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The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of August 21

We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below!

Streams for the Week of August 21

Tuesday, August 22

Peachy Party! (by AuroraPeachy) (English)
9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Join AuroraPeachy’s friendly community to celebrate everything Guild Wars 2!

Wednesday, August 23

GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German)
10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
The week in review with the GuildNews crew.


The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Rin Elenika)(English)
Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Join Rin for a brand new episode as she unleashes her imagination. You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

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Log In This Weekend to Try the New Elite Specializations!


The second Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ preview weekend is now live! All nine of the new elite specializations are playable in Player vs. Player and World vs. World. Test out builds, experiment with skills and abilities, or just get some practice in before you travel to the desert. The demo will be available through Sunday, August 20.

To participate, go to the Character Select screen and choose the option to create a demo character. If you don’t have a Guild Wars 2 account, register now to play for free.

Happy battling!

PvP League Season 8 Begins Soon


PvP League Season 8 begins next week, on August 22. Get ready to enter the Mists and battle for glory and rewards!

On August 18 through August 20, we’re launching a demo where you’ll be able to create and play new preview-exclusive characters in both Player vs. Player and World vs. World. These characters will come with each profession’s new elite specialization, so check them out!

Developer Diary: Elite Specializations

Hello and welcome, Tyrians, to a deeper look at the nine new elite specializations coming in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™! Watch the developer diary video above to learn more about the process of designing the new specializations, and read on for more details on each one.

Weaver (Elementalist)

The benefit of the weaver’s ability to dual-wield elements is primarily their access to dual-attack skills, which combine both of the currently wielded elements in the third skill slot. As an example, the staff’s Pile Driver skill combines both air and earth to produce a violent effect similar to a rail gun.

Elementalists have traditionally been able to change elements at will with a cooldown on the ones they’ve recently attuned to. The weaver’s elements are all tied to the same cooldown, so activating one prevents an immediate swap to another until the cooldown is up. There are a few ways to modify this limit: taking the Arcane specialization line lowers the global recharge—as does using the elite skill Weave Self—while the utility skill Unravel temporarily removes dual attacks and grants access to single-element attunements.

Holosmith (Engineer)

In Elona, Land of the Golden Sun, engineers work to harness solar power for their experiments and inventions. The innovation that’s made the most impact in recent history is the Photon Forge, which allows engineers to create solid constructs of light. It’s extremely powerful, but dangerous—when it overheats, it causes damage to the user. While the holosmith enjoys a large amount of damage dealing and utility, they need to monitor their resources carefully.

That said, holosmiths can take advantage of their heat output in a variety of ways. Their sword and utility skills gain a plethora of bonuses and damage increases while the Photon Forge cools. More daring holosmiths can take trait options that cause their forge to retain its heat, forcing a manual overheat that deals damage to nearby enemies as well as the engineer.

Firebrand (Guardian)

Firebrands are the remnants of a secret order of loremasters committed to staunching the corruption that’s spread through the desert since Palawa Joko’s rise. They cleave the battlefield with their axes, and their tomes and mantras have potent effects that deliver direct support, utility, and offense.

The firebrand has healthy access to quickness through traits and skills. The Stalwart Speed trait grants quickness to allies under the effect of the firebrand’s stability or aegis; this allows Mantra of Liberation, Mantra of Solace, and Tome of Courage to apply quickness to allies, in addition to the native quickness gained from Mantra of Potence.

To make your firebrand a supporting healer, consider taking the Loremaster and Archivist of Whispers traits. These will allow you to use Tome of Resolve—and its significant healing skills—more frequently.

Mirage (Mesmer)

Instead of physically dodging attacks, mirages use their Mirage Cloak to force attacks to pass harmlessly through them. The Mirage Cloak can be used both defensively and offensively, so a mirage must make conscious choices on how they spend endurance.

Activating Mirage Cloak offensively via the dodge button will enable ambush attacks. Ambushes are available on the first skill of every weapon set and are designed to complement each weapon’s playstyle. It’s also possible to force all of your illusions to use ambush attacks via the Illusionary Ambush utility skill, or by taking the Infinite Horizon trait, which, when active, applies Mirage Cloak to all of your illusions.

Scourge (Necromancer)

Scourges forsake their death shrouds for the ability to create areas of power by summoning sand shades. These shades restock regularly for frequent use. The scourge’s second through fifth skills cause both the necromancer and their shades to emanate the effects of those skills, providing everything from protective barriers for allies, to fear for all enemies in range.

