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Pumpkin Spice Lupin

There’s a chill in the air that blows across Hydaelyn as summer fades, which can only mean one thing: All Saints’ Wake is upon us!

If this is your first time participating in this seasonal event, the journalists at the Mythril Eye have you covered. Here’s a special article written by Havak Alvak, that offers some background on the festivity. (Note that the items listed below the article were from a previous year’s event.)

Let’s look at what rewards we have in store this year!

There must be a full moon over Hydaelyn, because we’re about to see an influx of werewolves.

Check out the Werewolf Attire set:

It’s…so…fluffy! I can hardly stand it! Too cute!

But—I play as a Miqo’te. I already have fluffy ears and a tail to contend with, but thankfully…

It changes the ears! (My, what big ears you have!)

And even the tail!

The tail swings as you scamper about, and you just might be confused for a Lupin! Best of all, the Werewolf Attire is dyeable. Choose from a variety of colors to transform into all sorts of beasts, whether that’s a fearsome werewolf, or simply a Miqo’te who forgot to brush up in the morning.

And as exciting as this fluffy set of paws and claws is, that’s not all! Intriguing new furnishings will also be available.

This year, you can procure a Ghost Candlestand, a Pumpkin Tower, and an All Saints’ Wake advertisement.

The light from the candles sway and flicker, providing an eerie glow to transform any table to a spooky setting! And as you can see, the Pumpkin Tower is quite large, so much so that you can actually…

…jump on to the top of it!

I’m sure housing enthusiasts will find creative ways to use this piece, while I get excited to be part of the décor myself. Be one with the pumpkin.

Moving onto some festival treats! This year we’ve got Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Pudding. Delicious!

After a long day of adventuring we’ll come in for some warm pie and pudding, this is going to be…

Wait, that pudding…

It’s YOU?!

* That didn’t stop us from finishing the pudding. We’re growing adventurers, you know. We need nutrients, even if they’re haunted.

** We do not recommend eating the puddings that can be found in various dungeons such as Pharos Sirius and Haukke Manor. Avoid those puddings.

That’s it for our preview of this year’s All Saints’ Wake seasonal event rewards. We hope you have an enchanting time during this night of fright and enjoy these treats too!

Let’s get spooky!

All Saints’ Wake starts on Thursday, October 19th at 1:00 a.m. (PDT).

– Community Team

The Fresh Prince of Uznair

Hello once more, Warriors of Light!

It’s certainly been a busy week for new information, hasn’t it? Luckily for us, that’s not over–Project Manager M was kind enough to divulge some details on the new addition to the Lost Canals of Uznair being added with Patch 4.1: The Hidden Canals of Uznair!

First they were lost, now they’re hidden, really–someone should do a better job of keeping track of these canals. But I digress, let’s take a look at what’s in store.

For starters, in order to enter the Hidden Canals of Uznair, you must procure a Timeworn Thief’s Map, which occasionally will drop from the treasure coffers in the Lost Canals. Are you following me so far? Lost → Hidden.

Your next order of business will be to read the Timeworn Thief’s Map to search for where the entrance of these Lost Canals are hidden. You’ll use the same general action “Dig” at the location to teleport into these mysterious caverns of mystery.

The teleportation wards can even spawn underwater!


Neat, right? Without further ado, let’s head down into these Hidden Canals of Uznair!


For those of you Canal Dwellers who have already made your way through the Lost Canals, you may be surprised to see that there are three portals in this room! Three!

As if it wasn’t hard enough to decide which one to pick when we only had two…

The monsters lying in wait here in the Hidden Canals are also more powerful than those you have encountered in the previous regions of Uznair, so we definitely recommend getting a solid party of adventurers together for the trek.

Editor’s Note: You might notice that the party pictured above looks a bit light… but they had help from the Twelve (or, you know, developer commands) to tackle this content for the sake of sharing with you… we recommend that you take a party of 8!


Mandragoras on the loose! Mandragoras on rampage! The produce section has gone mad!
The key to obtaining piles of treasure in the Hidden Canals of Uznair is found in the centerpiece of this mysterious location: Abharamu’s Lure!


Abharamu’s Lure will appear randomly and let you wager your treasure on what is essentially a game of high or low.


You can take on the challenge up to 5 times in a row, and the rewards get better and better each time you guess correctly! However, if you lose–even once— you lose out on all the rewards in the chest.

Naturally, you can quit while you’re ahead, so it becomes a test of strategy, willpower and how calm you can keep under pressure!

What vast wealth of treasures await you in the depths of the Hidden Canals of Uznair? Fortune seekers will be able to take on the challenge beginning on October 10th, with the release of Patch 4.1–The Legend Returns.


Happy Hunting!

– Luxpheras
Community Team

Simple and Clean

Luxpheras here, bringing you more sweet, sweet previews for what’s coming in Patch 4.1–The Legend Returns. The UI team has obviously been hard at work, considering our last two blog entries have been showcasing updates to the user interface. Third time’s a charm, eh?

Today we’re looking at a new feature coming in Patch 4.1: simplified job gauges!

The job gauges were introduced in 4.0 as a tool to help players keep track of their job-specific resources, timers, and more. We received a ton of positive feedback on the new feature, which was awesome! We also heard from players that more simplified designs would be preferable for some.

