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World Championship Power Rankings


The World Championship broadcast team has taken a hard look at the contenders, and they’re prepared to make some bold predictions about each team’s expected performance on September 17.

Storm Jebro Heurix Sindrener Supcutie Waffle Sputti Fari
1st R55 DNL DNL DNL DNL R55 R55 R55
  • R55—Rank Fifty Five Dragons (EU)
  • DNL—Denial eSports (EU)
  • VERM—Vermillion (EU)
  • AA—Astral Authority (NA)
  • NL—Never Lucky (NA)
  • PZ—Team PZ (NA)

Final Thoughts

The general consensus seems to be that Denial eSports and Rank Fifty Five Dragons are the top contenders in the tournament. If they meet, it would be in the semifinals, so there could be some exciting matches fairly early in the tournament. However, only one team will move on to the finals. This has created some debate as to whether Team PZ, Vermillion, or Astral Authority will move on and potentially take on Europe’s top talent in the grand finals.

While no one has brushed Team PZ aside, several of the analysts had a hard time deciding whether to place Astral Authority or Vermillion at the number three spot. It’s a tough call considering how well Astral performed during the qualifier, and given the events that led to Vermillion grabbing the second seed for Europe and then getting blown away by Rank Fifty Five Dragons, it’s a bit of a toss-up at this point. Although we know how dominant Rank Fifty Five Dragons can be, Vermillion is clearly a contender for the title in this tournament but will have to take down two of the top teams from North America to have a shot at the crown.

We can’t ever rule out an upset taking place, given what we’ve seen in past tournaments. I believe that Denial eSports&emdash;formerly the Civilized Gentlemen—set the standard for what is expected of teams during the Pro League Season 2 Finals with Drazeh’s surprise warrior build. It showed us how much preparation goes into becoming a top-tier contender and how valuable having a trick up your sleeve can really be.

Join us on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel on Saturday, September 17, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) for the World Championship broadcast.

Top Five Moments from the World Championship Qualifier

The World Championship Qualifier determined which teams will compete in the Guild Wars 2 World Championship on September 17. Read on to see commentator Joe “Storm” Nowasell’s highlights from the event!


Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy and Never Lucky had two thrilling games, but game three panned out for Never Lucky. Tarcis of Ez Pz made quite an incredible play—one of the best all weekend—as he found himself in a 1v1 situation with less than 100 health, trying to battle his way back into the fight.


The Civilized Gentlemen (TCG, now known as Denial eSports) and Rank Fifty Five Dragons were down to the wire in game one, with TCG holding a lead and making a push for the lord. With Zan’s massive resurrection power, Rank Fifty Five was consistently able to get their lord out of the downed state. This created a sticky situation for TCG, who needed to come out on top in the fight at the lord—or lose the game after devoting all of their resources to the cause.


Team PZ, the massive favorite for the series, was already down 1–0, with their hopes for better seeding on the line in game two. Although Never Lucky was down a significant amount, they put many resources toward grabbing the tranquility effect. If captured, this would give them a needed boost of momentum to take the lead as Team PZ began a dangerous cycle of funneling players down to the effect.


Another base race seemed to be the case for the Civilized Gentlemen (TCG). They were forced to defend against Orange Logo, who were down a significant amount but could win if they grabbed the kill. They had the advantage in time; TCG were slow to react and make their own push for the lord, but they sneaked Denshee back to defend. His immense healing power on elementalist gave his team a 1–0 lead by buying them some time on the other end.


With one point left to go to give Rank Fifty Five Dragons the 2–0 sweep, Vermillion grabbed a decap at the last second to give them some hope of pulling a classic “Vermillion Comeback” on Temple of the Silent Storm. We’ve seen it before, and they were hoping to prove they could do it again as they fought for the tranquility effect and managed to find a three-cap without needing it. Rank Fifty Five had over two hundred points of breathing room, but with staggered respawns and three nodes to the opposition, things were looking rough for them in the final minutes.

Don’t miss the World Championship on September 17, beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7). You can watch the event—and catch a preview of the upcoming Eternal Coliseum PvP map—live on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.

Watch the Trailer for Rising Flames

Rising Flames, the second episode of Living World Season 3, is coming on September 20. Catch a glimpse in this teaser trailer!

