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Grim Grinning Gourds

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here, straight from Fan Festival 2016 in Las Vegas to share a few frights with you! That’s right, All Saints’ Wake is nearly upon us!

The Continental Circus will be returning to Eorzea and spreading mischief around the realm. As always, the city-states get decked out for the event! Here’s a peek at some of the decorations.

What’s that? You want to know where some of those images were taken? Well, hang tight until October 19 to find out!

Next up, let’s get a look at some of the rewards that adventurers can earn this year!

The “Continental Eye” minion!

A delicious looking “Pumpkin Stew” furnishing!

Don’t eat it too fast, though! (Effect: Increases CP and GP)

The stylish “Vampire’s Vest” makes its debut!

You won’t want to leave your room without the Magicked Prism: Pumpkin either! (Is it okay to wear something that looks so heavy…?)

There are also two Orchestrion rolls that you can get your hands on: All Saints’ Wake and Up at Dawn! You’ll also be able to enjoy these songs by visiting certain places during the event.

Get ready to join the All Saints’ Wake!

– Bayohne

Delivering the Festival Straight to the Fans

Greetings, everyone!

We are nearly a week away from kicking off our second Fan Festival, and the teams are flying at Mach speeds to put the finishing touches on all the fun and exciting activities we have planned. Fan Festival will be taking place globally in three different cities around the world and Las Vegas is the first stop for the tour bus followed by Tokyo, Japan and then Frankfurt, Germany!

For those of you who are not able to make it to any of these events, rest assured that we’ve got you covered so you can still take part in the fun! Each event will have their own unique live stream experience, and I’d like to use this opportunity to answer some of the more frequently asked questions we have been seeing around the internets.

Is there a free version of the stream to watch?
No, the only way to enjoy the Fan Festival live stream will be to purchase it.

Where can I purchase the stream?
The stream for Fan Festival 2016 in Las Vegas can be purchased from the official live stream site.

When does the stream start and end?
We’ll be hosting the stream from the following times:
-Friday, October 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. PDT
-Saturday, October 15 from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. PDT

What can I see during the stream?
Even though you are watching from the comfort of your own home, we will be doing our best to bring the total experience of Fan Festival straight to you. That means we’ll be streaming all of the panels, both the piano concert and the Primals concert, we’ll be taking a look at some special gameplay, and we will also be roaming around the venue showing off the various activities we have available.

Can I purchase this if I don’t live in the US?
Of course! Whether you live across the Atlantic or across the Pacific you will be able to purchase each region’s stream, enjoy the show, and receive the in-game items available with each event.

What do I need in order to buy the stream?
If you have a Facebook, Google, or Cleeng account, then you’re all set. In the event that you don’t, you can easily make any one of the three.

I heard there are bonuses? There are bonuses, right?
Yes! Each stream will include two different bonus in-game items.

First, you will receive the “Dream of the Fayth” item, which when given to a special NPC will allow you to select either the Abes Attire (left) or the High Summoner’s Attire (right). (*Please note that the Abes Attire is male-specific and the High Summoner’s Attire is female-specific.)

The second depends on the region’s stream that your purchase. Each region will feature their own exclusive minion.

-Fan Festival in Las Vegas
Minion: Rikku

-Fan Festival in Tokyo
Minion: Lulu

-Fan Festival in Frankfurt
Minion: Yuna

The attire will become available to obtain at the conclusion of Fan Festival 2016 in Frankfurt; however, each minion will be available immediately after each event.

Can I get all the minions?
Yes, definitely. If you purchase the stream for each region you will be able to receive all three of the above minions. The in-game item codes for each stream are not region-locked.

If I pick the Abes Attire and then Fantasia from a male character to a female character, will I be able to exchange it for the High Summoner’s Attire?
No, this will not be possible.

I want both outfits! How can I do this?
Each region’s stream will include a “Dream of the Fayth” item, and purchasing streams for multiple regions will allow you to pick another outfit.

For more details on the full purchasing process or how to redeem in-game item codes included with the stream, please visit the following pages:

How to Purchase and View the Fan Festival 2016 in Las Vegas Live Stream
How to Redeem the Fan Festival 2016 in Las Vegas Item Code

Fan Festival 2016 will have some amazing announcements on the future of FFXIV and tons of other information that you won’t want to miss. The fun is just a week away and the countdown has begun. You can set your watch and warrant on it!