The scourge gains access to punishment skills, which remove boons as a secondary effect and corrupt them into cripple and torment.

Soulbeast (Ranger)

The soulbeast gains benefits from merging with their pet based on the pet’s archetype. Each pet fits into one of the following archetypes: stout (defensive), ferocious (power), deadly (conditions), supportive (healing), or versatile (utility).

Each pet family can contain pets of multiple archetypes. If you want a supportive canine, merging with the sylvan hound will grant bonus healing power and access to the Spiritual Reprieve profession skill. If you want the power archetype and access to the Worldly Impact profession skill, merging with the drakehound canine will provide those in addition to the canine family skills.

Renegade (Revenant)

Renegades perform well with an offensive support playstyle, enhancing allies’ damage and disrupting enemies by summoning members of Kalla’s warband to the battlefield. They gain Kalla’s Fervor as they fight or perform critical hits, which greatly increases the renegade’s damage output and grants might to allies through the Heroic Command skill.

Renegades can also gain Kalla’s Fervor through their adept trait choices: Ashen Demeanor, Blood Fury, and Wrought-Iron Will. Each grant fervor under unique conditions, met respectively by crippling a foe, gaining fury, or successfully evading attacks.

Deadeye (Thief)

The deadeye is a rugged thief who uses rifles to take out their foes at long ranges. Their Deadeye’s Mark replaces the Steal skill and allows them to maintain their distance. This mark retains modifier choices made through traits, but instead of stealing items from enemies, the deadeye steals aspects of their target, such as movement, strength, and warmth. They gain boons while their enemies are afflicted with negative conditions.

Deadeye’s Mark brings with it a new aspect: marking a target and building malice over time. Deadeyes inflict extra damage and bonus effects against these marked targets, gaining numerous boons upon reaching maximum malice. Additionally, if a marked target dies, the mark itself is refreshed and can be cast on another target. As such, it may be more beneficial for some builds to kill targets quickly and use the mark again rather than waiting for maximum malice.

Spellbreaker (Warrior)

When Palawa Joko overthrew the Sunspears and took over Elona, he issued an execution order for any person in his kingdom who wielded or owned a spear. The remaining Sunspears went into hiding, breaking their traditional spears and forging the heads into daggers. Spellbreakers now wield those daggers, specializing in exploiting their enemies’ strengths and weaknesses.
Many spellbreaker traits nullify or punish magic. Loss Aversion grants adrenaline to the spellbreaker and deals damage to foes upon removing their boons. Enchantment Collapse synergizes with this by removing additional boons in the area around an enemy whose boons have been stripped. If your enemies don’t have many boons, it’s possible to change traits to focus on Full Counter, which enhances a spellbreaker’s defensive and offensive capabilities.

On August 18 through August 20, we’re launching a demo where you’ll be able to create and play new preview-exclusive characters in both Player vs. Player and World vs. World. These characters will come with each profession’s new elite specialization, so check them out!

Turn Back Time with Abaddon’s Mask and Season 1 Memory Box!

This city’s seen its share of trouble in the past few years, and with humanity letting their gods run amok, I’ve made it my priority to not be taken off guard again. Some people call it catastrophe—I call it opportunity. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see if those refugees down at the docks need any supplies.

  • Season 1 Memory Box—Flame and Festivals

    I had the foresight to pack some miscellany away as collector’s items, just waiting for the best time to ride the nostalgia wave. Five years should about do it, don’t you think? Oh, don’t give me that look—here, you can even have one on the house.

  • Abaddon’s Mask

    I’m not superstitious, but ever since I got this thing in stock there’ve been some…unusual incidents around here. The things on the head have a mind of their own. I had to have it looked over by two necromancers before I could even get it on the shelves. Take it off my hands.

  • Anniversary Sales – Week of August 14

  • August 15: 50% off all mail carriers, Raven’s Spirit Glider and Super Cloud Glider return, and one free Season 1 Memory Box—Flame and Festivals
  • August 16: 20% off Bat Wings Backpack and Glider Set
  • August 18: 20% off Storage Expander and 50% off selected minis
  • August 19: 30% off additional character slots
  • August 20: 30% off Crystal Savant Outfit and Exemplar Attire, 20% off Golden Feather Wings Glider Combo
  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

  • Coming Up: Elite Specializations Week


    In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be giving you more details on elite specializations, mounts, and the story you’ll experience as you explore the Crystal Desert. This week’s focus is on the nine new elite specializations you can unlock in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™.