Simple Job Gauge
The simplified job gauge is basically exactly what it sounds like: a simplified version of the current job gauge, minimizing the design elements while retaining the information such as stacks and other values.

* The information displayed is the same on both the normal and simple version. You won’t lose anything by choosing one or the other.
* Color format follows the normal job gauges.

Here’s an example of the paladin Oath Gauge that showcases the normal job gauge and the simple job gauge.


The display is similar to the HP/MP bar, and the color display will be shown according to your current stance. This applied for all three tank jobs gauges.

Moving on, here’s an example of what a stacking-type gauge looks like (monk’s Greased Lightning and Chakra).


Switching between Normal/Simple Modes
You can switch between the normal and simple versions of the job gauge display through the individual HUD layout options.
* You’ll need to be on the job you want to change your job gauge.


You can also switch between the two versions using the following text command:
If there are two job gauges available, assign a number to switch the specific job gauge display:
/jobhudmode [number]


And for jobs that have more than one gauge, you’ll still be able to use the text command by adding a “1” or “2”. Using the summoner’s job gauge as an example:
/jobhudmode 1 will change the Aetherflow Gauge, and
/jobhudmode 2 will change the Trance Gauge.


For scholar, job gauge 1 is the Aetherflow Gauge, and 2 is the Faerie Gauge!

Job Gauge Settings and Layout
We’re not done yet!

What if you prefer the simple version for one job, but want the normal gauge on another? Don’t fret: you’ll be able to save the layout information of normal and simple job gauges per job. Perhaps you’ll have a normal display for your black mage, but a simplified version for astrologian. The choice is yours! Jobs with two gauges like summoner and scholar can even choose to have one normal gauge and one simplified. Jobs with two gauges can mix and match as they like!


Check it out, the machinist above has a normal Ammunition Gauge, but is also using the simplified Heat Gauge.


Speaking of machinist, in Patch 4.1 the duration of Hot Shot will now be displayed in the job gauge. This will apply to both the normal and simple version.

Last but not least, the settings for both styles of job gauges can be saved on the HUD layouts 1 through 4 individually, so you can switch between all sorts of modes as you like!

Simplified job gauges will be available for all jobs with the release of Patch 4.1–The Legend Returns, scheduled for release on Tuesday, October 10th!

Which one are you looking forward to most?

– Luxpheras
Community Team

The HUD Your HUD Could Look Like

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here with an exciting update for you all! Patch 4.1 is around the corner bringing new content and improved quality of life features to the HUD layout as part of user interface update. During the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXIX, some of this was shown through gameplay, but there’s so much to go over! We felt we needed to give you all some sort of guide to these UI mechanics– Yes, let’s call it the “The HUD Layout (Extreme).”


If you’re playing right now, look at your screen, now back to mine below, now back at your screen, now back to mine. Sadly, your HUD layout isn’t mine, but when you update to 4.1, yours could look like mine.


Notice anything different? Come, take a closer look. No really, put your face right up to the image.

You’ll notice that:
* The maximum display size for a HUD element has been increased from 140% to 200%
* Target information can now be split into three separate information windows
* The enhancements (commonly referred to as buffs) and enfeeblements (referred to as debuffs) information can also be split into three separate information windows.

Until now, all the individual HUD layout changes (including size), display status (show/hide), details of the HUD element, and display order was mainly done through the Character Configuration window. As of Patch 4.1, these settings will be done through the HUD layout settings window. Please note that all the updates introduced in this article are ones that can be customized from the HUD layout settings screen, and they’re not available in the Character Configuration screen!

★Opening the Individual HUD Setting
Let’s open the HUD layout window and select which HUD element we want to set.


* You can either click on the HUD element or select from the drop down list.

Now, here you’ll notice a new UI element settings icon has been added.


Click on it to open up the individual HUD settings.


When selecting HUD elements, such as the minimap or the alliance list, you will see an option to change the HUD size (previously CTRL+Home or R3 button), and display status to either show or hide the HUD (previously right click or Y / Triangle button). Along with this, you can now select three additional HUD size, 160%, 180%, and 200%. Personally, I like how you can now select the size from the drop down list.

Customization Options for the Hotbar
When selecting a hotbar, you’ll have the option to choose the size, display status, and the display format as well.


You can do this by right clicking on the hotbar number on the regular gameplay screen as well. *To avoid problems this option will not be available if the hotbar is locked.



Customization Options for the Target Information
You’re now able to separate the target’s progress bar, HP bar, enhancement/enfeeblement status info and place them anywhere, and in different sizes if you want!


I’m sure some of you increased the size of the enemy enhancement and enfeeblement information so you don’t miss it, but ended up sacrificing precious screen real estate with the size of the target’s HP bar increasing along with it. Well those days are over my friends, because you can now separate them!


The above image shows the progress bar at 200%, HP bar at 100%, and enhancement/enfeeblement status at 140%. With the progress bar this big, I’m sure you won’t miss it! (I hope…)

Customization Options for the Enhancement/ Enfeeblement Status Information
For the enhancement and enfeeblement HUDs, you’ll be able to change the size, display status, be able to separate them into three separate displays, and also customize the details being displayed.


Selecting “Display as Single Element” will retain the previous display method, and selecting the “Split Elements into 3 Groups” will separate the information by enhancements, enfeeblements, and other categories.