See you all during the broadcast!


Surrender Your Souls

Happy patch day, everyone!

Patch 3.4 – Soul Surrender is here in all of its glory, and the list of additions and changes spans the length of Alabathia’s Spine. For those of you working through all the great new content right now, we wish you luck on all your endeavors! If you can’t log in just yet and need something to tide you over (in addition to watching our great streamers tackle the content!), feel free to loop the Patch 3.4 trailer in each language over and over.







And much more await!

We’re looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!


Of Birds and Books

Greetings, everyone!

Only hours remain until it’s time to surrender our souls to Patch 3.4’s arrival, and then the countdown begins for those challenging to become the world’s first conquers of the new raid content, Alexander: The Creator.

While we wait for the patch to go live, the development team jumped into the new dungeons to perform their final testing, and we grabbed a bunch of screenshots of their adventures together.

Wake up Mr. Goobbue, it’s time to go! Mr. Goobbue?

I guess we’ll go on without him…

First stop: Xelphatol.

The Warriors of Light will be breaking into the Ixal stronghold to halt a ritual to once again summon Garuda!

Climbing up the mountain adventurers will find themselves confronting some of the biggest, baddest monsters yet…

An adorable sounder of baby boars! Perhaps the Ixal have a soft spot for cute? Speaking of which, I’m still worried about Mr. Goobbue–I hope he is okay…

Next destination: The Great Gubal Library (Hard).

School is in session, and it’s time to hit the books again! Quite literally.

There are volumes on volumes of fancy-looking books all around this vault of knowledge like these here–but beware the voidsent!

You’ll be happy to hear that both the background music and the animations are fabulous, and these elements will prove to make your visit back to the library very enjoyable.

We hope you are looking forward to exploring these new dungeons once the servers come up from maintenance. Speaking of which–what do you plan on tackling first when Patch 3.4 hits? We’d love to hear!


The Eorzean Aesthetic

Greetings, everyone!

The development team endeavors to give our Warriors of Light as much power as possible when it comes to taking screenshots of their adventures through Eorzea, and they are constantly working on new features to make this possible. In addition to all the amazing new content that is on the way in Patch 3.4, we’ll also be implementing brand-new group pose features.

If you haven’t tried out the group pose feature you are missing out! All you need to do is type /grouppose or /gpose in chat and you’re set to take great group shots. You can also make it even easier by creating a keybind for this!

With that said, let’s explore what’s in store for this fun feature!

We’re adding a new camera settings menu that will allow you to add and adjust various aspects to tune your screenshots to your liking! While in group pose mode, you can access this menu by pressing “R” on your keyboard or by pressing the “X” button (or square on PS3/PS4) on your gamepad.

■Face the camera

Instead of having to press the spacebar key to toggle the way the group faces the camera, this menu will allow you to do this easily.

Now if you forget which key accomplishes this you won’t have to guess and accidentally clutter your screen!

■Let there be light

While many players have already been utilizing the Wind-up Sun minion to add a light source to their screenshots, we’re adding a separate feature that will allow you to add a light source at the current camera position. Sorry Wind-up Sun, you hogged the spotlight for too long and it’s time to share!

In this tranquil ocean shot we added a light source over the water to give it a nice feel.

■Everybody freeze

Stop a character dead in their pose or emote with this handy feature.

Not only will you be able to freeze your entire group, but you can also select a single target to freeze so that you can capture the perfect moment of an emote!

■Pick a filter

Apply a filter from a total of 11 different choices to customize the feel of your screenshot.

■Deeper into the depth of field

You’ll now be able to enable the depth of field effect and modify its strength with a slider.

■Darken those limbs

A limb darkening feature, also known as vignette control for the photography savvy, will allow you to darken the corners of your image.

Both the shape and the color of this darkening can be adjusted, so once it’s released try out a bunch of different combinations in various settings!

Normally I’m not much of a screenshot taker (I hardly take pictures in the real world either!), but with all these cool new features I’m quite excited to find some of my favorite aspects of Eorzea to capture perfectly.

Before I sign off for today, check out some example screenshots taken by our QA team while testing out the features!

While I introduced these new features for group pose, you’ll be happy to know that the filters, limb darkening, and depth of field effect features can also be used for the idling camera as well!

Patch 3.4 is just around the corner so get hyped for the information to come!


It's a Celebration, Kupo!

Greetings, everyone!