    Log in this Friday, August 18 through Sunday, August 20 to try out your favorites in PvP and WvW during the elite specializations preview weekend!

    • August 15 – Elite specializations developer diary video and blog
    • August 17 – Elite specializations on Guild Chat
    • August 18 – Elite specialization preview weekend begins
    • August 28 – Mount Week begins
    • September 3 – Crystal Desert and Story Week begins

    Don’t forget—we want to see the best screenshots you took of your character’s journey to the Crystal Desert during the PvE preview weekend! The Elonagram Screenshot Contest runs through August 20.

    The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of August 14

    We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below!

    Streams for the Week of August 14

    Tuesday, August 15

    Peachy Party! (by AuroraPeachy) (English)
    9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    Join AuroraPeachy’s friendly community as they celebrate everything Guild Wars 2!

    Wednesday, August 16

    GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German)
    11:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    The week in review with the GuildNews crew.


    The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Sayael)(English)
    Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    Ride the hype train with Sayael in this episode of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show. Next stop: the Crystal Desert!
    You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

    Thursday, August 17

    Guild Chat (by ArenaNet)(English)
    Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    Join Rubi Bayer and her developer guests for Guild Chat, where they’ll discuss the nine new elite specializations coming with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™!

    Saturday, August 19

    Holosmith PvP Building (by Chaith)(English)
    8:00 AM Pacific Time(UTC-7)
    Chaith will take a first stab at the new light-bending engineer elite specialization, the Holosmith.

    Sunday, August 20

    The Sunday Class Stream (English)
    Join us for the third edition of our monthly creative workshop! Our guests will share tips and answer your questions while demonstrating specific art techniques. Don’t be afraid to get technical!

    • 4:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7): Sayael – Outfit and armor design
    • Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7): LiLaiRa – Mounts and creatures
    • 4:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-7): VooDoo_Val – Character portraits

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    Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Coverage Roundup



    Last Tuesday, we announced Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, the next expansion for Guild Wars 2. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of fantastic coverage across the world! Here’s a small selection of links to help you get caught up on the news.






    Additional Global Coverage

    Expansion Announcement Livestream

    Official Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Wiki Articles

    The Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Elonagram Screenshot Contest


    The Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ preview weekend is coming up fast, and soon your characters will set foot in the Crystal Desert for the first time. We’re excited to see them begin their journeys, and we’re hosting an official screenshot contest on Instagram to celebrate!

    How to Enter

    Take plenty of screenshots of your character visiting and exploring the Crystal Desert during the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire preview weekend. Then, create an Instagram post using a screenshot to tell a visual story about their journey. You can submit your screenshot as is, or use image-editing software to add filters or create a collage. Your character must be visible in the image, any shots used must remain recognizable as Guild Wars 2 screenshots, and the image must not contain any added text.

    To qualify for entry, you must follow the official ArenaNet Instagram account. Create an Instagram post including the following:

    • A single image portraying your character’s adventures in the Crystal Desert (this image can be a collage of multiple screenshots taken during the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire preview weekend);
    • 50 words or less (in English only) describing your character’s adventures;
    • Followed by the hashtags #GuildWars2, #GW2, #GW2PoF, #GW2PathOfFire, #Elonagram, #GW2CrystalDesert, and #GW2OfficialContest;
    • Then the statement, “This is submitted as an entry in the Elonagram Screenshot Contest.”
    • And finally, your country of residence. (Please note that not all countries are eligible.)

    Posts that don’t follow these criteria or the contest rules exactly will be disqualified, so make sure you double-check your entry! We’ll only accept one post per entrant during the contest, which begins on Friday, August 11, at 6 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) and ends on Sunday, August 20, at 6 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7).

    Entries must be your own original work and will be judged on their creativity, adherence to the theme, and visual storytelling.


    1st Place: 1 Sennheiser GSX 1000 audio amplifier, 1 Sennheiser Game Zero white gaming headset
    2nd Place: 1 Corsair Scimitar mouse, 1 Corsair STRAFE keyboard
    3rd–12th Place: A WeLoveFine Guild Wars 2 T-shirt of your choice
    13th–50th Place: A code redeemable for 400 gems

    We’ll be waiting to see your vacation pictures—best of luck!

