login to during the sweepstakes the better your odds of winning!

Star Citizen – Around the Verse – Outposts and Environmental Storytelling

Star Citizen developers discuss surface outposts. They are the focus of this week’s episode, as the team explores all the details that go into crafting a memorable destination. Plus, hosts Sandi Gardiner and Forrest Stephan bring viewers another installment of “Burndown” where devs speak about this week’s issues and how they are combating them to get 3.0 launched.

Crowfall – Q&A Live: Power Trays & Projectiles

During this one-hour livestream event, Crowfall Senior Animator Eric Doggett and Creative Director J Todd Coleman answered questions based around “Power Trays and Projectiles.”

Robocraft – Retail Launch Date Set for August 24th

Freejam is excited to announced that, after three years in Early Access, Robocraft will head into retail release on August 24th. As part of the celebratory mood, players who have taken part in the game will receive in-game crates that are packed with new items and possibly one of four Pilot Seat cosmetics determined by when the EA program was joined.

Absolver – Friends & Foes – Multiplayer Features & Post-Launch Plans

SloClap and Devolver Digital have sent out a new trailer that showcases the game’s unique dynamic. When meeting other players, it is up to them to decide to work cooperatively in PvE mode or to participate in friendly sparring or to duke it out in fierce PvP action.

Dauntless – Founders' Alpha Begins, Runs Through August 31st

Players who have purchased a $40+ Founder’s Pack can now download the Dauntless client and get started. The Founders’ Alpha will run 24/7 from today through August 31st. The closed beta is expected to kick off on September 1st.

Fortnite – First Impressions – TheHiveLeader

Fortnite is the definition of genre bender, and since it just hit Early Access, TheHiveLeader is there! Can he survive the onslaught of (ZOMBIES) husks? Of course he can’t. But he’s gonna darn well try.

Final Fantasy XIV – An Invitation to The Feast

A new season of ranked PVP launched earlier this month in FFXIV. I’ve only touched upon PVP pretty briefly since Stormblood came out, mostly to say that it has drastically improved, so I thought now would be a good time to actually sit down and look at it properly.

Lord of the Rings Online – Mordor: Iconic Moments, Great Ideas, But a Little Lackluster

The Lord of the Rings Online has a long history of putting players into iconic moments and settings from J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendary legendarium, and this tradition continues with the release of Mordor, the long-running MMORPG’s newest expansion. Taking place following the events of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, LOTRO wastes little time reminding players that indeed, within the Land of Mordor, the Shadows still lie.

– Ar:piel to Launch in Russia & CIS Countries

Esprit Games has announced that it will be launching Nexon’s Ar:piel Online in Russia and CIS nations. The client will be available for direct download or via Steam when launch day arrives. Esprit is promising that a firm launch date is coming soon.

– Looterkings – Nothing Beats a Goblin Pretty Princess

LOOTERKINGS is a progressive dungeon crawler jam packed with action, humor and loads of shiny loot to click on! Named after its Cologne, Germany based Indie development creators this game invites you into a world of caves where you are a wretched, funny and ghastly goblin!

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Second Series of Free Missions for Frozen Throne Released

The second set of missions for Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne has been released. These missions will send players to Icecrown Citadel itself to the Upper Reaches. They’ll face off against three new bosses and earn a card pack for completing the missions.

Trove – Subclasses Coming in Eclipse Previewed

When the Trove content expansion, Eclipse, launches, it will bring the new subclass feature on board. When players reach level 10, they’ll have the ability to unlock a subclass that’s based on any one of the other 15 classes. A stat boost and a passive skill will also unlock.

Wurm Online – Build Your Own Ventura Highway After Latest Update

The latest update has been deployed to Wyrm Online that lets players build and connect highways to deeds all over the game. The system will allow players to find routes to any deed connected to the same highway and protection will be added to prevent destruction.

Kritika Online – The Road to Steam Release & Beyond

The Kritika Online site has been updated with the game’s “roadmap” for the upcoming months. Over the course of the next quarter, several big updates are planned, beginning with August 30th. The content update will include Arena and PvP modes and The Shattered Table, a 2-player end game instance.

No Man's Sky – Tips For Starting Out

These days, I’m often looking for something relaxing to play, so I decided that, in light of the recently deployed Atlas Rising update, No Man’s Sky might be worth another look. Gamers seem to be receiving the update well (No Man’s Sky has finally achieved Mostly Positive on Steam reviews as a result), and it’s clear that Hello Games has been fleshing the game out with a series of significant updates over the past year.