Last Friday we celebrated the three-year anniversary of FFXIV with a 14-hour live broadcast which featured Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXI and a ton of different segments with appearances from development team members and other guests. If you weren’t able to tune in, the broadcast was archived on Twitch, so feel free to watch it at your leisure. (It is 14 hours long after all, so go at your own pace!) Even though it’s in Japanese, there’s still a lot of cool segments to check out that don’t require the ability to understand Japanese.

We got a bunch of fun shots from each segment of the 14-hour stream (keep your eyes open for the one taken from a comical moment that is now the new meme of the community), and the pictures clearly show that everyone involved with FFXIV had a blast celebrating the three-year anniversary!

An assortment of foods were sent over to the office, because let’s face it, you can’t celebrate properly without some delectable desserts!

These rolls look cute, but I almost feel bad for that one pair of fat chocobos…

A slice of spriggan cake, anyone?

Welcome to the treasure trove of tarts!

Desserts weren’t all we got though! We also received a bunch of savory treats as well like this fat chocobo bento, which was provided for all of the community site people in attendance to munch on throughout the 14-hours.

A huge thank you once again to all the fans who made this three year anniversary possible! The year ahead is going to be jam packed with a lot of great stuff, which includes the three Fan Festivals taking place across the globe, so buckle in and get ready for a thrilling ride!


The Sweetest Chocobo Ever!

Hello everyone, this is Kahuna speaking, straight from the London office!

It’s FINAL FANTASY XIV’s third anniversary!

Everyone knows that anniversaries are amazing and we are celebrating in many ways this year.
There’s The Rising in-game event that started this morning, and our Japanese colleagues in Tokyo are working hard on the 14 hour livestream marathon. But everyone knows that there’s one more reason why anniversaries rock!

FOOD! It’s all about the food! Glorious, scrumptious, delicious, exquisite, delectable, rich, luscious, and all around simply tasty food. You’re invited to dinner, you’re having a big buffet for your party guests – you get the drift.

So, of course we couldn’t just sit still either. We’re office workers in London! The usual sandwich and a pack of crisps just didn’t cut it this time.

This is exactly why we have to share with you – THE FAT CHOCOBO CAKE!


LOOK AT THIS! I mean, seriously – check out the amazing details! And yes – pretty much all of it is edible!


Yes – every single feather is edible. And so is the Black Mage on the back, which has been modelled entirely from Marzipan!

Of course, our Fat Chocobo also has a lovely, yummy hiney!


Just look at that! Those lovely, shiny tail feathers mark a Chocobo of the highest pedigree!

But who are we to judge a book by its cover. We all know it’s what’s inside that counts!

And what an inside it was. The icing feathers on the front hid away a lovely marshmallow and puffed rice layer, covering a scrumptious sponge centre.

And the rear end? Under the feathers hid a most chocolatey layer over a sponge cake – which itself was layered with cream and raspberries!

We actually took photos – but then decided that we want you to remember our delicious Chocobo friend the way he was, without half of him sliced off.

And believe me when I tell you that we appreciated every square centimeter of his magnificent existence. And we can’t wait until next year – we have to top this, somehow!


All of us (me included, although I’m missing on the picture) are looking forward to the fourth year with the best community we could wish for, on an amazing game.

All the best,

Rise Up and Celebrate

Happy Friday, everyone!

While the sun sets on the Moonfire Faire seasonal event, another one rises in its stead–The Rising returns to the realm tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning to commemorate the third year anniversary of FFXIV!

Though it’s only less than a day away, I wanted to show off what’s going on for The Rising this year and what kind of reward items are available for adventurers.

An epic looking stage has been constructed in Ul’dah-Steps of Nald, and I hear that you can all look forward to a special performance event that will go above and beyond the Eighteenth Floor from last year!

Two new adorable minions to add to your collection are available–Dress-up Y’shtola and Wind-up Krile– and as usual, make sure you check out the help text as the team took their time to make it extra special.

Additionally, you can obtain a Rising Banner and a Rising Pillar to decorate your homes for the celebration!

It’s not a true celebration without proper fireworks, and adventurers will be able to summon their very own meteor by using a Meteor Shower firework. The seasonal shop will also offer Starry Heavens and other fun items as well, so we hope you all have a good time using all of them to create cool celebratory scenes!

Finally, you’ll be able to get your hands on a Heavensward Orchestrion Roll, so it might be time to switch up that Pa-Paya loop (just for a bit, anyway).