    Update on EU Datacenter and Today's Release

    Last Post: Aug 08, 2017 19:31

    A message from Mike O’Brien:

    This morning we experienced a power failure at our European datacenter, and unfortunately it knocked out some of our equipment. We’re currently rebuilding. In the meantime, accounts that connect to European worlds are unable to login. Some North American accounts with ties to the European account database are also unable to login.

    We’re working on restoring networking equipment. Once we do, we’ll know whether we can safely bring up databases and game servers. At this time we don’t have an estimated time to restore service.

    Today is release day. We’re going to go ahead and post the release, although much of the world won’t be able to access it until service is restored. I know that’s far from ideal. But we have only three days left to prepare for the demo, and with that schedule, it’s important that we get the release out today so we have time to deal with any issues that arise. I appreciate your understanding.


    Get Ready for the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Preview Weekend


    If you’re excited to play Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, we have an express ticket to the Crystal Desert for every Guild Wars 2 player! Come join us this weekend for a hands-on experience with the expansion.

    The preview weekend begins on Friday, August 11, and runs through Sunday, August 13.

    Who can play?

    Everyone! You don’t need to prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire to participate—simply log in on the dates provided. If you’ve never played Guild Wars 2 before and would like to play during the preview weekend, register here to create an account and begin playing for free.

    What can I expect?

    You’ll be able to play the first part of the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire story, which will kick off your journey to the Crystal Desert. Once you arrive, the Amnoon Oasis map is yours to explore. Take in the sights, unlock the raptor mount, and have fun with other players!

    On August 18 through August 20, you’ll be able to experience the new elite specializations for the first time in PvP and WvW.

    To learn more about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, or to prepurchase the expansion and receive extra bonus items, please visit the official site.

    We can’t wait to see you in the desert!

    The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of August 7

    We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below!

    Streams for the Week of August 7

    Wednesday, August 9

    GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German)
    11:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    The week in review with the GuildNews crew.


    The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Vasburg)(English)
    Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    Rebroadcast: Join Vasburg for an artistic journey toward new Tyrian horizons! You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

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    A Summer of Events

    We’re excited to spend time with fans face-to-face this summer—and to share more information about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™!


    Our first stop will be the gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany. On Thursday, August 24, we’ll hold our Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire community meet and greet. There are a limited number of spaces available, so be sure to RSVP by filling in this form. Attendees will meet with the European community team and ArenaNet employees to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Guild Wars 2 and talk about the upcoming Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion. We’ll provide the loot, raffles, and discussions!

    • Date and time: Thursday, August 24, at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    • Location: When we’ve finalized the invitation list, we’ll provide the event location to attendees.
    • What to expect: Raffles, loot, and fun with developers and fans!
    • How to get in: Invitation only; no gamescom badge required. Attendance is limited—RSVP to be added to the list.

    PAX Panel—Go Behind the Sound of Video Games with ArenaNet

    If you enjoyed our Behind the Sound video series—or if you’re just curious about how the ArenaNet audio team creates in-game sounds—don’t miss this panel at PAX West. You could even get the chance to be part of a recording for a future game release!

    The panel will be held on Friday, September 1, at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) at the {{INSERT THEATRE NAME}} theatre. Please note that a PAX badge is required for entry.

    Guild Wars 2 Fifth Anniversary Party at PAX West

    Join ArenaNet developers and employees to talk about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and celebrate five fantastic years of Guild Wars 2 with fans! We have an evening of chat, presentations, and raffles planned for you, along with loot to mark the occasion.

    This free event is open to everyone, and no PAX badge is necessary. There will be opportunities to be added to a VIP attendee list to ensure that you’re among the first to get in. Keep an eye on our social media channels and the official forums for more information.

    • Date and time: Friday, September 1, at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    • Location: Hard Rock Café on Pike Street, Seattle, Washington.
    • What to expect: Raffles, swag, presentations, and socializing with developers and fans!
    • How to get in: Open to everyone; no PAX badge required. Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels, as well as the official forums, for chances to get on the VIP attendee list.

