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The Light in My Mirai

Greetings, adventurers!

Luxpheras here, very excited to share with you some exciting news from the team in Japan!

On Saturday, June 10, and Sunday, June 11, the FINAL FANTASY XIV team had the delight of performing some projection mapping at Yokohama Minato Mirai.

Many Warriors of Light came out to Yokohama to see the array of FINAL FANTASY XIV related images and movies on display against the various buildings of Minato Mirai. Thank you all so much for the support!

While there was a space prepared as viewing area for visitors to enjoy the sight, you could still see the projection mapping from various parts of the city.

Here we see the vengeful Bahamut arriving sea-side in Yokohama.

A view from the water, over the sky dock.

You could even see it from the Ferris wheel if you got the timing right!

It took the team two years of planning to make this production a reality. There were so many people gathered around at this event that we couldn’t even fit the whole crowd on camera! Thank you so much to the FINAL FANTASY XIV community for helping us record the in-game footage for the ending, as it would not have been possible without your participation!

Watching this unfold live was an emotional experience for the team that put this event together, and they were warmed by the happiness and support of the community that has made this all possible.

Take a look at the official video for this dazzling event!

We’re planning to release some behind-the-scenes footage as well as more in-game footage that we couldn’t fit into the video, so please look forward to it!

– Luxpheras
Community Team

Out of the E3, Into the EA

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here, back at the office for the final day of E3 and I wanted to share a quick report of the excitement at the event!

As soon as you enter the South Hall, you’re greeted by a huge Stormblood banner featuring Zenos yae Galvus!

Here you can see a wide shot of the Square Enix booth, plastered with Stormblood!

The FFXIV area had the debut of the Susano Battle Challenge, the first chance in the world to battle the new primal before launch!

Attendees able to defeat the Lord of Revel were rewarded with an “I BEAT SUSANO” t-shirt.

The Zenos yae Galvus figure from the Collector’s Edition was also on display inside an enclosure that featured hologram projection effects! It was really awesome and I’m sure you’ll see a lot of videos on social media of the display.

While the Warriors of Light were busy tackling Susano on the show floor, Yoshida could often be found inside the interview chair. (Each time we heard loud cheers, we knew that a team had taken down Susano!)

In between interviews, Yoshida would spend some time chatting with the players on the NA data center Worlds.

Of course, we held another “Letter from the Producer LIVE at E3” (what a mouthful)! There I am on the left, with Yoshida, and of course, everyone’s favorite translator Aimi! (She had a “Thank you Aimi!” thread on the FFXIV subreddit!)

When we said that E3 would be packed with Stormblood, we meant it! Check this out! It’s the “StormbloodDrive” bus in partnership with the American Red Cross!

The StormbloodDrive Bus won’t be just at E3, it’s actually going to be touring around various schools in California. We hope that the Warriors of Light out there continue to help out as much as they are able. So far the Red Cross was able to gather 30 pints of blood in two days at E3, which equates to saving 90 lives! Truly humbling. You can learn more on the StormbloodDrive website.

Next up we have… Zenos on the side of the Luxe City Center Hotel!

A lot of people thought it was just a printed wrap of some kind, but if you watch this video, I think you’ll be quite shocked!

#FFXIV #Stormblood takes over the LUXE City Center Hotel in downtown LA during E3! Check out the amazing work that went into the mural!— FINAL FANTASY XIV (@FF_XIV_EN) 2017年6月12日

Last but not least, we have the E3 staple of “giant FFXIV bags that people go crazy for”! We found two random attendees that were willing to show off both sides of the bug. Very lucky.

E3 may be at an end, but we’re mere hours away from early access! Read over the preliminary patch notes and prepare for launch!


– Bayohne
Community Team

The Sabotender's Stash

Greetings adventurers!

Luxpheras here, reporting live from the Manderville Gold Saucer during the Make It Rain Campaign! As you may know, the Gold Saucer is the place to be these days. For a limited time only, rewards for all attractions including GATEs, mini-games and the Cactpot have been increased by 50 percent!

Some exciting new prizes were added as well! Get all the details at the Make It Rain Campaign website!

The Make It Rain Campaign ends on Monday, June 12 at 8:00 p.m. (PDT) but worry not, because shortly after is Stormblood Early Access! That starts on Friday, June 16, 2017 at 2:00 a.m. (PDT), and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.

As if you didn’t have enough to look forward to in Stormblood, we’ll be introducing a new series of weapons to the Gold Saucer in Patch 4.0 themed after Senor Sabotender! Are you a fan of this prickly pal? Of course you are. Let’s take a look at some of these new prizes!