Join us on the the Guild Wars 2 subreddit on release day, after the episode goes live. Members of the development team will be there to celebrate the release alongside fans.

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Meet the Guild Wars 2 World Championship Contenders


The top six PvP teams are ready to battle it out for $200,000 USD and a World Championship title. Let’s dive in and take a look at what each team will bring to the table in the largest tournament in Guild Wars® franchise history. Tweet with the #GW2WC hashtag, and let us know who you’re rallying behind!


Rank Fifty Five Dragons

Roster: Zan, Texbi, Levin, Mancow, Mishae
Twitter: @Rank55Dragons


Rank Fifty Five Dragons lost to Denial eSports in the Pro League Season 2 Finals and are now out for blood. Although they claimed a 2–1 series during the World Championship Qualifier in early August, they still need to prove they can take them on if matched up against each other in the semifinal. Rank Fifty Five Dragons will have breathing room with their first-place seed from the qualifier, which allows them to safely grab a bye and move into the semifinal with at least a guaranteed 3rd or 4th place.


  • 1st—European World Championship Qualifier
  • 2nd—Pro League Season 2 Finals
  • 1st—Pro League Season 2 (EU Regular Season)
  • 1st—Pro League Season 1 Finals
  • 1st—Pro League Season 1 (EU Regular Season)


Roster: Argi, Snowball, Alkore, Trifin, Kervv
Twitter: @VermillionGW2


Vermillion made their reappearance with a second-place finish during the European World Championship Qualifier, falling short against Rank Fifty Five Dragons. Although they were unsuccessful during the second season of the Pro League, we saw how collected they can be in the spotlight when they fought for a championship win back during Pro League Season 1. Their matchup with Team PZ will be a tough one. We’ve yet to see PZ and Vermillion clash since they didn’t match up with one another at the Season 1 finals.


  • 2nd—World Championship Qualifier
  • 3rd—Pro League Season 2 (EU Regular Season)
  • 3rd/4th—Pro League Season 1 Finals
  • 2nd—Pro League Season 1 (EU Regular Season)

Denial eSports

Roster: Lord Helseth, Denshee, Frae, ROM, Drazeh
Twitter: @DenialeSports


Denial eSports—formally the Civilized Gentlemen—are currently the top team in the world after their dominating performance at the Pro League Season 2 Finals this past June. The team was picked up by prominent eSports organization Denial shortly after the Season 2 finals and are hoping to get another big win under their new banner.


  • 3rd—European World Championship Qualifier
  • 1st—Pro League Season 2 Finals
  • 2nd—Pro League Season 2 (EU Regular Season)
  • 3rd—Pro League Season 1 (EU Regular Season)
  • 3rd—World Tournament Series: Cologne
  • 2nd—World Tournament Series: Beijing

North America

Astral Authority

Roster: Chaith, Magic Toker, Wakkey, Phantaram, Nos
Twitter: @AstralAuthority


Feeling much better about their performance during the qualifier, Astral Authority locked down the number one seed for their region. Like Rank Fifty Five Dragons, this will give them a first-round bye and guarantee at least a 3rd or 4th place finish. The once unstoppable powerhouse of the Guild Wars 2 world has slowly been slipping, but with their recent dominance in the qualifier, they’ll come to the World Championship with something to prove.


  • 1st—North American World Championship Qualifier
  • 3rd/4th—Pro League Season 2 Finals
  • 2nd—Pro League Season 2 (NA Regular Season)
  • 2nd—Pro League Season 1 Finals
  • 1st—Pro League Season 1 (NA Regular Season)
  • 1st—World Tournament Series: Cologne
  • 2nd—World Tournament Series: Boston
  • 1st—World Tournament Series: Beijing

Never Lucky

Roster: Olrun, Moobs, Kralle, Jeff, Ipno
Twitter: @TeamNeverLucky


Never Lucky is the only team making their first appearance at a live event with all five players new to the spotlight. Grabbing a second seed for North America was a bit of a shocker, but they’ll find themselves up against the reigning World Champions, Denial eSports. This will be a tough matchup, but from what we’ve seen, Never Lucky is capable of just about anything in terms of surprises. I wouldn’t put it past Olrun to make sure his team has a few tricks up their sleeves, as they know they’ll need to hit the ground running against Denial.