For the enhancement window, you’ll be able to select from:

* Default display
* Prioritize the display of the enhancements you applied first
* Display others’ enhancements in group 3, which means other players’ enhancements will be moved to the third section

You’ll only see enfeeblements in their window, and, by default, you’ll see things such as mount icons or food status icons in the other window.

Furthermore, choosing the option to separate the display allows the enhancements to be displayed in different formats, and have it filled in from the right, instead of the left!


* The maximum amount of enhancements and enfeeblements that can be displayed is still 30, and this number will not change even if you separate the display.

Here’s what it looks like if we select the option to fill from the right. This should help some organize the HUD layout so it looks simple and clean!


And just like the target information HUD, you’re able to adjust the size of the individual displays once separated. With this new option, you can customize it in such a way so that the company actions and food buffs are displayed in a corner, while keeping self-applied enhancements close to your job gauge to watch and keep them up!


When capturing the above image, I had swapped the positions of other player’s enhancements and the enemy enfeeblements, but it seemed like it’s going to take some getting used to! (Laugh)

Oh, and speaking about enhancements and enfeeblements, we mentioned this in our previous blog, but until now, you could only see up to five enhancements and enfeeblements next to the party list. From Patch 4.1, you now have the option to display up to 10 total!


This setting is done through the character confirmation windows, so don’t forget to check it out!


Below is an image showing all the HUD elements explained so far alongside the HUD layout overlay to give you a better idea of how it works.


Congratulations! You survived the HUD Layout (Extreme) and you’re ready to unleash a newfound power. The feature will be unlocked once you log in post Patch 4.1 (coming in one week!), so be sure to open up your HUD layout (or type /hudlayout) and make it your own!

If you have an amazing layout you would like to share with us, and everyone else, be sure to tag it with #FFXIV and @ us on Twitter!

– Zhexos
Community Team

Straight Outta TGS

Hello, adventurers!

Sicycre here to give you the lowdown on last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2017, held in Tokyo (shocker!) from September 21-24! Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth!

Speaking of the booth, let’s check it out!

Check out the adorable Namazu-themed fans that were handed out during the show! They were very popular and we went through our entire stock.

Here’s a shot of the various stations we had prepared (and a shot of the awesome artwork on the wall). This time, we had two different experiences for attendees to experience, so let’s give those a looksee!

First off, we had an area where players can battle it out in the Feast 8v8 for a chance win a t-shirt (shown below)! Don’t worry, the losers didn’t go away empty wristed – they earned a bracelet band!

There was also an area for new players to try out the character creator and also do battle against Ifrit! (Everyone seems so focused on the presentation…)

Look at the our little buddies watching over the new Warriors of Light as they received a briefing on their adventure before playing the game.

The staff was grateful to all the new people that stopped by to learn and experience the exciting world of FFXIV! I heard there were some attendees that even stayed until the very last minute of the show!

I hope to attend a Tokyo Game Show one day… it looks like so much fun!

– Sicycre
Community Team

An Interface Lift

Hello again, adventurers!

Luxpheras here, anxiously awaiting the return of that legend that everyone keeps talking about. As previously announced, Patch 4.1–The Legend Returns is scheduled for release in early October.

The patch will bring new main scenario quests, Return to Ivalice, squadron content, and much more. What are you looking forward to most?

It’s all of the above and then some for us! I always get jitters prior to a new patch, and that’s no different today: I’m itching to try out all the new content that was previewed on the recently launched Patch 4.1 special site. Check that out if you missed it!

But that’s not why we’re here! In addition to a plethora of new battle content, Patch 4.1 will bring a variety of updates to the user interface (UI), including some great quality of life changes!

Project Manager U in Japan was kind enough to share some exciting new info and screenshots with us, so let’s take a look at what’s in store.

① Selected Chat Mode is Now Saved
Have you ever noticed that every time you log in, chat mode is reset to /say? With 4.1, your active chat mode will be saved when you log out and back in again. (Wonderful! No more greeting my Free Company in /say every morning on accident!)

② Companion Improvements
Until now, there were no on-screen indicators that would let you know how long your companion chocobo had left to be out and about with you. As of 4.1, your bo’s remaining time will be displayed on the party list–so useful!


Did you see that … ?


That’s right! You’ll now be able to summon minions and chocobos at the same time! Your companion and your best friends, together at last. I know some of you out there don’t summon minions very often, but there’s no time like 4.1 to get the band together. 😉

Look at this blissful trio!


③ Party Finder – Simple Version
We made some improvements to the Party Finder display, and now you’ll be able to use a simplified version. Here’s a screenshot of what the simplified version looks like (showing a PvP custom match)!


This will make organizing alliances on the Party Finder so easy… I’m so excited!
Perhaps improvements made to the cross-world Party Finder will be revealed in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE…

④ Desynth Requirements Now Displayed
The desynthesis skill value will now be shown on the item details for quick reference!


And of course, this optimal value will show on the active Desynthesis window as well.


I haven’t decided if this feature will make me more or less confident in my chances to successfully desyth though.

⑤ “Duty Action” categorized as a general action
The Duty Action, added in patch 4.0, will be categorized as a general action from patch 4.1, and you will now be able to set it on your hotbars!