Click the images to enlarge them!
For the warrior who likes to Fell Cleave (six times) in Sabotender Style: The Senor Sabotender’s Labrys

Inspire your party with star-tipped arrows and songs of dawn, bards! The Senor Sabotender’s Longbow

Every dragoon knows that a sharp lance is of vital importance. What better than the sharpened needles of The Senor Sabotender’s Trident?

Astrologians can call upon the luck of the Gold Saucer while they draw their cards from The Senor Sabotender’s Planisphere!

Are you as excited as I am? Good news! Sabotender weapons for each job will be available to purchase immediately in 4.0, so be sure to take advantage of the Make It Rain Campaign, and save up your MGP now!

– Luxpheras
Community Team

PvP on the Horizon

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here. Now that the media tour embargo has been lifted, the floodgates of information have been released. I’m sure everyone is as excited as I am and preparing to take back Ala Mhigo in Stormblood, which is coming in less than two weeks now!

However, I’m not here to talk about that today! Today, I will be delivering information related to P-v-P!

As Yoshi-P mentioned in the last Letter from the Producer LIVE, we’re going to see big changes coming to PvP in Patch 4.0.

Here’s a recap of the upcoming major changes:

As you can see from the above, PvP will be majorly revamped in Patch 4.0.
I’m sure it’s hard to grasp everything with just the above information, so let’s go over some of the changes to give you all a better idea!

PvP Specific Hotbar
First up is the PvP hotbar mode! When you enter PvP content, or areas like the Wolves’ Den Pier, your hotbar will now automatically switch to the new PvP hotbar mode. With this new feature, we don’t need to place PvP actions into our PvE hotbars, or copy over from hidden hotbars to switch between PvE and PvP anymore. This is definitely a nice feature!

Here’s how it’ll actually look in-game.

First, let’s teleport from Kugane to the Wolves’ Den Pier.

And voila! The hotbar is automatically switched to PvP mode!

Job Actions
As we saw in the revamp details, PvP will have nine PvP-specific actions per job, two selectable actions, and Adrenaline Rush.

Just as an example, let’s go over white mage job actions!

List of White Mage Actions

Just from looking at the action names and icons, they look like our standard spells; however, they are actually quite different. For example, let’s check out Protect.

In PvP, Protect has been changed to an ability which can be used instantly. If you use this at the right timing, you’ll be able to protect your team member right before they’re hit by burst damage and KO’d.

The new job gauge system will also have unique effects in PvP as well. For white mage, the healing lilies will reduce the recast time for some of the actions.
(Please note this is different in PvE!)

Using Cure II will grant a lily 100% of the time, so you’ll need to decide if you want to stack the lilies, or use one of the abilities while having a certain stack of lilies to be able to use it again quicker.

The recast reduction from healing lilies doesn’t only affect Protect, but will also affect actions such as Benediction and Fluid Aura as well.

White mages will need to strategize and decide when to use each of their actions to help maintain or change the outcome of the match.

As you can see from above, although they share the same action name as those used in PvE, they have completely different effects for PvP. To some, it may even feel like they’re playing a different job.

PvP-specific Additional Actions
Next, let’s check out the additional actions for PvP.
There is a total of seven additional PvP-specific actions shared by all roles, and players can select up to two actions.

List of PvP-specific Additional Actions

From Patch 4.0, the Sprint ability will no longer be available in PvP. Instead, players will need to decide if they would like to set the new Bolt ability, which functions similarly.

Will you set the Bolt ability so you can chase your running opponents, or will you use it to fall back from being KO’d? Maybe, it will be better to pick up other skills, which may benefit more depending on the opponent, or the type of match you’re going to engage in. Figuring out which abilities will be best for the situation, and trying to figure out what the opponent team have on their skillset will be the key to winning.

PvP-specific Traits
Next up is the PvP traits! These are also shared by all roles. There is a total of nine traits available, and players can select up to three traits.

List of PvP-specific Traits

Every one of these traits looks useful, so it’s going to be difficult to decide which three to take with you.

Here are some of the traits:

If I was playing WHM, I would probably want to take…
Increased MP Regeneration, which will give me a stable MP regeneration,
then Increased Action Speed, so I will be able to cast spells faster,
and finally take the Increased Resistance Duration so I would be more resistant overall.
This is my setup, so you may bring in different traits for a different build.
(Please note that in PvP the resistance system has also been adjusted as well.)

