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Apple Announces Minecraft Coming To Apple TV



While few details are currently available, Apple announced during a recent event that Minecraft will – along with a host of other applications – make its debut on Apple TV, according to an announcement by Apple’s Tim Cook during their live event. A handful of details are available: it will not be Pocket Edition, but rather a version called Minecraft: Apple TV Edition.


It is not known if this version will differ significantly from other platforms, but there is little reason at this time to believe it will.


Minecraft has, over the course of years, slowly become available on nearly every popular platform in use today, and quite a few obscure ones besides.


This brings up an interesting question: do you play Minecraft on multiple platforms, or just one? Do you have a preferred platform? If so, which one and why?

Snapshot 16w43a Ready For Testing!



Time for a new snapshot! Mostly bugfixes, it still brings a few new oddities to the table:







  • Fishing has recieved a major overhaul!

  • Vexes can now follow you between dimensions and move in water

  • Broken tools will remain broken






  • [Bug MC-1040] – Tools with unbreaking enchantment break, disappear from slot then reappear
  • [Bug MC-2920] – Wrong Fishing Line Calculation
  • [Bug MC-6579] – Fishing line does not follow rod when Fov is changed
  • [Bug MC-11877] – Fishing bobber floats a block above water
  • [Bug MC-47508] – Ridden entities disappear on relogin
  • [Bug MC-55851] – Leads not rendering when spawned (attached to mob/fencepost) via command block/structure block
  • [Bug MC-79996] – Blocks like crops and rails are solid to Fishing Rods.
  • [Bug MC-80500] – Snow layer placed against the side of another snow layer are placed one block too far out, only when there’s a block where snow would go normally
  • [Bug MC-87988] – Fishing rod sometimes cannot reel in entities
  • [Bug MC-93286] – fishing rod can’t pull mob
  • [Bug MC-94169] – Fishing Rod Bobber collision error and into the block
  • [Bug MC-94502] – Pasting numbers in customized world generation text fields does not enable “Defaults” button
  • [Bug MC-95450] – Some mobs have missing Loot Tables
  • [Bug MC-95944] – Fished items doesn’t reach player
  • [Bug MC-96205] – boat still does rowing animation while pressing a and d
  • [Bug MC-98922] – Fishing hook / bobber cannot kill itself after 1200 ticks and bounces on land
  • [Bug MC-98995] – Birch Forest M Biome Generation off
  • [Bug MC-99427] – Fishing bobber sticks to entity sometimes only visually
  • [Bug MC-100964] – Resseting demo mode dialog cannot be canceled by button
  • [Bug MC-103100] – Fishing Rods not always pulling in items
  • [Bug MC-103313] – Hitbox of baby mobs / slime / magma cube / llama are offset for some seconds
  • [Bug MC-104663] – Fishing particle glitch
  • [Bug MC-106082] – Attempting to pull ignited TNT with a Fishing Rod at long distances rarely works
  • [Bug MC-106892] – Dragon breath particles aren’t reduced on lower particle settings
  • [Bug MC-107149] – maxEntityCramming death message states “suffocated in a wall”
  • [Bug MC-107515] – Vex cannot teleport through nether / end portal
  • [Bug MC-107818] – Mansion generates with a 4 section room missing
  • [Bug MC-107844] – Vex has one accidental red dot on its left arm
  • [Bug MC-107846] – Evocation Fangs hurt illagers after reload
  • [Bug MC-108095] – Llama caravans refuse to pathfind down hills and around obstacles.
  • [Bug MC-108238] – Teleporting away from leashed entity causes leash knot to be near 0 0 0 client side
  • [Bug MC-108797] – Vex cannot move in water
  • [Bug MC-108897] – Blocks given redstone power do not power nearby redstone until the wire is updated



Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to If nobody reports a bug, then synths might start replacing villagers!


To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).


Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.


Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar

Mumbo Jumbo Presents: Bank Vault Door Creation



Mumbo Jumbo walks us through another clever building tutorial! Today’s build offers a clever way to create a bank vault-style doorway, complete with a combination lock. Of course, potential vault-crackers could just bust through the door with a pick-axe, so what to do about them? One could put explosive (or burning) traps inside the vault, but that might destroy everything inside. Instead, a clever alarm system is designed and demonstrated, and works very well! Difficult to detect, but quite obvious when it goes off, it will alert vault owners to any potential break-ins. Neat!


While the vault door is built with banks in mind, one could potentially use this door for other things as well, including post-apocalyptic vaults of a non-specific variety.


As with other Mumbo Jumbo videos, the vault, alarms, and combination lock are fully explained, along with a guide on how to build each. Enjoy!

Console: Spooky Bundle Available!



Halloween is a little under a week away, and you know what that means: loads of spooky content! The Spooky Bundle is 3 goodies packed into one: the Halloween Mash-up, the Halloween Battle Map and the Campfire Tales Skin Pack.


The Halloween Mash-Up comes with a custom-built world for you to explore, seasonally themed and ready for spooking! Of course, what fun would it be to wander around a haunted map without some suitably eerie skins to go with it? The Campfire Tales Skin Pack is a perfect compliment, boasting monstrous skins of many varieties. All of this walks hand-in-hand with a new seasonal map for the Battle mini-game. Neat!


For more Halloween goodies, be sure to keep an eye towards Mojang’s livestream on October 31st, where they will demonstrate a number of new critters made with the new MCPE’s Add-Ons system. What scary surprises await?


Going off the scary rails for a minute, there’s something a bit more normal for building enthusiasts: the Builder’s Pack! Geared for Console Edition, the Builder’s Pack is actually six packs in one – the Biome Settlers Skin Pack 1, Candy Texture Pack, Cartoon Texture Pack, Pattern Texture Pack, Plastic Texture Pack and Greek Mythology Mash-up!

MCPE: 0.16 Now Live – Check Out Add-Ons!



Pocket Edition’s most recent update, 0.16, is out in the world now, and brings with it a ton of new features. New bosses – the Wither, the Elder Guardian – new buildings, commands, and so much more.


Of particular interest is the new add-ons system: how does it work? How can you make add-ons of your own, right this very minute? As luck would have it, Jared and Jason have come up with a quick demonstration of messing about with add-ons, by doing a step-by-step of turning a villager into a skeleton-like bodyguard for the player. Neat!


This is only one tiny part of what is possible with the new add-ons system. What will you try to create next?


Curious what else comes with 0.16? Read on!

Story Mode: Episode 1 Now Free!



Did you want to try out Minecraft: Story Mode, but weren’t sure if it would be fun? Does the idea of demoing a game before spending hard-earned money on it have appeal? As luck would have it, Story Mode is following this very path, by releasing Episode 1 completely free!


This isn’t a limited offer, or with any catch: download Episode 1, play it as much as you like, and pay absolutely nothing. If you enjoy it and want other chapters, you can pick those up as well, at cost. 


For those not familiar, Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game developed and published by Telltale Games. The five-episode game follows the episodic format that Telltale Games used for its titles The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones. The game centers around a new character, named Jesse, who can be either male or female, as they and their allies attempt to save their world by defeating the Wither Storm.


You can pick up your copy by clicking here. Enjoy!




Looking for Minecraft costume ideas for Halloween? Check this out!

Snapshot 16w42a Ready For Testing!

Civilization 6 releases this week! Click here to check out Civ 6 Wiki on Gamepedia



 It’s snapshot time again! As before, this version focuses heavily on bugfixes and other oddities, paving the way for a smooth release. Like previous snapshots, every bug reported is a bug squashed, so be sure to mention any you find!