Additionally, controller users will now able to toggle the Duty Action button on and off by pressing the L2 or R2 button + R3 button!


Once the Duty Action is turned off, even if the cross hotbar is active, you will still be able to trigger the function that’s assigned to your R3 button! (Welcome back, focus target!)

Please don’t forget to set this to your hotbars! Oh… Oh no…


That’s not all… but I’ve got to leave some surprises for the others. I think we’ve still left out the “detailed, but pretty big” UI update, and the one that “everyone will like” per Yoshida in the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE.

So naturally…Please look forward to it, and keep an eye out for further announcements!

Apparently there are improvements here, there, and everywhere????


– Luxpheras
Community Team

Look! Up in the Sky!

Hello again, Warriors of Light!

We here at the Community Team thought you all might be interested in some enchanting changes coming to two mounts in Patch 4.1: The Legend Returns, which is scheduled for release in early October.

At long last, Odin’s undying steed Sleipnir will take to the skies!

Check out that eerie purple aura surrounding Sleipnir and the rider!

This has been a popular request for quite some time, so we’re very excited to see Sleippy soaring across Hydaelyn very soon.

But that’s not all!

If you participated in All Saints’ Wake 2015, you may remember speeding around Gridania on a Witches’ Broom and casting spells while assisting the Adventurers’ Guild in the festivities.

The animation effects for these special event incantations were so popular that players asked if it was possible to add to the Witches’ Broom year round…

Prepare to be enchanted!

Will you charm your friends, or hex your enemies?

Be sure to try it out when 4.1 comes out! Perhaps you could pay Matoya and her darling poroggo friends a visit.

Both Sleipnir and the Witches’ Broom are available on the Mog Station if you haven’t collected them yet. Not to mention we’re in the middle of a huge sale, so you can get both of these mounts for 30% off! If these new features tickle your fancy, I definitely recommend taking advantage of the Mega Mog Station Sale!

Sale Period
Available until Monday, September 25, 2017 at 10:00 p.m. (PDT)

Learn about the Mega Mog Station Sale!

– Luxpheras
Community Team

gamescom, gamesgone 2017

We’re in the middle of September and still thinking about the blast we had at gamescom, the biggest game convention in Europe.

We released daily recap videos of the event, so everyone who couldn’t take part in the fun at Cologne could still join in on it. But, that’s not all; we have one more recap video taking you through the whole awesome, saucy week that was gamescom 2017.

This year’s gamescom has now gamesgone, and we cannot wait for next year!

See you in Hydaelyn!


Taking the Far East to PAX West

Greetings, everyone!

Luxpheras here to give you a brief overview of the fun we had at PAX West over the weekend! PAX West is a huge four-day long gaming and entertainment event that takes place in Seattle, Washington each year.

FINAL FANTASY XIV took on the Washington State Convention Center this year with a lore book in one hand and a red mage hat in the other!


Those of you who have attended events like this before may know that we often host a primal Battle Challenge! This year, we put adventurers to the test against the Lord of Revel himself, Susano.


Warriors of Light with the clout to defeat Susano won a t-shirt, and we saw plenty of attendees coming back the following days and wearing their shirts with pride.


In addition to Susano t-shirts, we also had another FFXIV themed goodie to offer PAX attendees: Red Mage hats!


So. Many. Red Mage hats! Sicycre, Zhexos, and I had a blast folding up these paper hats and convincing every PAX attendee in sight to wear them around. The show floor was a sea of crimson and feathers! Weapons not included. Side effects may include Dualcast, inserting the prefix “ver” in front of every other word, and occasional popped collars.

Sweet loot aside, we also had a very special guest attending PAX West 2017. English Localization Lead Michael-Christopher Koji Fox came stateside to host a Localization and Lore panel.

In addition to the panel, we also hosted a number of interviews with Koji Fox throughout the weekend in the Square Enix Media Suite. Koji received a range of “super hardcore” questions, to more general ones revolving around how key points are localized between different languages. Lots of really interesting details came out of the interviews!

Here’s two of the interviews available so far, take a look and see what new details of Hydaelyn have been revealed!

Gamer Escape – Lorecast 9: Koji Fox Interview at PAX West 2017 and MrHappy’s FFXIV Stormblood: Lore Interview w/ Koji Fox From PAX West.

Mr. Happy embraced Koji Fox after his interview at the behest of Ethys Asher, a name that many in the FFXIV lore community are no doubt familiar with!

The “Tales of Localization & Lore” panel took place on Saturday, September 2nd and the theater was packed (here’s a quick snap of the huge number of attendees waiting to enter the theater…)!

Bayohne seemed to have a tough time keeping Koji Fox from going too far off the rails…
If you missed the live stream, don’t fret! You can watch the archived video here. It’s chock full of…something!

By the way, if you’ve ever seen one of Koji’s panels, you’ll know he usually uses the title “Between Two Ferns” – himself using the moniker “Fernehalwes” on the FFXIV official forums. That means it’s usually up to Bayohne to find a locally-sourced fern to act as the other “fern.” Time was scarce, and Koji suggested using a drawing instead of buying the actual plant. Bayohne asked his artistic wife “very politely” (I’m told) to work on it and she knocked it out of the park!

Here’s a close-up of the fern with a XIV-motif she painted with watercolors before the panel!