I hope that gave you a good idea of how the PvP has been changed in Patch 4.0! By simplifying PvP actions, not only did we lower the hurdle required to start participating in PvP, but now we’ll be able to adjust each of the actions so they fit in better with PvP. It is now more important to decide which actions and traits you will want to select, and also strategizing when to use them.

I’ve been told by our teams in Japan that PvP is much more fun, and I can’t wait to get into the new PvP with all of you!

Oh, and I almost forgot, beginning in Patch 4.0, players will be able to earn PvE experience points in PvP! Yes, you read that correctly, PvE experience points in PvP! So now you can hop into PvP while leveling your PvE jobs!

Before I go, here’s a peek at some new PvP gear coming in Patch 4.0!

– Zhexos
Community Team

Previewing the Storm in Hamburg

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here, reading over dispatches from Project Manager M directly from the field on the next leg of the Stormblood media tour!

With the San Francisco event in the books, Yoshida, Foxclon, and Project Manager M headed to Hamburg, Germany for the European leg of the tour!

She told me it was sunny and “very green” there (a stark difference to our overcast San Francisco adventure!).

The European media tour was held in this very Doma-like location!

Here’s the setting of the most recent Letter from the Producer LIVE! With as much as Yoshida had to convey, I’m sure it was really tough on our translator, Aimi (pictured left). I bet players around the globe would like to say thank you for all your hard work, Aimi!

Once again, Yoshida started each morning with a presentation.

After that, the media could go hands-on with the game and play to their hearts’ content (within the tour areas)!

Interviews with Yoshida were also peppered throughout the event as well, just like in San Francisco. The samurai outfit that made its debut at the Frankfurt Fan Festival is also on display.

Since the event lasted so long, we had a few other activities for media to do if they wanted to take a break. For instance, they could practice Japanese calligraphy.

Here you see Foxclon writing “Morbol” in Japanese and trying to look cool. (He looks very proud of his work!)

They could also enjoy some tea together.

Or they could challenge “Carbuncle Origami (Savage)”! (It wasn’t meant to be “Savage” but it seems that’s the feedback we received the most…)

That’s a wrap on two weeks of the Stormblood global media tour!

We hope you’re looking forward to the articles from the media!

– Bayohne
Community Team

Previewing the Storm in San Francisco

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here, about to board a flight back to HQ after we’ve wrapped the first leg of the Stormblood media tour! We’ve been in San Francisco for the past several days showing the expansion to media, and letting them go hands-on with it. We’d love to share some of the experience of the U.S. leg of the tour with you all, so grab a snack and enjoy a look behind the scenes!

From the outside, the venue looks pretty normal, and you wouldn’t know about the excitement happening within.

But when you step inside…

…you’re transported into a space inspired by Kugane!

We would kick off each day with a presentation from Yoshi-P discussing Stormblood-related additions, adjustments, and the hands-on demo. (Project Manager M seemed to have hidden among the trees to grab this stealthy shot…)

After the presentation, the media were able to go hands-on with Stormblood!

They were able to try out all the jobs, including red mage and samurai, the new actions, and the swimming and diving features!

Between interviews, Yoshi-P would (secretly?) watch the media play the new content!

We had a lot of interviews during the event in this room! (Keep an eye out for this artwork in Stormblood!)

During the interviews, Yoshi-P could be seen holding onto this new Fat Chocobo head cushion. It was seriously the softest, squishiest, most comfortable thing. I grabbed it and did my best producer impression when he took a break. I volunteered to handle the next interview, but was quickly shooed out of his seat.

The venue also featured two special guests making their debut in origami form: red mage and samurai!

We also prepared a goody bag for each of the attendees as well!

We’ve wrapped up the U.S. leg of the tour, but now the team is headed to Europe for the next stop! Let’s all keep Yoshi-P in our thoughts as he also has the Letter from the Producer LIVE on Monday too!

– Bayohne
Community Team

Smooth Sailing

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here live from the Stormblood Media Tour taking place in San Francisco! While we’re busy showing off Stormblood goodness to the press here, it seems that Project Manager U in Japan is gathering a list of some nice quality of life changes coming to FFXIV! Today we’ll be focusing on scratching some itches that have been itching for our adventurers for some time now.

You can now drag and drop menu items onto your hotbars!
It’s always looked like this was possible, so I’m sure a lot of people tried it not knowing they couldn’t do this!

So you now take this…

And you grab it like so…

And then…

You can finally put it on the bar!