  • Replaced Beds with Herobrine
  • Replaced Llamas with Herobrine
  • Replaced Carrots with Herobrine
  • Removed Beds, Llamas, and Carrots
  • Replaced Beds, Llamas, and Carrots with non-haunted original versions






  • [Bug MC-46345] – Maps stop updating after going through nether portal / Map update packets ignored by client
  • [Bug MC-88089] – Two players going down a ladder at the same time makes them stuck or go up
  • [Bug MC-95735] – (Splash) harming and healing potion still applys effect even if it’s specified not to.
  • [Bug MC-97692] – Boat riding on an entity riding on an entity
  • [Bug MC-99763] – help command not suggesting tab completion when executed from other entity
  • [Bug MC-100260] – Explosion impulse on non-living entities is not attenuated by power, distance, or obstructions
  • [Bug MC-102986] – Can place Grass Path at “invalid” locations
  • [Bug MC-105845] – Memory usage graph of server GUI not drawing
  • [Bug MC-107138] – Shot arrow loses its critical state after reloading
  • [Bug MC-108081] – Item name shown in /give command feedback has no hoverEvent
  • [Bug MC-108351] – No play placed sound and subtitles, when placing blocks on cake
  • [Bug MC-108664] – Witches that spawn in witch huts don’t have PersistenceRequired set to 1
  • [Bug MC-108676] – Skeletons and wither skeletons can spawn anywhere in the Nether
  • [Bug MC-108685] – The corners of the offhand hotbar slot have transparent textures
  • [Bug MC-108718] – Illagers and Vexes not randomly looking at player when not aggressed
  • [Bug MC-108727] – Thorns enchantment has no effect on Vexes
  • [Bug MC-108729] – When giving yourself items with negative durability, the game crashes.
  • [Bug MC-108748] – Can’t trade with villagers while holding a spawn egg
  • [Bug MC-108752] – Elder Guardians spawned from spawn egg / command do not have full health


Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to If nobody reports a bug, then how will anyone know if corn is a grass?


To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).


Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.


Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar

MCPE: 0.16.0 Delayed; Launch Planned For October 21st!

Civilization 6 releases this week! Click here to check out Civ 6 Wiki on Gamepedia



Due to unforeseen mishaps with creepers, there is a bit of a delay with the highly anticipated Boss Update, version 0.16.0. While unfortunate, this does give the team some time to iron out as many issues as possible, clearing the way to launch as smoothly as possible. Not all bad!


The Boss Update has all kinds of goodies, including underwater temples (and their resident Guardians), the Wither, commands, key customization, and quite a lot more besides.


One interesting thing about Pocket Edition is how people play it: desktop versions are (unsurprisingly) played behind a desk, and console versions are usually played either online or local co-op on the couch. However, Pocket Edition offers infinitely more freedom than either version, which begs the question: where do you usually play it? At school? At work? At the park? Do you usually play alone, or with friends?

Observer Block Overhauled – Looking At Changes



The Observer Block received some significant changes in the most recent snapshot, some of them breaking or improving various things that could be done with the block. Xisumavoid goes over some of these changes, demonstrating the more relevant changes as they relate to many crazy creations made since the Observer Block debuted some snapshots back.


16w41a brought with it a few other changes of note, which Xisumavoid also goes over. Mainly fixes, they nonetheless are noteworthy.

Community Spotlight: Crazy Tricks With Raycasting



GamerGuppy, in collaboration with redstone guru Shane Stone, have put together some crazy demonstrations of what can be done in Minecraft using translational dynamics with ray-casting. Fair warning – there is a lot of mental heavy-lifting in these demonstrations, be warned!


Just when I thought there was nothing new to discover or create in Minecraft, something amazing like this comes along. On top of the boat trick demonstrations, we get a look at a Legend of Zelda recreation which uses many of these tricks to make the project come alive!

Snapshot 16w41a Ready For Testing

Can you spot Grum?


It’s snapshot time! Usually on a Wednesday, 16w41a needed an extra day in the oven, and is now baked to perfection. Seasoned mainly with bugfixes, there are still a few delectable changes as well. Let’s get to it!