  • 2nd—North American World Championship Qualifier
  • 5th—Pro League Season 2 (NA Regular Season)
  • 4th—Pro League Season 1 (NA Regular Season)

Team PZ

Roster: Zoose, Muffins, Kaypud, Java, Paul
Twitter: @Team_PZ


Team PZ’s fall to Never Lucky was unexpected, but it may have worked in their favor, as they have a considerably closer matchup with Vermillion in the first round. Team PZ had much more dominance in the scene throughout Season 2 than they did during the qualifier, which may be a worrying trend. However, we’ve heard from Zoose before that Java is a player who goes above and beyond when it comes to team preparation and ensuring they’re doing everything they can to succeed.


  • 3rd—North American World Championship Qualifier
  • 3rd/4th—Pro League Season 2 Finals
  • 1st—Pro League Season 2 (NA Regular Season)
  • 3rd/4th—Pro League Season 1 Finals
  • 2nd—Pro League Season 1 (NA Regular Season)

Don’t miss the World Championship on September 17! You can find all the information about the event here.

Tyrian Travels: Chapter Two


At this year’s MomoCon, Narrative Director Leah Hoyer and Narrative Designer Ross Beeley hosted a panel on the fundamentals of narrative design for Guild Wars 2. With help from the audience, they created the basic concept for Vikki, a new character on a journey to save her moa, Momo—and possibly to find adventure along the way.

“The Weeping Isle.” I hesitated at the head of the footpath, uneasy about leaving the open road. “What an awful name.”

“Squork,” Momo replied, ruffling her feathers. She was distracted by the jellyfish swimming sinuous loops around fishing nets and seaweed, and she didn’t seem as apprehensive as I was about approaching the home of the Soundless. But we needed directions and supplies, and I wanted to avoid Mabon Market—and the asuran researchers there—if I possibly could.

The Weeping Isle was a lot like the other sylvari settlements we’d seen on our way through Caledon Forest, but weathered by wind and open water. A chime made of flat shells and reeds hung from a doorway, jangling in the warm breeze. The sky was clear, and the waves calm. It didn’t look like a place to weep at all; it looked like a place to take a nap. At a closer look, though, there were deep scars on the petioles of the nearest broad-leafed house, as though someone had taken a hatchet to it. The path to the little island was trampled with messy footprints. And it was very, very quiet.

Most of what I knew of the Soundless I’d heard secondhand and wasn’t good. They’d brought the Pact fleet down in the Maguuma Jungle, some people said. Or they’d all risen up as one and marched north to join the jungle dragon’s armies. All of that was demonstrably untrue—I’d even seen one in Rata Sum not long ago—but how should I approach them? Should I be friendly? Or somber and quiet?

“What do you think,” I asked Momo. “Do we just go up and say hello?”

Momo trilled, rising up on her toes the way she does when she’s happy to see someone. I turned to the road to see what she was looking at.

The tallest sylvari I’d ever seen was walking toward us, on a course for the isle. She was all brown and green, with sweeping, fernlike hair, and she was as broad as a tree. “A visitor,” she said when she saw us, and brushed past me and Momo, putting herself between us and the Weeping Isle. She knelt in the middle of the path, slid her rucksack from her shoulder, and started to unpack. “Fruit? Tools? I can sell it all to you, right here at the roadside.”

Something in her voice made me hang back. I didn’t sense any danger—and Momo was chirping inquisitively—but it reminded me of when I’d had to make unannounced calls on senior researchers. I was welcome at the door, but no further.

“Do you live here?” I blurted out.

The sylvari gave me a wary look. “Tools? You’d better be prepared, if you’re going very far. Are you with the krewe?”

“My… No, I haven’t got a krewe. What krewe?”

“Over there.” She waved a hand in the direction of Mabon Market. “They said they were going to research the fire island. Does that mean anything to you?”

“No.” I pondered. “The only place I can think of like that is south. Way south. I’m only going to Queensdale.”

The sylvari unrolled a thick reed mat and laid out gathering tools, red apples, and a big chunk of spikefruit wrapped in a leaf. The apples caught Momo’s eye; she bobbed her head and peeped at the sylvari.

“Momo, don’t beg. Bad begging.” I frowned. “I’m sorry, she’s not used to strangers.”