How many of you have tried doing this before? (Many of us at SE are guilty of this actually.)

When flying…
It will soon be possible to access targets/objects when flying if you are below a certain altitude, automatically landing and initiating the interaction!

I’m sure many players will be happy to hear about this one. Also, the bounding movement when jumping down is pretty cute.

Detrimental effects that can be removed
A mark will now be shown at the top of the detrimental effect icon for effects that can be removed using esuna and the like.

Detrimental effects that cannot be removed will retain the same icon as before.

This change will be applied to the icons on the party list as well.

Minion tweaks
If you have a minion summoned when logging out, the same minion will now automatically return to your side when you log back in!

I don’t have to worry about keeping my wind-up Titan by my side at all times.

Lounging Around
From now on, when going into an instance while sitting or lying down…

…you’ll return in that state as well.

Finally, I don’t have to sit back down when returning from a duty. This’ll save me hours!

This was just a taste of some of the quality of life changes appearing in Stormblood! We’ll continue to bring you new information via various channels, so keep on looking forward to the day it hits in just over a month!

– Bayohne
Community Team

It's a Pose Off

Hello, everyone!

Luxpheras here to share some news from Project Manager Iwamiya about updates planned for the Group Pose function in Stormblood! Remember, you can enlarge the screenshots posted here by clicking on the image.
Let’s get started, shall we?

What is Group Pose?
“Group Pose” is the screenshot expansion function that can be used in-game. When in Group Pose mode you can change your character and camera in ways not normally possible, as well as edit images in a variety of different ways.

This screenshot was taking using Group Pose. Nothing has been done to it outside of the game! Our cute piggy-fell looks to be doing her best impression of Lyse from the Stormblood logo here.

How to use Group Pose
Enter “/grouppose” or “/gpose” into the chat bar. If you’re not a fan of typing out the command every time, you can also add the icon from the Action List to your hotbar, or set up a keybind in Game Options!

Using the Camera Settings Window
For the Camera Settings Window press the following button when in Group Pose mode.
Keyboard: [R] or [Numerical Keypad: *]
Gamepad: [X (□) button]

These are the default settings for using Group Pose, but for anyone who has already changed the above buttons to something else, press the buttons in use in [Autorun] or [Subcommand].

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the fun stuff! Here are some of the updated Group Pose functions coming in Stormblood that Project Manager Iwamiya shared with us.

▼Additional Action Support
Any action used directly before entering Group Pose will be looped while you remain in /gpose. This will work for battle actions, limits breaks, mount actions and item actions for food or fireworks, etc. With most actions, pausing /gpose will also pause the action effects displayed at the same time!

This was probably the most highly requested feature to be added to /gpose. Thank you so much for the feedback you all provided us!

▼Additional Color Filters

You may recall that the Group Pose feature was originally developed in secret by dev. team members calling themselves the Screenshot Alliance.
In truth, the Screenshot Alliance was also responsible for various other tasks in the development of Stormblood. Because the scale of adding Action Support to Group Pose was so large, the team was supposed to stop adding any additional features after it was ready, but…

There’s more!
・[Bright 4]
・[Pastel 3]
・[Colored Marker 2]
・[Monotone 1-3]
A total of six new Color Filters have been added.
“What can I say… we just can’t help ourselves!” – Project Manager Iwamiya

▼Additional Screen Effects
As you can see, the Screenshot Alliance loves this feature just as much as we do. Which means…
>>More of these too!
・[Frosted Glass]
・[Polka Dot 2]
・[Pencil 1-2]
The above have also been added as screen effects.
Project Manager Iwamiya personally recommends the Particle effect! It’s beautiful the way the lights glisten.

▼Additional Frame Patterns
Now they couldn’t very well go ahead and increase the Color Filters and the Screen Effects without adding more of these, right?

Here are some of the new frames being added:
・[Instant Camera]
・[Ornamental Borders 1-2]
・[Wall Frame]
The point of these frames was to capture the flavor of the new Stormblood expansion in the traditional Japanese style.

As Stormblood approaches, the dev. team is excited to start releasing new details about 4.0.
Yoshi-P may be posting his sneaky screenshots on the Official Forums every night, but Project Manager Iwamiya wants to introduce even more on the dev. blog from now on. Keep an eye out!

One more thing!
Here are some of the screenshots taken by the QA team as they were testing:

As some of you may know, I’m a huge /gpose enthusiast. With all these new additions coming in Stormblood, I fear for the state of my Screenshot folder…

Community Team

Release the D

Greetings, everyone!
Project Manager M shared a few additional sneak peeks before taking off for the weekend!