    Announcing Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire


    Today we’re thrilled to tell you all about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, the second expansion for Guild Wars 2. Soon you’ll train mounts to help you explore in all-new ways, unlock nine new elite specializations to customize your playstyle, and discover the vast lands of the Crystal Desert and Elona. An epic chapter in the Guild Wars 2 story awaits you—hunt down the rogue god Balthazar and put a stop to his campaign against the Elder Dragons!

    Where can I find more information?

    For an overview of all of the expansion features—along with images, videos, and details—please visit the official Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire website.

    For answers to frequently asked questions, visit the knowledge-base article.

    If you missed the announcement livestream broadcast, check out the video below to learn all about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire from Game Director Mike O’Brien and members of the ArenaNet development team:

    When can I buy it?

    You can pre-purchase the expansion right now to receive additional bonus items! When you pre-purchase any edition of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you can also add Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ during checkout and buy both expansions together for less than the combined individual expansion prices. To view all of the available editions and bonuses, please visit the official site.

    When can I play?

    Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will launch on September 22, 2017 at approximately 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7).

    Stock up on sunscreen and sand-proof your armor, because a Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire PvE preview weekend experience is coming soon! Every Guild Wars 2 player with an account in good standing will be able to play a demo of the expansion from Friday, August 11 through Sunday, August 13. If you don’t have a Guild Wars 2 account, register here to play for free and gain access to the preview-weekend experience.

    Subscribe to our newsletter for important announcements, and keep an eye on the official blog for upcoming feature week schedules!

    Prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire


    Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ is launching on 22 September! Prepurchase your copy of Guild Wars 2‘s second expansion and receive these bonuses:

    • The Spearmarshal’s Gift A special gift from an anonymous source in Elona who hopes to find you a useful ally. Signed simply, “A friend.” Use this to choose one weapon skin from the Sunspear weapon set.
    • Miniature Rogue Balthazar This exclusive miniature is a replica of Balthazar—a more up-to-date and accurate likeness than even Malchor’s sculpture of the god of War and Fire. He’s on the warpath…as long as he’s following you.
    • The “Elonian Envoy” Title Whether you’re a new arrival from mainland Tyria or coming home to Elona, build bridges by displaying this symbol of respect and friendship.

    When you prepurchase any edition of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you can add Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ during checkout and purchase both expansions together for less than the combined individual expansion prices. For more information on available expansion editions and bonuses, please visit the official site.

    Digital Deluxe Upgrade

    If you’ve already prepurchased Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you can upgrade to the Digital Deluxe edition through the Black Lion Trading Company’s in-game store. You’ll receive all of the Digital Deluxe edition bonus items, including a Sunspear Outfit, Identity Repair Kit, additional character slot, and a permanent pass to the Lily of the Elon.


    New Hair and Face Options

    A range of new hairstyles and face options are available for human characters. You can access them during character creation, or update an existing character’s look using a Total Makeover Kit or Self-Style Hair Kit.

    Living World Season 3 Package

    Unlock all previous episodes of Living World Season 3 for a 20% discount! This package is available through the Black Lion Trading Company’s in-game store.

    New Items from WeLoveFine

    Brand new Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire merchandise is available from WeLoveFine, including apparel, art, bags, and more!

    The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of July 31

    We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below!

    Streams for the Week of July 31

    Tuesday, August 1


    Guild Wars 2 Expansion Announcement

    Tune in for a special livestream event at as we announce the details of our second expansion! Our partners and community streamers will be hosting a preshow and postshow as well. Please see our expansion announcement schedule to find the dates, times, and channels for your language.

    Wednesday, August 2

    GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German)
    11:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    The week in review with the GuildNews crew.


    The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Vasburg)(English)
    Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    Join Vasburg for an artistic journey toward new Tyrian horizons! You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

    Sunday, August 6

    Tyria’s Next Topmodel (by fashionfuchs)(German)
    8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
    Purple to the max! Tyria’s Next Topmodel is searching for the most legendary look of all.

    If you need help converting times into your own time zone, you can use this tool. Thank you for watching!

    Southsun & Crab Toss Offline

    Last Post: Jul 28, 2017 01:40

    Due to a bug, the Southsun Cove map currently is inaccessible and the Crab Toss activity is unavailable.

    At the present time, we do not have a timeframe for when we’ll be able to re-enable these two game elements, but the team is continuing to look into the situation and we’ll re-enable both as soon as possible.