This special seasonal event and the fact that we are able to celebrate three years of Eorzea is all due to our amazing Warriors of Light! Thank you all so much for making this possible, and we are looking forward to the adventures ahead!

Don’t forget that we also have a 14-hour broadcast starting tonight, which includes the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXI! I’ll see you all then for the hot scoops on Patch 3.4!


Gamescom Insanity: Day Four!

Hello everyone, this is Kahuna speaking to you live from the gamescom show floor!


That’s the first thing that comes to mind. People! So, so many of you. Saturdays at gamescom are generally known to be a bit crazy but seriously – look at these crowds!

crowd shot

We have given out, quite literally, a boatload of t-shirts, lanyards, Fat Chocobo sunglasses and what have you. Some of you have even dared to fight in the Challenge Roulette – with Yoshi-P! He certainly enjoyed himself!

Yoshi-P playing 1

Yoshi-P playing 2

Of course, we also had lots and lots…and lots of exciting giveaway goodies to throw to the crowd that went absolutely moogle-manic about them!

Yoshi-P giveaway 1

Yoshi-P giveaway 2

Then, of course, there was the Fan Gathering at the Roonburg in Cologne again. An absolutely amazing six hundred people joined us on this fantastic night for drinks, lots of chat and good times. We were absolutely overwhelmed by all the great feedback!
Fan Gathering 1

Fan Gathering 2

It’s almost over now. It’s Sunday morning now and this week has gone by in a flash. One more day of so, SO many happy winners, people forming spontaneous alliances and exchanging in-game contact information. We absolutely can’t wait for next year!

But before that, there’s the Fan Festival. So – see you there!

Truly yours,

Gamescom Insanity: Day Two!

Hey everyone! This is Kahuna!

It’s that time of year again, gamescom is here in full force. Not only is this poised to be one of the biggest games conventions ever, with 345,000 visitors in 5 mad, crazy days, but it’s also the biggest presence we’ve ever had on any show floor. Two massive booths, allowing you to test yourself against a smorgasbord of encounters, show fights, the Feast – and of course Yoshi-P himself would never let the opportunity pass to join players in their quest for glory!

We are bracing for the storm with a small army – Yoshi-P’s army – consisting of YOU, the players. Our ambassadors, recruited from the community itself, are doing a great job at introducing beginners to the game and answering questions from veterans. Just look at them!

Group Shot

But that’s not all! Today, something very special happened. We were delighted to be able to help Michel in proposing to his girlfriend live on our stage! I’d be lying if I said that we didn’t all get a bit teary-eyed as she said ‘yes’!

Just look at them!

Gamescom proposal 1

gamescom proposal 2

gamescom proposal 3.jpg

Also, here’s a look at our fantastic booths.

Battle Challenge Booth

Battle Challenge 2

Battle Arena Booth

Battle Arena 2

We still have 3 days ahead of us and we can’t wait! Whether you see someone from our local European teams, our ambassadors, or even Yoshi-P himself – we look forward to seeing you victorious!

While you probably won’t be able to see me, you’ll definitely be able to hear me as I’ll be moderating the Battle Challenge booth all week!

Yours truly,

Wait, Is that Cait Sith?

Greetings, everyone!

A new plush is on the way, and it’s the purrfect addition to our lovable lineup–Cait Sith, the adorable feline that accompanies you throughout your journey in the Weeping City of Mhach, now in plush form!

To be accurate, we’re actually modeling the plush after the Cait Sith Doll minion found in-game.

From this:

To this:

A plush of a plush of the character! Don’t think about it too much, just embrace the cuteness.

The plush will also come with a bonus code for a special in-game item, Cait Sith Ears!

Now you can pretend to be a regal kitten…

…or take your feline powers to a whole new level by adding another pair of cat ears to your head!

Anyone can be a royal cat now!

The Cait Sith plush is currently available for pre-order through the SQUARE ENIX Online Store, and they are scheduled to be shipped by the end of September 2016. Get your orders in right meow while they are still available!

Our army of plushes is growing (and I need more space in my apartment to fit them all)!


May the Poses be with You!

Greetings, everyone!

Summer is about to get even hotter, because the Moonfire Faire seasonal event is returning to Eorzea once again starting tomorrow!