First up is a photo of…Cup Noodles!? The mountain of noodles were brought over to the dev. team to fuel their hunger while they work to finalize Stormblood. I highly recommend trying out the curry flavored Cup Noodle if you ever have the chance!

Project Manager M was also able to catch a glimpse of Yoshi-P’s character looking…very calm. She said it was so rare that she had to share it!

And she was also able to take a screenshot of a feature which I’m sure a lot of people have been waiting for!

The days of asking for the “D” are over!

– Zhexos
Community Team

Storming the Dungeons

Greetings, everyone!

Recently, Yoshi-P and the team have been running gameplay tests on the new dungeons releasing in Stormblood. We tasked Project Manager M in Japan to report on the tests, and to grab some screenshots during the experience so we could share them on the Developers’ Blog! Let’s take a look!

Dungeon checks were once again conducted by the following members:
Paladin: Lead Designer Takeo Suzuki
Dragoon: Everyone’s Favorite “Rare Item Hunter” Hiroshi Takai
Black Mage: Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida
White Mage: Project Manager M

As you know, Stormblood will introduce numerous battle system changes, such as the shift to role-based actions, and many revisions to existing actions. She mentioned that none of the other party members explained the minute details beforehand, so she instantly noticed these differences. However, she was able to adjust to the changes over the course of the session.

Project Manager M also commented that she wasn’t able to grab screenshots of combat because she was so focused on battle this time! (I imagine she was busy healing their black mage tank…)

Yoshi-P was also testing out the extremely flashy new black magic spells! While he was pleased with the new spell, it was so flashy that he actually told them to make some adjustments in the end.

Aside from new black mage spells, I wanted to let you know that cleric stance is [Message deleted by some unseen force…] and esuna has [Message deleted by some unseen force…]!

[Message deleted by some unseen force…]

Alright! I get it! It looks like something is preventing me from revealing information, so all I can say is that we’re planning the next Letter from the Producer Letter LIVE for mid/late-May! “Please look forward to it!”

– Zhexos
Community Team

FFXIV and® DLC Campaign

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here, checking in to remind everyone that the North American FFXIV and® Free DLC Giveaway campaign is coming to an end next Monday, May 8, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. (PDT).

Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to learn the details of the campaign because I’m here to help! Let’s take a look at the in-game items you can get, and step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the Amazon promotional code.
Please note that you must have a North American FINAL FANTASY XIV service account to redeem these item codes.

Campaign In-Game Items
First, let’s go over the in-game items you can get from the campaign!

Eastern Journey Battle Staff and Eastern Attire

Indulge in the local fashions with this outfit, and wield a battle staff for fending off any unruly monsters on your journey to the East.

As a bonus here’s another screenshot of the gear dyed to give all you glamour enthusiasts an idea!

Flying Cumulus Mount
Take to the cloud-filled skies by riding atop one.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a pure heart to ride this cloud!

50 Aetheryte Tickets
You will also receive 50 aetheryte tickets which will help save you some gil when traveling to the far East!

How to Participate
First, you will need to make a qualifying purchase of $19.99 or more on video games (purchase or pre-order) from the videogames department to receive a promotional code. Items that qualify for the promotion will have a note on the store listing. Customers who pre-order digital or physical video games will receive their redemption code once the game is live or ships.
Please note that the codes will be sent by e-mail within 48 hours after purchase.

Your e-mail from will look similar to the above. (Be sure to check your Spam/Junk/Promotions folders in your e-mail just in case!)

Once you receive your code, head on over to the redemption website and enter your promotional code along with a valid e-mail address.

After you redeem your promotional code, you’ll receive an e-mail from SQUARE ENIX with the subject “Your FFXIV Amazon DLC Codes” that will include the in-game items codes which can be redeemed on the Mog Station!

For additional details, you can read the official announcement.

Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of these Eastern-themed items!
Time to take my cumulus cloud and get back to work.

– Zhexos
Community team

Shut Up and Take My Gil

Greetings, adventurers!
Zhexos reporting in after a nice weekend testing out the Stormblood benchmark a few dozen times at home. Were you able to spot all the cool teasers the benchmark contained? I’ve been enjoying the discoveries everyone has been making!

Now that May is upon us, we have little over a month left for the release of Stormblood! While we eagerly wait for the launch, let’s go over the pre-order bonuses to fuel the Stormblood hype meter!