Momo made the tiniest, most pathetic, hungry-baby-bird sound and shoved her beak right under the sylvari’s hand. The sylvari’s eyes went wide, and then she laughed. “She seems very used to strangers,” she said. Something in her rough face softened. “You and I, though, perhaps not. Deiniol.”

It took me a tick to realize she was offering her name. “I’m Vikki. And this is—”

“Momo, yes.” Deiniol patted her, then offered an apple on the flat of her palm. Momo ate it in one big crunch.

“Is that all right?” I was worried about my coin.

“Free, since I gave in to begging.” Deiniol swirled her hands in the water to wash off the apple juice. “What’s in Queensdale?”

“Moa experts. Momo’s sick—maybe. I’m not sure.” I wavered. “She needs a checkup.”

“She looks healthy enough to me. There are pink moas nearby, but Momo has the grandest beak I’ve seen.”

Well! This was a topic I could sink my teeth into. “That’s because she’s not really a pink moa. I mean, she is, but not by taxonomy. She’s a black moa with dilute coloring.”

The progeny I’d walked through this were usually either way ahead of me and just wanted to play with Momo or bored of the entire thing, but Deiniol seemed impressed. “Where did you find such a magnificent bird?”

“Oh.” Of course, I thought Momo was magnificent, but… “Nobody else wanted her.”

“Really? Even for her lovely color?”

Momo preened. Sometimes I’m dead sure she understands the common tongue. “Variation in avian pigmentation is already well documented, and she stands out too much for a serious ranger,” I said.

Deiniol gave me a long look. “Why did you want her?”

“I like pink. And when I picked her up for the first time, she fell asleep under my chin.”

“I see.” She smiled at me. “Then I’d say you both have an eye for quality.”

I smiled back, ducked my head, and managed to mumble something polite. In the end, I bought all of Deiniol’s apples—but they were very good apples.

The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of September 12

We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below!

Streams for the Week of September 12

Tuesday, September 13

Peachy Party (by Aurora Peachy) (English)
9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Hang out with Aurora Peachy and chat about the recent update, as well as general game discussion and giveaways.

Wednesday, September 14

GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German)
10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
The week in review with the GuildNews crew.

Thursday, September 15


The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Sayael) (English)
Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Not a temporary glitch! Sayael is back to host the Art Show, bringing Tyria to life on a digital canvas once again. You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

If you need help converting times into your own time zone, you can use this tool.

Thank you for watching!

The Guild Wars 2 World Champions Will Be Crowned on September 17


The top six teams in the world will put it all on the line on September 17—and with $200,000 USD up for grabs, the stakes are higher than ever. Join us to see North America and Europe go head-to-head for the last time in the climactic ending of the 2016 competitive season, cheer for your favorite team, and participate in tons of giveaways powered by our partners, featuring Sennheiser Game Zero Headsets, Nvidia GTX 9–series graphics cards, and Corsair peripherals. The winning team will also receive PCs from Alienware, keyboards and mice from Corsair, and headsets from Sennheiser.

Make sure to tune in just before the Grand Finals to catch the in-depth reveal of our newest Player vs. Player map, coming to the Mists along with Episode 2 of Living World Season 3!

Where to Watch

  • Date: Saturday, September 17
  • Time: 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)
  • Livestream:

The event will also be available for viewing in French, German, and Spanish.

Attend the Event

If you’d like to witness the event firsthand at ESL Studios in Burbank, California—and hang out with members of the ArenaNet development team—you can still purchase tickets from Eventbrite. Tickets are $10 USD each, and all live attendees will receive an exclusive Guild Wars 2 World Championship T-shirt and an opportunity to win Guild Wars 2 swag and prizes from our partners.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to get up to speed on the World Championship, commentator Joe “Storm” Nowasell has you covered. You can catch a recap of the August 6 and 7 qualifiers here.

Stay tuned to the official Guild Wars 2 website all next week for more information on the event and the teams that will soon be duking it out for the ultimate title of World Champion.

We’ll see you on September 17!

World vs. World Skirmishes Arrive on September 9


Hello, everyone,

In our very first World vs. World development poll, we asked the community if we should prioritize quality of life or scoring improvements. Scoring won that poll, and since then, the team has been hard at work bringing the first phase of improvements to fruition. We’re happy to announce that Phase 1 of Skirmishes will be activated on September 9!