There’s no better location in Eorzea than Costa del Sol to host the festivities, so I hope you’re all ready for some fun in the sun. Good luck staying cool, though, because the Posing Rangers will be making an appearance to add some flare to the story!

The artwork may give a general first impression of the Posing Rangers, but you’ll have to take part in the seasonal event to find out more about these…posers.

And speaking of poses, we’ve got a whole lineup of new emotes that you can obtain!

Here’s one of them.

And another!

That’s no mistake – the poses offered through the seasonal event come in two varieties: right and left!

And here’s two more!

In total there are 6 different emotes to obtain (when including the right and left versions), and we’re all excited to see what kind of crazy creativity everyone can pull off using them in screenshots!

After seeing the Posing Rangers in action, the poses alone won’t suffice to become a ranger yourself, which is why we are also rewarding everyone with the Legacy Warrior armor set.

Each piece is dyeable, so no fighting over which color ranger you get to be! (I’m calling purple right now, but I don’t think my friends will argue…)

Other than emotes and equipment, there are a couple of other rewards available as well.

The Firefly Lamp will give your house a nice eastern summer feel to it, and it actually has a special mechanic to it, but you’ll have to discover this for yourselves.

Last but not least is the Moonfire Faire Orchestrion Roll! Now you’ll be able to feel the summer vibes all year round when playing this song on your orchestrion.

Luckily the event starts tomorrow, so you won’t have to wait long at all! All of the hot seasonal event details can be found on the Moonfire Faire site!

See you all at the beach!


Thanks for the Memories

Greetings, everyone!

A few weeks back when the FFXIV team took a trip down to Guadalajara, Mexico, no one was sure what to expect from their first Campus Party experience. As you could see in the previous blogs (Part 1 | Part 2), everyone had an amazing time, and they were all moved by how much energy was exuded by fans.

The passion and support from all who attended was a great joy for the team, and they are very much looking forward to another opportunity to head back if given the chance.

Pictures speak much louder than words, but a video is much more appropriate for times like this to illustrate just how fantastic everyone was at Campus Party 2016. So without further ado, I’d like to share an energy-filled recap video of the event!

Thanks to everyone in Guadalajara for being awesome hosts to the team and also to all the fans who showed their support!


Summer School Class of XIV Part 2

Greetings, everyone!

The team has returned safely from their adventure down in Guadalajara, and they had a blast attending Campus Party. The previous blog on Campus Party gave a brief look at what this event was all about for those who were unfamiliar, but this time we’ll be focusing on what Yoshida and crew were up to.

The main event was the keynote that took place on Saturday, July 2.

Did anyone happen to check it out? It was, in fact, broadcast live on Twitch, and if you did miss out, the video has been archived!

As mentioned in the previous blog, Foxclon was amazed at the size of the keynote area, and the above picture definitely demonstrates the scale of this event. Yoshida said that it was his first time delivering a speech on a stage of this size, and he seemed quite nervous.

The attendees were mainly college students from Mexico and other parts of Central/South America, and everyone listened intently to Yoshida’s keynote. After the speech concluded, they opened up a live Q&A session, which had an interesting twist!

Did they draw questions from a box? Select attendees at random who raised their hand? Nah! They told Yoshida to throw the microphone into the audience, and whoever caught it was given the chance to ask a question!

Though a bit hesitant at first, Yoshida obliged, and the crowd amassed to grab it.

They only got through three questions until time ran out, but Yoshida really wanted to answer more questions.

Many of the people who gathered at the show and attended the keynote were those who were involved with the development of future games, and the team was moved that there were so many questions seeking Yoshida’s advice.

Yoshida had a quick breather after the keynote, but then it was straight into an interview with the organizer.

The person to the right of Yoshida is Jose. He handled all of the interpretation for both the keynote and interviews. He actively plays FFXIV and can speak Spanish, English, and Japanese!

Besides the keynote and interviews, there were broadcasts from YouTube and Twitch streamers that took place at the FFXIV booth.

Nadia here is just starting out in FFXIV, and she streamed herself playing for a bit.

Yoshida also joined “Al Capone,” who was showing off gameplay with his own character and held a live Q&A session. Despite his gangster sounding name, I hear he is extremely kind, and he is also one of the largest YouTubers in the Mexico gaming community.

The interviews never really stop for Yoshida…

Despite his hectic schedule, Yoshida always finds the time to mingle with players at every event.

Naturally when meeting fans, they always want something signed!