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Pre-order Bonuses
Wind-up Red Mage Minion
First up, we have the wind-up red mage minion, designed after the FFI red mage joining the minion collection!

This red mage minion has an amazing pose in-game, but I’ll keep that a secret for now! Here’s a screenshot of the minion in-game.

Ala Mhigan Earrings
Next up, show your support of the rebellion with this pair of earrings emblazoned with the image of the Ala Mhigan standard.

Here’s a look at the pair of earrings on our model.

Do you have any jobs you’ve been waiting to level? These will help with that, because they can be worn from level one. They look great for glamour, but they feature the following attributes to help with leveling!

Increases EXP earned by 30% when level 50 and below.

And of course, the pre-order comes with the early access bonus, which grants users the ability to play Stormblood from Friday, June 16, a few days before the official release date!

Furthermore, during the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE, we gave a sneak peek of the exclusive PS4 dynamic theme which comes as an additional bonus for pre-ordering FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood from the PlayStation®Store.

PlayStation®Store Theme
This is a dynamic theme that features key characters from Stormblood moving around on various backgrounds!

* Dynamic themes are themes which can be set as a background for the Home screen of the PS4.
* Please note, this theme is exclusive to users who pre-order from the PlayStation®Store.

Check out the Allagan tomestone icon and the mini Gosetsu!

If you haven’t pre-ordered Stormblood yet, be sure to check out the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood page for more details!

– Zhexos
Community team

Oh hi, Benchmark

Greetings, adventurers!
Zhexos here, still awake after the early morning Letter from the Producer LIVE. We hope you enjoyed it!

As previewed on the stream, the Stormblood benchmark software is now available! Check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet!

Being able to check out new locales and jobs ahead of launch is one of best parts about the benchmark. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of speculation from the community after watching it!

We introduced a new feature where you can load the system configuration from your version of FFXIV. Please note that the benchmark is only available in DirectX®11, so users who play FFXIV in DirectX®11 will be able to use this feature.

It’s also possible to load saved character appearance data from the standard or free trial versions of the game. Doing so will show your character starring as the protagonist in the benchmark. You’ll also be able create a character in the benchmark, save the appearance data, and load into the actual game as well. Be sure to give it a try!

There are also new hairstyles that made their debut in the benchmark.
Here’s the first one! This is the hairstyle worn by the samurai in the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood trailer. It looks great on both male and female characters.

The second hairstyle available to both male and female characters is the new monk hairstyle seen in the trailer. Maybe you’ll run into some fierce Auri in the Azim Steppe?

Compared to the Heavensward benchmark, the number of equipment available to try out in the benchmark has also been expanded. You will also be able to try out the veteran reward outfits!

Players will be able to select from 24 different gear sets, which includes the new monk job specific gear. Before you tackle the benchmark score, I recommend trying out the character creator first!

I ran the benchmark on my PC and…not too bad for my work PC!

Download the benchmark and experience a taste of Stormblood!

– Zhexos
Community Team

FFXIV & WWE Form Epic Tag Team

Greetings, everyone!

Ash here, reporting in from the Square Enix America marketing team for FFXIV! I’ve taken over the blog to share some of the exciting moments you may have missed during our recent WWE WrestleMania collaboration!

WrestleMania 33 took place at the Orlando Citrus Bowl on April 2, and was hosted by WWE Superstars Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, members of “The New Day”! For those not in the know, the New Day are known for their stylish outfits and outlandish intros and WrestleMania 33 was no different! We teamed with the guys to kick off the event with Big E dressed as a samurai, Xavier Woods as a monk, and Kofi as the red mage and they entered riding their “POP-cycle” bike, which was styled with FINAL FANTASY XIV moogles and chocobos!

WWE’s UpUpDownDown gaming YouTube channel posted an awesome behind the scenes look into the epic entrance recently. Check it out!

The WWE Network also posted an awesome “360” panorama version of the video from a camera mounted on the bike! Move the camera around to see the cool details on the outfits, cart, and the huge crowd!

The New Day had a wonderful time cosplaying. I was able to catch up with them backstage before their big entrance (I didn’t look as cool though…):

Throughout WrestleMania weekend, fans were also able to meet & greet multiple WWE Superstars at the WWE Axxess signing booth that we sponsored. After fans received their favorite WWE Superstar’s signature they were also able to choose either a Fat Chocobo or Moogle hat to show their FFXIV pride to the WWE Universe!