It’s always a pleasure to attend these massive events as a FINAL FANTASY XIV Community Representative. Our team is always amazed and appreciative of all the FFXIV fans that come out to show their support every year. We even see some awesome FFXIV-related cosplays from attendees!

Scathach and Lyse posed outside the panel theater! (We actually saw quite a few Lyse cosplayers!)

A chocobo porter was ready to lead their team to victory!

And speaking of victory, the Lady in Red herself appears once again.
Naturally, Lyse was able to defeat Susano with the help of her Warriors of Light!

It was a long, tiring, and yet, incredible four days in Seattle. Thanks to all attendees who stopped by our booth, took on the Susano Challenge, and rocked those hats with us!

Until next time!

– Luxpheras
Community Team

The Morbol Report: gamescom 2017

Greetings, everyone.

Foxclon from the Community team here to share another report from gamescom 2017 which took place in Cologne, Germany from August 22 to 26! Boy, what a long convention! Early mornings, too!

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn has been attending gamescom for six years now, and every year is bigger and better than the last. This time around, we invited the main scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa over to join us on the gamescom stage, where she had her first interview along with Yoshi-P.

We received many scenario-related questions from media outlets around the world. Keep an eye out for those interviews!

This year, FFXIV spanned across two booths once again! We had a battle challenge that alternated between Susano to Lakshmi every day.

If you won the battle challenge by successfully clearing within a set time, you received a t-shirt of that primal as your loot!

General admission began on day two, and the line to participate in the battle challenge reached four hour waiting time right after the doors opened… Sorry for making you all wait! But at the same time, I’m really grateful to see this many people gathering as well, thank you!

At the other booth, known as the Battle Arena, we had the familiar Primal Roulette. Players had to spin a roulette to see which primal they would face, and what handicaps they would be challenged with.

Handicaps included hardcore ones, such as Extrene mode or item level sync. There were various other handicaps as well, the “Healer Killer”, where you had to hide the Focus Target and Party List, and five actions only mode. You may have seen it during the live broadcast, but there was a handicap called “strike a pose!” where participants had to do the Hildibrand emote or the ranger pose emotes whenever the staff called it out. Everyone was very energetic!

The Primal Roulette has been done every year at gamescom so far, but this year, they completely digitized the roulette for the Primal Selection. I was rather impressed. I told myself that we need to steal apply this to our events in Japan as well!

If you successfully won the Primal Roulette, you received the following prize:

These keychains are beautiful! I want to take this idea to Japan one day…

We tried new things at gamescom this year as well. During the event, we had a majority of the activities live streamed on Twitch.

We had various programs for the stream, such as Twitch streamers commentate during gameplay, hosted a PvP tournament, and the interview session with Yoshi-P and Natsuko. There were some information I haven’t heard of, and some talks about the future popped up as well. I got a little worried listening to them talk!

Personally, the exhibition-style, Yoshi-P and myself vs Susano (Extreme), Lakshmi (Extreme), and Primal Roulette stage was very exciting. (Really glad he didn’t pull extreme in the roulette!). Since I was playing, I wasn’t able to get many photos, but…

He’s hiding his face? Guess playing live on stage is a different beast, and it looks like the lightning from Susano (Extreme) was nice to Yoshi-P. Scary, very scary!

We also held a cosplay contest for the first time at gamescom! I was judging the costumes, so I have no photos from this event, but I believe the European team is planning to post up a blog with this, so please look forward to it!

Judging is certainly a difficult role. The Yotsuyu cosplay won the grand prize, red mage took second place, and the third place went to a level 50 monk cosplay. There were many high quality cosplays!

And to finish it off, we had some signing sessions.

Natsuko joined in on the signing along with Yoshi-P this time. Aside from the signing sessions, they were signing and taking pictures near the booth; however, we had about 150 attendees for the signing session. We also had those known as the Ambassadors, who were the Warriors of Light that helped the booth, and we had a brief moment of exchange with them as well.

Outside of the gamescom venue, there was a large-scale fan gathering event at a club as well.

The Warriors of Light seem to be bringing more hype and excitement every year. This year was no different. We’ve seen familiar faces, who greeted us kindly since the last time we met the previous year. I wasn’t able to stay until the end, but looks like the party took place until late night once again.

Oh Benyamin Nuss, who performed an amazing piano performance at the Fan Festival in Frankfurt in February, and the Fan Festival in Shanghai the other day stopped by as well. Yoshi-P called him out to the stage, and we had him speak as well (laugh).

I would love to see his performance again if we have the chance!

Gamescom is probably one of the world’s largest scale consumer show with over 350,000 attendees, that spans five days, and 11 event hours. FFXIV attended the event with full force! We received a lot of energy from the players to give it our best for the fifth year of FFXIV moving forward!

Coming back from Cologne, we traveled back to the airport on a train, but at the central station, there is a well-known national treasure, the Cologne Cathedral.

Out of nowhere, Natsuko, who’s attending this event for the first time mentioned how she wanted to climb to the top!

We ended up climbing up the endless hallway with 533 steps (Natsuko was all hyped up, while Yoshi-P and I looked afar, trying not to think). However, once we got to the top, it didn’t feel that long, both Yoshi-P and I felt that it was shorter than the last time we climbed up. We probably imagined it was going to be tiring and scary from our previous visit (laugh).