Many brought copies of FFXIV and the Collector’s Edition, but there were one rare item…

What is this that he is signing?

I don’t think Yoshida could have imagined that someone would bring this to an event in Guadalajara – Bomberman 64!

It was FFXIV’s first time attending Campus Party, and the passion of the attendees created a great energy. The team would definitely like to attend again given the chance!

Bonus Content Part 1

If you saw the stream or had a keen eye in the pictures above, perhaps you were curious about the shirt Yoshida was wearing for the keynote.

This was actually made especially for the keynote by none other than Maehiro. They had been talking about it the night before Yoshida’s trip, and he managed to make it that night.

Bonus Content Part 2

While Yoshida was waiting to hop up on stage to deliver the keynote speech, a person from the venue told him that he would be able to scope out what the stage looks like better from the back of the stage. Taking this person’s advice, Foxclon and Yoshida headed to the back of the stage to check it out, but they ended up making a cameo appearance on the stream!


Fiending For Lyrics

Greetings, everyone!

Sephirot has been in the spotlight ever since the slumbering primal awoke in Patch 3.2, and his popularity has spread even further with the Sephirot Battle Challenge we held at PAX East and E3. When battling the Fiend and starting the second phase, it’s only natural to get lost in the exhilarating music (so much so that people seem to forget mechanics from time to time…), but one question still remains – what are they saying in the song?

Luckily our resident lore aficionado, Fernehalwes, AKA Fern, AKA Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, AKA Koji has been kind enough to shed some light on this and shared the magical lyrics. Now you’ll be able to sing along and be even more distracted when fighting!

What is it like when you pull back the curtain
And realize every wrong is a right?
Your world is rusted like a dirty razor
The edge is calling tonight

The edge is calling tonight
The edge is calling tonight
The sun is setting, darkness taking over
A date with chaos and you’re dressed to the nines

Salt of the earth salting your own fields
Road to destruction that is true and tried
You walk the path laid before you
The call of reason, you refuse to abide

Necessity is an inventive mother
Promising sanctum that She cannot provide
She is the hand that rocks the cradle
The wind that breaks the bough and leaves you to die

And there She leaves you to die
And there She leaves you to die
You’ll find slumber when the world comes tumbling down
Sweet dreams, baby. Sleep tight!

Retreat where lesser men lead
Flee from what you do not see
Heed the dark within your being
Turn away

I’m the end and the beginning
The faith that feeds the unbelieving
A tightening knot to staunch the bleeding
Say my name
Say my name

The seventh hell’s become your seventh heaven
Rose of redemption but a thorn in your pride
Waste no more time fighting your demons
Lay down your arms and let the evil inside

And then you let it inside
And then you let it inside
You let it eat you till there’s nothing left at all
So you can feel that you are truly alive

Better to serve in a waking nightmare
Than rule in their paradise
What is gold, always glitters
But it still comes with an unpayable price

Treading out upon the stagnant waters
Our savior waiting for a turn in the tide
You are the night at the end of the tunnel
The empty void where the serpent lies

Where the serpent lies
Where the serpent lies
The angels graze in the meadows of excess
They must needs go that the devils drive

Retreat where lesser men lead
Flee from what you do not see
Concede your mind unto the fiend
Turn away
Debts are paid

I’m the end and the beginning
The drug that gives the wretched meaning
The answer every soul is seeking
Say my name
Say my name

This is definitely something I would love to sing at a karaoke session! Now about finding a place that has this song…


Summer School Class of XIV

Buenos dias, everyone!

Spring break might be long past, but the FFXIV team has headed to Mexico to party! Okay, maybe not that kind of party, but they are down in lovely Guadalajara to attend a large-scale event known as Campus Party. Foxclon has been snapping photos and reporting in from the venue, so let’s take a look at what this event entails.

From the outside, the entrance looks like your standard game show or convention, but it’s actually quite unique. The roots of this event come from holding a LAN party, and multiple wide-spanning areas were organized to accommodate this.

These areas are filled to the brim with gamers who bring their own PCs to play games, watch videos, and do other fun activities together. With the blazing heat in Mexico during the summer, this makes for a perfect retreat as the air conditioner is constantly pumping out cold wind to create a comfortable gaming environment.