There will be additional behind the scenes content centered around creating the epic WrestleMania entrance will be available to watch on the official WWE YouTube channel and the UpUpDownDown gaming channel. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes video content such as the making of the amazing costumes, WWE Superstar reactions and coming soon – a live let’s play of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online with The New Day!

Overall, the FFXIV partnership went really well with the WWE and I had a blast working with them. Fans from both the WWE Universe and our community loved the entrance. The outreach was incredible with a hilarious combination of sports blogs and gaming news websites all buzzing about it.

If you’re reading this – I hope you enjoyed it too. On behalf of the whole FFXIV team and The New Day – thank you for your support and look forward to more in the coming months!

– Ash
SE America Marketing

The Far Edge of Music

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here, excited to bring you details on the upcoming THE FAR EDGE of FATE: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack releasing on June 7!

This is the seventh release of a soundtrack or arrangement album over the course of four years! Sound Director Soken and his team should probably get some rest!

Then again, we do have Stormblood coming. Sorry Soken! (See, he looks so energetic!)

Now, let’s take a look at a selection of songs you’ll be hearing from the 50 tracks included from Patch 3.2 through 3.5 Part 2!

Alexander: Midas

Alexander: The Creator




The Shadow of Mhach Series


Track #50 – “Scale and Steel”

The name of this final track was kept secret before Patch 3.5 Part 2, as we didn’t want to give too many hints at the battle between (You’ve all finished that right…?)…….Shinryu and Omega.

All first print copies include a code for a Wind-up Nidhogg minion!

As a bonus, the live performances from the FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL 2017 in Tokyo are included! You’ll be able to enjoy THE PRIMALS, as well as performances by Keiko and Susan.

And Soken’s “four-handed piano performance” is also included!

We’re not done yet! As a bonus track, we also included 5.1ch Orchestra version of Scale and Steel! Enjoy the music of the realm in 5.1ch audio!

Visit the The Far Edge of Fate Soundtrack Site for details, music samples, and more!

Please listen forward to it!

– Bayohne
Community Team

Jihli Aliapoh's Eggcellent Adventure

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here to deliver some eggciting news for the upcoming Hatching-tide seasonal event kicking off Tuesday, April 4!

Let’s take a gander at this year’s artwork and marvel at the eggsquisite eggspression on Jilhli Aliapo’s face! I’m sure you can see that she seems to be riding a gigantic…egg!? That’s right yolks, players can earn a reprogrammed eggshilaration system during the event!

It’s gigantic and colorful, but that’s not all! Don’t get shell shocked just yet!

Because this egg hatches chocobos! I’m eggstatic just thinking about owning my very own!

Furthermore, Hatching-tide will also have rewards such as the eggstravagant interior wall, full of fun decorations and colors! This wallpaper works eggceptionally well with various types of furnishings, so be sure to decorate your residence during the festivities!

Check out the Hatching-tide event page for more details.

Be eggcellent to each other!

– Zhexos
Community Team

Retrofitting Eorzea


Square Enix and the FINAL FANTASY XIV team are excited to announce our latest spin-off planned for simultaneous release worldwide!



Sure, with the upcoming release of Stormblood, I don’t exactly have the free time (and can’t steal enough manpower) to work on a full-fledged spin-off during this insanely busy period, but…when has that ever stopped me!?

Mwahahaha! Now we’re playing with power!
– FINAL FANTASY XIV Staff Member “K.M.”

Alexander: The Kweh-ator (Savage)

Greetings, everyone!
Project Manager Iwamiya here.

Back in October 2016, a hot fix took place addressing some bugs in Alexander: The Creator, a mere nine days after the release of Patch 3.4.

To quote the Hotfix:
An issue in “Alexander – The Heart of the Creator (Savage)” wherein the sound effect that triggers upon the destruction of the “Multifield” was incorrect.

At the time, not many players had reached Alexander: The Heart of the Creator (Savage) so the bug wasn’t exactly a hot topic in the community, but…it was a very different story within the dev. team!

This was seen as a very urgent issue, causing some serious debate:
“Shouldn’t this bug be fixed urgently…?”
“Can’t we include the fixed data in the master patch somehow?”
“It’s too risky to rebuild a patch at this stage!”
“Is this acceptable as a FINAL FANTASY title?”

The easiest way to understand exactly what this issue was is by viewing the video below.
Make sure to listen carefully to the sound that plays when the Multifields are destroyed!


With just a week left until the release of Alexander: The Creator, and after the battle balance checks and all of the bug fixes, the team was looking forward to watching player attempts and reactions. At that time, the fix for a seemingly unrelated bug brought about this tragedy.
We’re terribly sorry for any confusion caused to players who were working on clearing that content so early!
(Note: No chocobos were harmed in the destruction of the Multifeld.)