Next up, we have the 14-hour broadcast this weekend! Hopefully I don’t get any late muscle pains!

– Foxclon, aka Morbol from the Japanese Community Team

P.S. I received a comment from Natsuko as well, so here it is!


Greetings, Natsuko here. Yoshida asked me “Hey while you’re still energetic, want to come to gamescom? They have a cathedral too!” I was so excited, I accepted. I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who attended and watched the broadcast, thank you!

During the event, we had the Unending Journey: Storytelling in FFXIV broadcast, with Yoshida and myself talking mainly about the scenario. During the show I was asked “What was the best story in FFXIV?”, and I replied back saying I would love to hear that from everyone else, so please let us know by adding a hashtag! Later on, I realized I mentioned hashtag, but didn’t say what hashtag to use, so I was regretting my own answer… But, players started using the hashtag “#FF14のストーリーのここが好き” themselves on Twitter, and a lot of Warriors of Light started posting their comments.

Yoshida, myself, and everyone else in the team was very surprised with this. We were very pleased to read through all these comments. While completely different scenarios were being brought up, there were scenarios done by the same person, so those made us laugh. There were comments that brought back the hard times we had had during development, and made us teary, and some which we want to say “if you like that one, just wait a bit longer, and you might get to see the continuation.” There were a lot of various comments. I want to thank from the bottom of my heat the person who started this, and to everyone who posted their comments.

If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to check out the wonderful comments posted under the hashtag “#FF14のストーリーのここが好き”. It does include a lot of spoilers as well, so be careful!

I received this surprising reward, a lot of energy from gamescom and from participating in the “Stroll with Yoshi-P” show. The reward I received for working hard in 4.0 is much greater than what I imagined. Now I shall put my head and heart back to work, and hope that another day comes where I can successfully complete my job, and meet with everyone once again!

Main Scenario Writer (one of them!) Natsuko Ishikawa


Shanghai-quality Cosplay

Hi there, adventurers!
Sicycre here, and today we’ll be going a bit more in-depth on the cosplay that Zhexos showed briefly in last week’s blog post about China’s first Fan Festival!

As we saw in Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Las Vegas, the Fan Festival is an excellent time to see the creativity of fans all over the world, especially through the art of cosplay. I’m super excited to see some of the amazing outfits adventurers have crafted for China’s Fan Festival!

Let’s take a look at the contestants from the cosplay competition!

We’ve seen some AMAZING cosplay from the main stage, but we definitely don’t want to leave out those strutting their stuff on the show floor!

Remember that Scathach earlier…?

Look at those shadow limbs…pretty sure Shadowspin wiped this party.

Time and again, FINAL FANTASY XIV fans’ attention to detail is always amazing to see and China maintaining that awesome cosplay creativity is definitely inspiring.

I truly hope that all of you continue to craft amazing cosplay and show your love for these characters even more in the future!

Hopefully next time, I can join in on this creativity and pose alongside some amazing cosplayers at the next Fan Festival. IRL group pose party anyone?!

Thanks for viewing these fantastic cosplay with me and I hope to see you all equipped with various outfits at other events around the world!

– Sicycre
Community team

Rising to the Occasion

Greetings adventurers!

Luxpheras here. Have you been enjoying the Moonfire Faire and the Isle of Endless Summer? I’ve been a lazy tapir in the summer heat, lounging around the shoreline and going through Evercold Shaved Ice like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t forget, this seasonal event ends tomorrow (Saturday, August 26th) at 7:59 a.m. (PDT), so collect those rewards before the fireworks fade!

Speaking of fireworks and celebration…

It’s hard to believe that we are fast approaching the fourth anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XIV. As the Moonfire Faire ends this year, The Rising will begin shortly after as we celebrate four years of adventures and unforgettable moments in the world of Hydaelyn.

If you’ve experienced The Rising before, you’ll know that this celebration always comes with exciting new rewards to be obtained. What’s in store this year?

Minions, of course!

A tiny Lyse! She’s beauty, she’s grace…she’ll punch you in the face.

And what could be more adorably ferocious than a pocket-sized samurai like Gosetsu?

With our pocket heroes in tow, let’s see what else will be available.

A celebratory balloon to commemorate The Rising all year round! I think the crystal detailing is a nice touch.

A new Magicked Prism will also be added for this year’s event. Let the sparkles surround you.

Now that’s my kind of aesthetic! Look at all the flowers and colors! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Items such as the Magicked Prisms can be used in a loop while using the group pose feature as of Patch 4.0, so be sure to set one off and play with the effects in celebration!

In Eorzea, The Rising is an emotional event. Denizens of the realm use this time to grieve those affected by the Seventh Umbral Era, and also to wish for a better future in the realm reborn. The use of fireworks for celebration began with The Moonfire Faire, but volunteers in Eorzea craft bigger versions with the special meteor mark specifically for this time of year.

I always like to take time around The Rising to reflect on my adventures so far in FINAL FANTASY XIV and appreciate what an incredible journey this has been. Some of my fondest memories have been made in Hydaelyn.

How about you, Warriors of Light? Do you have memories worth celebrating after four years of adventure? I sure hope so, because this year we’ll also be celebrating The Rising with a Twitter screenshot campaign.