What You Can Expect from Skirmishes

Matches are still a week long, but have been split into 2-hour time slices that we are calling Skirmishes. During a skirmish, players will earn War Score normally as they always have, but War Score is now being used to determine the winner of each skirmish. When each 2-hour skirmish ends, War Score is reset, but actual map state and objective status remains unchanged.

Skirmishes award Victory Points based on placement:

  • 1st—3 Victory Points
  • 2nd—2 Victory Points
  • 3rd—1 Victory Point

Victory Points are used to determine the match victor.

Skirmishes will keep the winning and losing scores closer together, allowing the losing worlds a better fighting chance. Skirmishes should also help lessen the severity of runaway matches caused by off-hour coverage.

Skirmishes will be activated for both EU and NA when the EU reset happens on Friday, September 9, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7). We cannot turn on Skirmishes separately for EU and NA, so this will result in the last few hours of the NA matchup using the new scoring system.

What’s Next?

We’ll be releasing WvW scoring features in smaller pieces so we can ensure the systems are stable and working as intended before we add additional features. If everything goes smoothly once skirmishes are activated, the next update will give upgraded objectives more War Score based on their upgrade level (secured, reinforced, or fortified). Once that’s in, we’ll be monitoring skirmishes and your feedback to decide what to work on next.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support. We’ll see you in the Mists this Friday!

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The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of September 5

We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below!

Streams for the Week of September 5

Tuesday, September 6


Peachy Party (by Aurora Peachy) (English)
9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Hang out with Aurora Peachy and chat about the recent update, as well as general game dicussion and giveaways.

Wednesday, September 7

GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German)
10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
The week in review with the GuildNews crew.

Thursday, September 8


The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Miss Coookiez) (English)
Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Miss Coookiez has already made her way into the Art Show as the inspiration for Synsinsyn’s Sylvari Portrait. Watch her on the next show to see what springs to life from her virtual ink. You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

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Thank you for watching!

Tyrian Travels: Chapter One


At this year’s MomoCon, Narrative Director Leah Hoyer and Narrative Designer Ross Beeley hosted a panel on the fundamentals of narrative design for Guild Wars 2. With help from the audience, they created the basic concept for a new character. This character and her moa will be traveling through some familiar territory—read along in this series of stories to see the world through her eyes!

We were late to the junk auction—properly known as the Low-Level Amateur Market Annual Sale—because Momo wanted to chase bugs. From the moment we set foot into Soren Draa, you would’ve thought the ground had come alive. She stuck her big beak in the grass and all but tore her lead out of my hands.

That was how I arrived at the last place I wanted to be: fifteen minutes behind schedule, elbowing through throngs of attendees, wrestling and pleading with a bird three times my size. I like to tell myself I trained Momo well, but moas are naturally skittish. By the time I coaxed her to her pen and started to unpack, she was making low, suspicious noises at the passing crowd.

“You can chase all the bugs you want when we’re done. You can chase them for a whole hour.” I rushed to set up my invention, making a hasty check of the harness and case, and then slid it over Momo’s head so the biothermal analyzer rested snugly over her breastbone. I ran a test; the fifteen-year estimate came up promptly, and the display was clear and readable. “Trust me, I want this rigmarole over with as much as you do.”

“Squok.” Momo ruffled her bright pink feathers, tilted her head to the side, and eyeballed a patch of grass, as though daring it to produce something living. Laughing at her made me feel a little better.

For the first time, I was glad my P.E.T. wasn’t flashy or complicated. Some of the other inventions up for sale were massive, with blinking lights and terminals. I’d nabbed a small station far from the main walk for cheap—it gave me less chance of being approached by a buyer, but I didn’t really expect to find anyone interested in my invention, anyway.

A voice cut through the drone of the crowd. “Well, well, if it isn’t the grass-fed disaster. I thought you’d given up, Vikki.”

“Tonni.” I took a deep breath before turning around. “Are you exhibiting today?”

Tonni pushed her way to the front of my booth and gave me one of the cold, appraising looks I’d spent my school days dreading. Her hair was coiled in precise loops around her long ears, her sleek black-and-red coat decked out with the latest personal magitech enhancements. It was probably too much to hope for that she’d hit a rough spot after college, seen the error of her ways, and come looking to make amends.

