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Community Creations: Destructive Worms (Mini-Game)



JustMrGarretto has produced a truly innovative mini-game inside Minecraft recently. Strongly drawing from games like Death Worm, Destructive Worms is exactly what it sounds like: eat all of the enemies as fast as possible, then face a gigantic boss! It comes with 3 detailed levels – countryside, downtown, and nature – each packed with all sorts of things to eat. Can you make it to the end?


One thing that jumps out here is just how much custom content is packed into one map, without plugins or mods of any sort. Destructive Worms is made for version 1.10 and later. Go get it!


The download page includes installation instructions as well. Enjoy!

Community Creations: Custom Minecraft Computer Case



Redditor dproc made a pretty awesome custom computer case for his 6-year-old son, and it’s pretty awesome! Even as nice as it is to look at, wouldn’t it be cool to get one for yourself? How about building one for yourself?


While dproc’s gallery doesn’t give exact directions on how he built the case, DIY enthusiasts should be able to replicate his success, using his model as a guide. Either way, this is an impressive piece!


What sort of custom Minecraft goodies have you made, or gotten? Diamond lights? Creeper lamps? (Would an enderman lamp wander off on its own…?)