Word on the street is there may be a chance to win a fun prize. Stay tuned for details on this campaign, as more information will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out the official site for The Rising 2017!

See you all soon in Ul’dah!

– Luxpheras
Community Team

Celebrating in Shanghai

Greetings, everyone!

Zhexos here, reporting on last weekend’s Fan Festival in Shanghai, China! That’s right, there was a Fan Festival in Shanghai! While I wasn’t able to attend, our team in Japan snapped some photos from the grand event, so let me share them with you all!

The team arrived to the venue around 8 a.m. and the lines were quite already long.

Yoshi-P and Soken were peeking from back stage to see all the attendees entering…

But because they were too hyped up, they couldn’t hold back and jumped out before the show started to take some photos with the fans!

The Fan Festival in Shanghai began with a Chinese version of the Letter from the Producer LIVE where they talked about Stormblood, which is releasing in China on September 26.

They also held a Q&A session with Yoshi-P and Soken!

The Chinese Operations team went over their Eorzea Census.

Yoshi-P and the producer for the Chinese version of FFXIV cut a cake together to celebrate the three-year anniversary. It’s difficult to tell what type of cake this was from this angle, but…

Here we can see that it was a Paissa cake! I need this! And what is this!? They chopped off Paissa’s rear! (Guess we should tell the dev. team that Paissa also needs a butt slider too.)

Check out the high quality costumes made for the cosplay contest! We’ll see if we can grab more photos from the Operations team in China and show them off in more detail.

Now let’s check out some of the activities they had available. They even had a few Gold Saucer-themed activities:

The Moogle’s Paw

Monster Toss

Mini Cactpot

The Time of My Life
Participants had to copy the dance emotes on screen.

Some original activities included a balancing game, where you had to stand on a platform to balance and move the ball to the bottom without it falling off the sides. This is harder than it looks!

Target Practice

Here’s a game where you had to pick up gems (crystals?) with chopsticks. If it was me, I would just grab the plate and run off like a Spriggan…

Ring toss against a real cactuar! Wonder how many times the staff were hit by thousand needles picking up those rings.

They had a booth selling official merchandise.

Some food and drinks themed after the Eorzea Café as well.

Check out these colorful, tasty looking drinks! I heard the Moogle-themed milk shake was tasty!

Message Board

Gallery area showing off the amazing illustrations created by the community.

And just like previous Fan Festivals, they concluded the show with a bang! A piano concert led by Benyamin Nuss and Susan Calloway!

The producer for the Chinese version of FFXIV was worried about Yoshi-P, so he had guards surrounding him whenever he walked around. I’m sure no one missed where he was! It must’ve been a sight to see!

Reminiscing about the Fan Festivals reminds me that I was lucky enough to attend all three events in Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Frankfurt. If you missed your chance to be there, fret not, because you can still purchase and watch the archived footage (and get the amazing FFX attire & minion) until August 31, 2017 , so don’t miss it!

Community Team

Trialing the Trials of Bahamut

Hello, everyone!

Sicycre here to give you some inside details on the Trials of Bahamut Real Escape Game that’s currently touring the U.S.! I had the honor of participating in the game earlier this year, so allow me to give you some background if you’re not aware of the game. [Click each image for a larger view!]


The Trials of Bahamut is a Real Escape Game created by SCRAP Entertainment in collaboration with FFXIV. Your mission is to form a party of up to six adventurers and attempt to halt the resurrection of the dreadwyrm, Bahamut! Typically in an “Escape Game” you’re inside a small location and are tasked with escaping. However, the Trials of Bahamut is set up inside of a large open space, full of other parties of adventurers, all working independently to stop the resurrection of Bahamut.


Each job is vital to the party’s success and features a unique set of skills that will be used to help you advance in the trial.

For example, the thief’s Steal ability may be particularly useful during [redacted] or a song from your bard companion to [redacted]! There was some creative license taken with the introduction of the ranger and thief jobs, but you’ll definitely have some fun seeing famous FF jobs and some unique uses of their staple abilities!

The game challenges each party to complete numerous trials that require both critical thinking and good instincts in order to take a step closer towards preventing the resurrection of Bahamut.


These challenges, themed with tropes, enemies, and items familiar to FINAL FANTASY fans, will leave you wanting to progress further and further to see what’s next!

Do battle against a cactuar, stare into the eyes of a tonberry, venture into the Bowl of Embers, and receive help from a very adorable moogle!


Travel to various locations, unlock the mysteries that lie ahead, seek out others who will assist you on your journey, and gather items from your foes in order to make your final preparations should you come face to face with the dreadwyrm himself!


I had a blast tackling the Trials of Bahamut with my friends in June during the Stormblood early access weekend. The game features interesting NPCs (wearing really cool, hand-made costumes designed in the style of FFXIV) to help you on your adventure and the well-designed locations set up throughout the venue!

I totally enjoyed this one specific part where my team and I came acro–
…Oh, right, no spoilers! I highly encourage you to take up the challenge and see for yourself!

One really cool thing I CAN mention is that at the end, one lucky party member will get to go home with a poster signed from one whose presence rivals that of Bahamut, Yoshi-P!


There are only a few stops left for this amazing event, so be sure and see if it will be making any stops near you!