“Buying, not showing.” She wrinkled her nose. “Maybe. I’m looking for gems in the rough. Brilliant ideas before their time, ambitious solo projects bogged down by unreasonable ethical constraints—that sort of thing.”

I swallowed. “I haven’t got any of those.”

“Shocking.” She eyed Momo up and down. “Is that thing on the bird your invention? What is it?”

I wanted to tell her to go chase a few bugs herself, but what if she was the only person who bothered to show any interest in buying? What if she was really curious about it? I stood up straight and adjusted the analyzer harness. Momo huffed. “This is the Predictive Existence Tool,” I said. “It…well, it predicts the remaining existence of domesticated livestock.”

“The name’s a little forced. It tells you the animal’s life span?”

My ears burned, but I went on with my spiel. “It can help identify any unknown medical conditions by doing a full-body examination of the—Momo, shh!”

Momo squawked and lunged for the grass again, tracking something. I tugged her back gently, and I thought I heard Tonni snicker.

“Why don’t you give me a demonstration?” she said. “If your bird will let you.”

“Of course she will. Momo, stop.” I adjusted the halter, smoothed Momo’s feathers, and kept my head down while I started the P.E.T. It beeped, trilled, and bathed Momo in a brief flash of violet light—totally unnecessary for the analysis, but my mentor, Floxxa, had suggested some theatrics. “As you can see, this moa—”

I stopped short and stared at the display. That wasn’t right—it couldn’t be right.

Tonni peered over my shoulder, reading the display. “One year?”

“That isn’t right,” I stammered. “It should be fifteen years, not one. She’s only a year old now, and I just tested the device. It must be—”

“A malfunction?” She shook her head and tsk-tsked. “How unfortunate. For a faulty prototype, I’ll give you a fifth of the asking price.”


I sat underneath a tree and watched the other amateur inventors clear the last of their unsold projects away. A few of them left in tears. I felt awful for even thinking it, but at least mine wasn’t the only malfunctioning invention.

“It was a malfunction,” I said to Momo, who’d tired herself out running through the grass after I handed the P.E.T. over to Tonni. She rested her head on my knee, and I pressed her tall crest feathers down to make them spring up again. “Anyhow, there’s always next year.”

Next year. My stomach sank like a lump of hard bread. What if it wasn’t a malfunction at all? What if I doomed Momo to spending her last year on Tyria playing with her toys in the corner of Floxxa’s lab while I beat my head against another invention, just because it was easier to believe that my very first completed project was broken? If this was one of the educational enhancement stories I’d read growing up, things would definitely turn out like that.

Of course, the protagonists of those stories always had reasons to believe in their inventions.

“There are moa ranchers in Kryta,” I said, thinking aloud. I scratched between Momo’s eyes. “They could give us a second opinion.”

I’d only ever seen paintings of Kryta, but the thought of traveling across a sea of grass under the open blue sky shook some of the gloom clouds from my cranium. I imagined Momo zooming through the fields, stretching her legs and basking in the sun. I’d always been too busy or tired to take her anywhere interesting.

My only hope for gaining any kind of scientific credibility in Rata Sum was gone, and for barely enough money to pay my lab fees. I didn’t even have enough coin to take a gate to Divinity’s Reach. And if Momo was really hurt, or sick…

But she seemed to be in perfect health, and when I looked down at her she warbled softly at me as if to say, Adventure? Let’s go!

“How about it, Momo?” I hoped I sounded more confident than I felt. “Do you want to go for a walk?”

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All that glitters isn’t gold—but the former tends to follow the latter, if you catch my drift. Fortunately for you, here at the Black Lion Trading Company, you can look like royalty for reasonable prices. Go ahead and tell everyone how rich you are! They never need to know that your shield isn’t real amethyst.

  • Amethyst Aegis Shield Skin

    This shield is cut from 100% real, solid amethyst crystal and embellished with pure gold.* The gemologist who cut and polished the original design wasn’t the subtlest soul on Tyria, but do you see how the light hits those facets? That’s craftsmanship.