  • Entity selectors that don’t find any entities now produce a more descriptive error message: “Selector ‘@e[type=zombie,c=0]’ found nothing”

  • Observers no longer send out strong power






  • [Bug MC-2912] – Creative Mode Hotbar Glitch when using Number Key to exchange items slots
  • [Bug MC-11416] – Dispenser / Dropper / Piston / Command block placing is not consistent
  • [Bug MC-59303] – When placed next to a cactus, the head of bed remains same
  • [Bug MC-70806] – Blocks with a data value > 0 have missing texture in superflat customization
  • [Bug MC-80692] – WitherBoss attacks ArmorStands
  • [Bug MC-96544] – Temperature Freezing Point Inconsistency
  • [Bug MC-97982] – Offhand slot frame rotated 180 degrees compared to hotbar
  • [Bug MC-98009] – Elytra equipment sound using Leather armor equipment sound
  • [Bug MC-99103] – You can’t see remaining time when you have potion effect in Demo Mode
  • [Bug MC-99599] – Server does not test if player is sleeping when receiving CPacketEntityAction.Action.STOP_SLEEPING
  • [Bug MC-99603] – Wolves, Dogs, and Ocelots fall out of the world
  • [Bug MC-99661] – Summoning a LeashKnot with a passenger entity crashes
  • [Bug MC-99814] – help -1 throws unknown command exception
  • [Bug MC-99900] – Enchantments boostrap class has the wrong error message when called before bootstrap
  • [Bug MC-101249] – Target selectors ignore invalid arguments
  • [Bug MC-102439] – Shield Desynchronizes
  • [Bug MC-102683] – “Elder Guardian Flops” showed as “Guardian Flops” in subtitles
  • [Bug MC-104901] – Suboptimal visibility and horrific look of the tool’s durability bar colors
  • [Bug MC-105406] – OpenGL Leak in View Frustum
  • [Bug MC-105898] – Mushrooms and crops cause bed to drop; leaves “head” of bed behind, same with double plant
  • [Bug MC-106296] – Wrong subtitle for sound (sounds.json mistake)
  • [Bug MC-107171] – maxEntityCramming is off-by-one
  • [Bug MC-107407] – Zooming out an exploration map turns the map blank
  • [Bug MC-107410] – Observer block outputs single game tick pulse, not single redstone tick pulse
  • [Bug MC-107600] – Observer block causes bottom half of bed to break
  • [Bug MC-107662] – Observers can cause blocks to be stuck in the powered state when being pushed by pistons
  • [Bug MC-107730] – Oberserver block powers air blocks
  • [Bug MC-107783] – Observer powers redstone dust only to level 1
  • [Bug MC-107795] – Redstone connects to Observer Blocks on sides
  • [Bug MC-107869] – Llamas often spawn in blocks and die while in mountainous regions
  • [Bug MC-107907] – Llama spit is not saved as entity
  • [Bug MC-107934] – Observers are placed with the input facing you (unlike MCPE)
  • [Bug MC-107957] – Hopper: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
  • [Bug MC-107959] – Buttonspamming with observerblocks
  • [Bug MC-108054] – Observer rotates towards +z, when reloaded while being moved or set with /setblock
  • [Bug MC-108216] – Copying then zooming out an Explorer Map make it lose its structure pointer
  • [Bug MC-108270] – Wither skeleton spawing quelled by normal skeletons
  • [Bug MC-108315] – Closing options with esc doesn’t send player setting packet
  • [Bug MC-108344] – Left-handed vindicators raise right arm when aggressive
  • [Bug MC-108348] – Totem of undying is not consumed/destroyed
  • [Bug MC-108349] – When a sticky piston (facing up with a block on it) is retracted while an entity is standing on it, the entity appears to sink into the ground.
  • [Bug MC-108354] – Incorrect subtitle when equipping a llama with a chest
  • [Bug MC-108357] – Naturally generated vindicators axe is missing
  • [Bug MC-108358] – Crash when 32 or more pistons retract in a single chunk (IllegalArgumentException)
  • [Bug MC-108378] – Crafting a Zoomed Out Map By a Hotbar Hotkey Won’t Update It
  • [Bug MC-108399] – No subtitle for when the totem of undying activates
  • [Bug MC-108409] – Villager makes disagree sounds when you click arrows and trade boxes.
  • [Bug MC-108480] – Johnny Vindicators attempt to attack armor stands
  • [Bug MC-108525] – shulker_box.png Default resource pack GUI 1 pixel too high (167 vs 166 pixel)
  • [Bug MC-108588] – Structure blocks save invalid data when saving a structure at 0, 0


Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to If nobody reports a bug, then players might realize that Grum isn’t in the screenshot!