    Join Us on August 1 for the Guild Wars 2 Expansion Announcement


    You’ve seen where one path ends, and it’s nearly time to learn where the Guild Wars 2 story will take you next. On Tuesday, August 1, tune in for a special livestream event at as we announce the details of our second expansion!

    Tune in at 8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) on the official site at and watch the 50-minute preshow, hosted by our Guild Wars 2 partners! The announcement will begin at approximately 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7).


    8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7): Preshow with OMGlitzy
    YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook:
    8:50 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7): 10-Minute Countdown
    9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7): Guild Wars 2 Expansion Announcement
    9:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7): Postshow with Wooden Potatoes

    We’ll celebrate with giveaways during the stream. Be sure to subscribe to our events on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch to be notified when the streams go live.

    We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with you, and we hope to see you on August 1!

    A Message from the Game Director

    Hi, all,

    The release of “One Path Ends” concludes a full year of live updates and a full season of Living World. As we wrap up the season, I want to take a moment to celebrate the journey we’ve been on together this year.

    Guild Wars 2‘s content model is all about exciting events happening in the world, so from the beginning we wanted our live updates to mirror that. But how? In Season 1, we went for the literal version, constantly shipping changes to the existing world. We did it at a breakneck pace, and we developed the tech and processes required to do so, which have benefited us ever since. But we regretted that frequency sometimes won over quality, that it sometimes felt like a race for players to keep up, and that constantly changing the existing world meant that old content couldn’t be replayed. Since then, we restructured Living World to keep the aspects we loved but without those downsides.

    I think with Season 3 we’ve hit a really good balance. We’re shipping meatier episodes, with deeper stories and new open-world zones to explore. The new zones are each a slice in time, so we get to put world-changing events in the open world, without having to destroy old content to release new content in its place. Finally, we’ve used the 2-to-3-month release cadence to elevate the quality of everything we do. I think and hope that this year’s releases have been the best work we’ve ever done.

    This year we also took a different approach with PvP and WvW releases. In PvE, we make fresh new content with the goal of surprising and delighting you with our work, but in competitive modes, the community owns the game modes and chooses what we work on, and we definitely shouldn’t be surprising you with where we take those game modes. Instead our goal this year was to develop more incrementally, test with the community on the live side, and take feedback every step of the way.

    At the start of this season, I said to the community that I wanted to delight you with what we’d ship, not with what we’d promise. It’s a game, after all, and I think the most memorable moments for a game should be moments of playing the game—not moments of reading about it. There’s also a deeper connection to how we develop. We’ve always been good at shipping things, but with our renewed focus on quality above everything, we’ve had to get better at not shipping things. We now develop new content and features with a default assumption that they won’t ship, and then if they turn out great, we proactively decide to ship them.

    Sometimes in the past, we’ve had to put a lot of effort into paying off old promises, which is important but can mean looking backward instead of looking forward. But I think we’re finishing this year in a good position. We have a clear path forward. And we’re building on a solid foundation, with a game that doesn’t need reinvention but mostly needs a steady stream of great content, so we can focus on delivering great content.

    As Game Director, it’s been my job to represent you—our players—making sure we put you in the center of every decision we make, and making sure we reinvent ourselves when we need to for your benefit, or push ourselves further when we need to. When you think about it that way, it’s really not much different from the job of a studio head. I’ve loved acting as your GD, and I’m not going anywhere, but I know that eventually my other responsibilities will require more of my time, so I’m going to introduce you to someone else that I know will put players first: Mike Zadorojny, also known as Z, the lead designer of the second expansion. You’ll see a lot of him in the lead-up to the expansion release, and then he’ll join the Live side too, and I expect he’ll eventually take these reins. Z has been working on Guild Wars® for over a decade and on Guild Wars 2 since the beginning, and he loves the game as much as anyone in the world. He’ll do you proud.

    And now, here we are at the start of a crazy week, shipping the season finale and leading into the announcement of the new expansion. You know our goal has been to do it all with no breaks in content delivery. It’s an ambitious goal we set for ourselves at the start of this season and at the start of expansion development. It requires us not only to essentially ship two products at the same time, but also to time them perfectly, so the story of one flows right into the setup of the next. Honestly, it’s crazy. But we have great, experienced teams working on both Live content and the second expansion, and I think we’re about to pull it off.

    So wish us luck, enjoy the season finale, and I’ll see you again next week for the big unveiling!