  • Shattered Bloodstone Circlet

    Scare your friends by wearing imitation bloodstone shards directly on your head! Alternatively, you can apply your favorite dye and declare yourself long-lost royalty. I’m sure Kryta won’t notice one more person laying claim to the throne.

  • Mini Jungle Lord Faren

    The Lord Faren calendar, woodblock prints, full-body portraits, and novelty shot glasses are all sold out. I’m appalled, but I’m still going to offer these scandalous miniatures. I sell, you buy, and neither of us judges the other.

  • Savings Fit for a Queen

    Make out like a bandit with sales on luxury items! The Royal Terrace Pass, Exemplar Attire and Noble Count Outfits, Lord Faren’s Rapier, Mini Golden Pig, Magic Carpet travel toy, Banker Golem, Mist Herald Backpack skin, and Total Makeover Kit are all 20% off this week. Mask of the Queen has returned to the store, and Mini Southsun Faren is still available for 5 Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Captain’s Council Goods and Services Oversight Committee.

Thank You for Four Incredible Years!

As the fourth anniversary of Guild Wars 2‘s launch draws near, we’ve loved watching players reminisce about their most memorable moments in Tyria using the #GW2BDay hashtag. In this video, ArenaNet developers look back at launch night on August 28, 2012, the work they did, the celebration, and what it was like to see Guild Wars 2 come alive with thousands of players from all over the world.

By calling Tyria home—and building the greatest community in online gaming—you’ve made it a real, living world full of ever-changing experiences. We’re so happy to be with you on this journey, and we can’t wait to play alongside you for many years to come. Thank you for helping shape Guild Wars 2 and for sharing your memories!

The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of August 29

We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below!

Streams for the Week of August 29

Wednesday, August 31

GuildNews Podcast (by Sputti) (German)
10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
The week in review with the GuildNews crew.


Thursday, September 1

The Guild Wars 2 Art Show (by Correllis) (English)
8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Correllis continues to turn the world of Tyria into a pointillist masterpiece. You can also find all the previously created artworks on the Guild Wars 2 Art Show Flickr Album.

The GuildMag Podcast (by GuildMag) (English)
1:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
The GuildMag team brings you up to speed on everything that happened this week in the Guild Wars 2 universe.

If you need help converting times into your own time zone, you can use this tool.
Thank you for watching!

Watch the Guild Wars 2 Fourth Anniversary Livestream!

Join us tomorrow to celebrate four years of Guild Wars 2 with a special anniversary livestream on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel! Host Rubi Bayer and members of the ArenaNet studio team will take a look back at some of the most memorable moments we’ve shared with you.

The livestream begins at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on Friday, August 26.

Community Showcase 16: Creative Contributions from Guild Wars 2 Players

Welcome to the community showcase, where we celebrate our favorite projects, activities, and other fan works created by Guild Wars 2 players. Read on to check out some of the amazing fan works on display in the Community Showcase Live livestream, and tune in monthly on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel for even more!

We’re moved by this beautiful—and ominous—fan art of Trahearne and Mordremoth from Landylachs.

Trahearne by Landylachs

Roksiel captured the powerful moment before a charge into battle.

Into Battle by Roksiel

This painterly character sketch by The Designs is a testament to asuran might.

Character Concept by The Designs

Vyntiche’s fan-made promo art for the Out of the Shadows release prepared us for the mysteries of Bloodstone Fen.

Out of the Shadows 3 by Vyntiche

Demnasica’s Luminescent Armor cosplay is a shimmering, glowing success!

Luminescent Armor 1 by Demnasica

This intricate sculpture of Eir Stegalkin by Dantert memorializes her dignity and strength.

Eir by Dantert

Primescore shows us the beauty and danger of Bloodstone Fen in their latest video.

RHKim created this lovely piece for a recent episode of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show! Check out the recording to see her work on it, and keep an eye on our streaming schedule for the time and date of the next show.


We love seeing fans’ works of art, creativity, and community organization from around the world. Keep up the excellent work! Hungry for more Guild Wars 2 fan projects? Ready to show off your own? Head to the official Guild Wars 2 Tumblr and read up on the submission guidelines! You can submit your works via the Guild Wars 2 Tumblr, send us a tweet @GuildWars2, or share on the official Community Creations subforum.

Check out the recording below to see all the fan works in this month’s episode of Community Showcase Live!

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