To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).


Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.


Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar

Game Theorists: A Breakdown of Minecraft



Nearly every generation of games has at least one title that seems unique, special, or even defines an entire genre: Legend of Zelda, Witcher 3, and so on. The Game Theorists take a look at a trend-setting title we all know very well, Minecraft. Enjoy!

MCPE / Win10: Building an XP Farm



Many desktop veterans take for granted that there are years of history around the ever-popular XP farms. Newcomers to MCPE / Win10 might not have the same experiences, and new players still come in to desktop every day. For new players, knowing how to build a basic XP farm is a useful step in making enchantments, especially the more powerful ones.


As luck would have it, Windows Central has a very useful step-by-step on creating a basic XP farm! While there are many ways to create a working, efficient XP farm, this is a good place to start for anyone unfamiliar with the concept. Give it a look, try building one for yourself, and see how it works. The guide is right here!


Of course, many older players will point out that there are a LOT of XP farm building guides around as well, many of them right here on the forum. Feel free to search for other players’ designs as well – some of them are quite innovative. Enjoy!

Limited Edition Creeper BE@RBRICK Available For Short Time



This little guy can be yours, but only for a limited time! Between now and October 10th, this creeper-themed 28-cm tall BE@RBRICK figurine will be available for pre-order, then potentially gone forever.


Pre-orders will ship on or around January of 2017.


Want one? You can pre-order right here!

Snapshot 16w40a Ready For Testing





Well, bug-fixes. Lots of bug-fixes! Tons of bug-fixes!


An ocean of fixes?






  • [Bug MC-3352] – Arrows fired into a repeater / comparator / jukebox / command block / hopper / daylight sensor that is updating will play the arrow hitting a block noise
  • [Bug MC-4132] – Piston placement issue past 16777217
  • [Bug MC-67665] – Mouse click position always lags a few frames behind the crosshair
  • [Bug MC-89030] – Pistons warp entities too much (Pistons pull entities in/through blocks)
  • [Bug MC-98093] – Distorted Pistons
  • [Bug MC-106706] – Renamed brewing stand does not drop after being placed
  • [Bug MC-106765] – Silverfish not moving when mobGriefing is false
  • [Bug MC-106826] – Can interact(eat) with cake in creative mode/hunger bar is full
  • [Bug MC-106905] – Rabbits jump extra high on farmland and fence related blocks.
  • [Bug MC-107168] – Weather changes to clear after sleeping with doWeatherCycle set to false
  • [Bug MC-107378] – Unable to shift-click items into non-full brewing stand ingredient slot
  • [Bug MC-107403] – No subtitles for Shulker Box / Llama
  • [Bug MC-107674] – Evocators & Vindicator do not display custom head item or held items
  • [Bug MC-107891] – Vindicator axes are not damaged
  • [Bug MC-107929] – Typo: “Light Grey Shulker Box”
  • [Bug MC-107937] – Renamed shulker boxes got unnamed when placed by a dispenser
  • [Bug MC-107941] – Shooting an arrow and reloading the world gives potion particles.
  • [Bug MC-107946] – Entities fall through Shulker Boxes when opened
  • [Bug MC-107954] – Camera shakes when open shulker box you standing on
  • [Bug MC-107998] – Animals not running away when on fire
  • [Bug MC-108021] – Some mobs float above horses when riding them
  • [Bug MC-108029] – Strange Texture Behavior of End Portal Block
  • [Bug MC-108055] – Leash Knot can’t be broken sometimes
  • [Bug MC-108079] – Crash when trading or picking up filled map with invalid data value from furnace
  • [Bug MC-108084] – When in Creative’s “Survival Inventory”, dropping an item will not delete item from hand
  • [Bug MC-108085] – Vindicators and mobs with axes don’t disable shields.
  • [Bug MC-108105] – Llamas in caravan unable to be tamed
  • [Bug MC-108123] – {CanPickUpLoot:1b} Vindicators don’t use their better weapon
  • [Bug MC-108188] – Spectral arrows not being shot by skeletons
  • [Bug MC-108225] – Cannot leash multiple mobs to same fence when not holding lead item
  • [Bug MC-108271] – Unable to untie more than one Lllama from a fence


Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to If nobody reports a bug, Grum will keep getting stuck in shulker boxes!