On the subject of Alexander: The Creator (Savage), the following updates will be implemented in the upcoming Patch 3.56!

The following adjustments have been made to Alexander: The Creator (Savage):
• Two treasure coffers will now always appear. Furthermore, the weekly restriction on rewards obtained from coffers has been removed.
• Players may now proceed directly to any area of Alexander: The Creator (Savage).
• Players may now enter Alexander: The Creator (Savage) via the Duty Finder.
• Players will now receive the power of the Echo.
The Echo will take effect upon entering Alexander: The Creator (Savage), increasing players’ maximum HP, damage dealt, and healing potency by 10%.
* Unlike other instances, the strength of the Echo will not increase in the event all party members are incapacitated.

If you’ve never attempted Savage before, it’s not too late to start!
For those who haven’t been able to get their hands on the gear they’re after, now is the time!

Patch 3.56 is scheduled to release next Tuesday, March 28, kweh!

– Project Manager Iwamiya

Storming PAX East

Greetings, everyone!
Morbol (a.k.a. Foxclon from the Japanese Community team) reporting in from PAX East 2017!

First off, I have to tell you…it was freezing! Boston was very cold!

This shot was taken on Saturday morning, where it was clear bright skies at 8:30 a.m. at around 10°F! It felt like it was -4°F to me. It was even too cold for Yoshi-P and myself and we’re from Hokkaido!

Yesterday, it was…

A snowstorm!

However, the last few years at PAX East it’s been taking longer and longer to actually enter into the convention itself. The main reason is…

This! Erected like a wall protecting a castle, you can see a line of metal detectors all lined up in the center of the picture. The security checks have been strengthened worldwide. There were some cosplayers wearing really light clothing that had been lining up for several hours as well. Be sure to stay healthy!

Moving onto the event, we kicked off Saturday with the Yoshida Live Q&A session!

There were over 1,000 people in line before the panel started! We received a broad variety of questions during the event. When it comes to Live events, we have no idea what type of questions we will receive, so I was a bit anxious. Overall I think there was a good variety!

Here’s my view from the front of the stage. Lots of excited players raising their hands!

The panel was also streamed live through Twitch. Were you able to check it out?
If not, we have an archive available, so give it a watch here.

Now let’s take a visit to the show floor!

It was insanely packed!
It hasn’t even been an hour since the show began, and this is how packed it is throughout the entire day. Thankfully, a lot of people visited the Square Enix booth and FFXIV area.

I tried to circle it here, so you could see how packed it was. We actually had to use another neighboring booth’s space to continue our line that was over 4 hours long. Sorry that it was so packed…

The battle challenge this time was against the Warring Triad with various challenging handicaps.

Winners received this Stormblood shirt as a reward! There were a pretty good number of new players, so some teams had a bit of a struggle. In the end, it looked like many teams were winning and getting their rewards.

In between interviews, Yoshi-P would visit the show floor and meet up with the attendees.

Since it’s PAX, there are lots


Various type of people in different


What the!

That’s a pretty good overview of PAX East 2017 for us! We can really feel the energy of the attendees each year! Yoshida held a few interviews during his time here, and those should be released on each of those sites in time. There may have been some fresh new details released as well…! “Please look forward to it!”

From here on, Yoshi-P will be in “Director” mode for Stormblood and it’s going to be quite busy. However, as was mentioned during the last part of the Q&A session, the transfer of NA Data Center and new information related to Stormblood will be announced in a future Letter from the Producer LIVE, so please look forward to it!

Oh yeah, Yoshi-P and I received “commendations” from some fans! Thank you!

– Morbol (needs to finish working on his Anima weapon)

Back to School: Learning How to Draw a Chocobo

Greetings everyone! Lakukisu from the EU Community Team reporting in!

This is what we’ve all been waiting for – it’s time to evolve past the stick figures and get in touch with your inner master illustrator!

At the European Fan Festival, we had an art school session where everyone could learn how to draw a chocobo. The highlight and leading force of the lesson was a video featuring renowned character designer Toshiyuki Itahana showing us step by step how the magnificent yellow feathered birdies are drawn.

Get a pen, paper and get ready! We have the video for you right here:

See? Everyone can draw a chocobo! You can share your own art with the #ChocoboArtSchool hashtag, and check out others’ chocobos as well!

See you in Eorzea!