The selling of merchandise is also permitted, and various items can be found for sale at tables. Among all the game demos and the booths selling PC parts, there were some rather interesting sights…

School is in session! There were a good amount of these kind of booths where it seemed lectures were being given about various topics. Definitely something you don’t see at all of the other game shows.
I guess that’s the “campus” aspect of this LAN party!

No event would be complete without a huge truck in the middle of the venue!

And in the midst of all this, we have our FFXIV booth.

There was a section that introduced the game to streamers.

The booth was also handing out special “survival kits” to attendees!

These kits included a tooth brush set, hand sanitizer, and other helpful items. If you’re not familiar with this event, I’m sure you are asking, “Why would anyone need any of this?” The answer has to do with another unique aspect of Campus Party!

Let’s take a look at “The Village” located on the top floor of the venue!

The rows of tents go on forever!

If you want to game all night with other attendees, you can purchase space (a tent) for a small fee and even bring it home with you after the event is over. There’s even AC and a shower area that can be used as well!

Looking at the overall picture of all these tents lined up is reminiscent of the Matrix or some kind of sci-fi movie that shows off alien pods, making for a very interesting looking space!

Additionally, there were various stage spaces for panels and other content.
Foxclon saw this kind of stage and assumed Yoshida would be giving his keynote at a similar sized area.

Well, they showed him where he was actually going to give his keynote…

I suppose it is a bit bigger than expected! I wonder how Yoshida reacted when he found out…

There will be more from Campus Party, so stay tuned!


How Low Can You Go?

Hi, everyone! Camate here.

You caught me resting after an exhilarating adventure through the new content that is coming in Patch 3.35–The Palace of the Dead. I suppose I can get out of this comfy bed and share some of the chronicles experienced in this dungeon.

The Palace of the Dead is a part of the Deep Dungeon content, and it can be unlocked through a quest given by Nojiro Marujiro in Gridania’s Carline Canopy.

I’m sure you have all walked past the hole in the ground at Issom-Har in South Shroud, and if you’ve ever wondered what’s down it before, well, once you reach level 17 you’ll be able to accept the quest and find out!

(During the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE, Yoshida mentioned that the quest could be accepted in Quarrymill, but it’s actually Gridania! You do end up heading to Quarrymill though, so he wasn’t completely off the mark!)


The Palace of the Dead features its own leveling and equipment system, so you’ll be raising your character up from the start again, which makes this content quite special.

Every time you want to challenge this fresh, you will be starting from level 1, so it’s a great opportunity to take on content with a friend at the same pace.

Defeating the enemies you encounter in the Palace of the Dead will boost your level, and you can further enhance yourself through the equipment that can be earned from treasure chests.

The menus used for this content are very reminiscent of the FINAL FANTASY series giving it a nice, classic feel!

Since the equipment you find will play a big part in enhancing your character within the dungeon, be sure to open up whatever treasure chests you find. Naturally, however, a bit of luck may come in handy…

Boom! Who would’ve thought that the chest I opened would blow up?

Besides equipment (and the occasional explosion), treasure chests will also yield special items that can be used as well, so you’ll be able to put together strategies for when to use them. For example, saving a defense-type item for a boss, a trap disarmer for the next floor, or perhaps…

Turning into a succubus to clear a path to proceed!

When progressing to a new floor, there is also a chance that a special effect is granted.


The floor we arrived on here gave us a nice boost to our maximum HP and MP! I hear there are a variety of special effects that can be granted.

As you progress through the dungeon, the atmosphere will also start to change.

Who would have thought that this hole in the South Shroud would be hiding such a neat dungeon? Did Rolandaix know about this the whole time he was staring into the pit and not tell us?

The Palace of the Dead is also a great way to try out some jobs that you haven’t dabbled with too much and want to practice. Of course, while practicing the occasional accident does happen…

We headed into the dungeon as a party of three DPS, so did we just leave this member behind and push onward? Nay! Finding one of these special stone towers and activating it will allow you to revive members that have been knocked out!

There we go–good as new!

Using Phoenix Downs will also allow you to revive members making it easy to participate in this content on any job or composition you wish.

With three DPS, some items, and the help of these revival stones, my group managed to push all the way to the thirtieth floor! Two hours passed in the real world, but it felt like no time at all in the Palace of the Dead.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to save your progress–a special feature just for the Deep Dungeon!

It won’t be long until everyone can dive deep into this mysterious dungeon, and I hope you are all looking forward to it as much as I am!

And, I’ll be seeing you soon, dearie!