To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).


Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.


Cross-platform server jar: Minecraft server jar

"Medieval Fortress: Exploded Builds" Now Available



Despite the name, this book is not, in fact, about exploding your fortress, or the fortresses of others. Medieval Fortress is a book covering various methods to construct fortresses in their many parts, including wall and turret designs, dungeons, throne rooms, and quite a bit more.


The titular “exploded” descriptor refers to how the book shows the various parts – an exploded diagram is one where the parts are separated from one another, to get a better look at how they come together when whole. Visually, it’s an incredibly helpful tool in understanding construction, giving insight into fitting parts together, and precisely which parts go where, and in what order.


You can pick this book up from Amazon today. Neat! The base price is £12.99, though Amazon often offers sweet deals and discounts.


The book is expected to be available in the US shortly.

MCPE / Win10: 0.15.10 Now Live!



A fresh, shiny new version is now available for MCPE and Win10 Editions! In addition to introducing the new Campfire Tales pack, 0.15.10 mainly focuses on some minor adjustments and bugfixes, with particular focus on VR-specific issues.


Additionally, there have been reports of players being asked to pay for free Minecon capes in the Google Play store. Users on Android attempting to get the cape and seeing a price in the store should use the code MINECON2016, which will correctly drop the price to $0.00. Anyone who plans to obtain this cape for MCPE/Win10 should do so quickly – the free offer won’t last much longer!








  • Fixed mirror texture issues.
  • Small fix to smart turning. (VR only)
  • Capes no longer clip through armor.




  • When getting the MINECON 2016 capes, you will now be prompted to make a “free” purchase from your device’s store. If you are on Android & it prompts you for a payment, use the code MINECON2016 to get it for free.
  • Fixed crash when rendering leads in VR. (VR only)
  • Using the B button to quit the game (when using a controller) now works. (Win 10 only)
  • Fixed top of cursor flickering in VR. (VR only)
  • Mouse clicks no longer cause keyboard input to stop. (VR only)
  • Fixed issue where Minecraft would not shut down completely when launching another app in the Oculus store. (Win 10 Oculus only)
  • Added in bug fixes for VR that were previously in the 0.16 betas. Click here for 0.16 build 1 changelog and click here for 0.16 build 3 changelog! Note that these are beta versions, and not currently live.

Console: Banners, Blocks, Beets, Bears



That’s right, it’s time for another Console Edition update! Quite a few goodies are on the table today, as well as the availability of the new Chinese Mash-Up Pack.


The update will arrive on Xbox consoles first, along with Wii U in the US, and then update on other consoles tomorrow, October 5th. Enjoy, everyone!

Tutorial: Building Instant Redstone Wire



Mumbo Jumbo is at it again, this time with a guide for desktop users! New (to desktop) is the Observer block, which checks adjacent blocks for updates, and sends signals based on those changes. As luck would have it, the check/update cycle is essentially instantaneous, allowing for instant, long-distance redstone signals, which might otherwise take a considerable amount of time to pass signals through numerous relays, block/torch combinations, and the like.


How might something like this change redstone computers, custom maps, or even just basic base modifications?

Tutorial: Shulker Box Loading



Shulker boxes made their debut in the latest series of snapshots, but many players are still a little confused about how to make the most of them. Fortunately, Xisumavoid has put together a helpful tutorial demonstrating one way to load up shulker boxes. Additionally, the new (to desktop) Observer block makes an appearance, which is designed to check for signal updates in adjacent blocks.