Houston, Texas
Royal Solaris Reception Hall
August 25 – August 26, 2017
Enter the discount code “FFHOUSTON” for $5 off each ticket for the Houston leg of the tour!

Orlando, Florida
The Florida Hotel & Conference Center
September 22 – September 23, 2017

Chicago, Illinois
Sheraton Grand Chicago
September 29 – September 30, 2017

New York
Metropolitan West
October 20 – October 21, 2017

Further details, ticket purchases, and more can be found on the official website:

Grab your tickets, form your party, and give it your best for the safety of the realm and all those who reside within it. My hopes go with you Warriors of Light!

– Sicycre
Community Team

Shaved Ice Ice Baby

Greetings adventurers!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself melting in this summer heat as of late. Luckily, the Moonfire Faire is right around the corner!

This year’s key art for the event is making a splash, have you seen it?

Nothing says summer like the cool sea breeze and gentle waters of the La Noscean shoreline. Travel to Limsa Lominsa to begin your Moonfire Faire adventure!

Let’s take a look at what event rewards we have in store this year.

At long last! A dyeable iteration of the popular Joi, Kohakama and Zoi gear found in Shisui of the Violet Tides. Requests for a dyeable set have been pouring in since the dungeon was released in Stormblood, and what better way to celebrate in style? I’m already collecting dyes in anticipation. Currently torn between Celeste Green, Ice Blue and Honey Yellow…

I’m sure Mayaru Moyaru will have us running around in the heat this year, so we’ll also be able to cool off with a new furnishing item: Evercold Shaved Ice.

Disclaimer: It’s called Evercold for a reason! Don’t eat it too fast…

…Or you might get a brain freeze.

Once you recover from that inevitable little headache, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the “Hyper Rainbow Z” Orchestrion Roll. You may recall the tune from a previous summer adventure. And last but not least, a beautiful Moonfire Faire poster will be yours to display wherever you see fit!

With the addition of swimming and diving in Stormblood, this year’s Moonfire Faire event will surely be one to remember. I can’t wait to celebrate with you all, but keep an eye on your Evercold Shaved Ice… I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

The Moonfire Faire begins Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT). Check out the official event page for details on where to begin!

Community Team

A Storm of Blood, A Feast for Wolves

Greetings, everyone! Luxpheras here.

Today I’m pleased to announce that a new season of The Feast has been confirmed for Patch 4.06!

This will be the first season since PvP was drastically overhauled in Stormblood. We’re very excited to watch the battle to the top of the ranks unfold and see the latest heroes rise to prominence.

I know what you’re all thinking: a new season of The Feast must mean new rewards! Are you as curious as I am? Let’s take a peek.

Our first sneak preview is the reward for placing in the top 100. This time around, the players ferocious enough to break into the top 100 will earn a full set of armor as a reward. This equipment won’t be available anywhere else, so start sharpening your claws and fangs!

Take a look at the concept art for the armor below:

Note: The concept art features a work in progress.

By the Twelve, I need that armor set… But wait, there’s more!

In the new season, some highly anticipated weapons will be added to the line-up of rewards. Naturally, we’ve created these exciting new weapons for all jobs.


So how do you get your hands on these intriguing new weapons? The weapons will be purchasable with special ticket items earned through PvP. All players who finish this season of The Feast in the top 10 will be rewarded with enough tickets to exchange for the weapon of their choice. A daunting task, but trust me: they’ll be worth it.

In addition to this, players can also earn these tickets for placing in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond rankings by the end of the season. The number of ticket items earned will vary depending on rank.

In short, the most bloodthirsty and skilled players who manage to make it into the top 10 this season will be duly rewarded for their efforts by getting the weapon of their choice right away. Those who came close but did not quite make it will have the chance to save up these tickets and earn their weapon by continuing to participate in ranked matches!

Feeling up to the task? Be sure to start training now to prepare for this exciting new season of The Feast! Keep an eye out for updates on even more prizes that will be available in the future.

Now that PvP has been re-launched with the release of Stormblood, I highly recommend giving it a go. Even if you’ve never participated in a ranked match of The Feast, there’s no time like now to jump in and see what you’ve been missing. You won’t be disappointed!

culling time.png
Speaking of PvP, be sure to tune in this Friday, August 4th at 5:30 PM PDT / 8:30 PM EDT for the North American Community Team’s PvP Special Broadcast: Culling Time. We’ll be live from Behemoth on the Primal data center, ready to tackle some content and discuss the recent changes made to PvP in Stormblood. Visit the Lodestone for details!

I’ll see you all at the Wolves’ Den Pier!
Community Team

A Feast in the East

Hi, everyone!

In celebration of the Eorzea Café’s 3rd anniversary in Tokyo, the Yokohama branch returned once more for a limited time with lots of new items on the menu. The team in Japan had sent in light party to get a taste of the scrumptious culinary creations!

To start off, let’s take a look at some of the drinks! Paladins won’t want to miss the Passage of Arms beverage, shown off with its unique feather décor (just like the real thing!).

Now for what I’ve been waiting to delve into: the food!
▼Primal Cones

This tasty lineup was available last year but it seems this time, Susano and Lakshmi are part of this delicious dish!

▼ Primal Bahamut Spicy Megaflare – Chilled Capellini

Do you enjoy turning up the heat? With this dish you’ll be able to adjust the “difficulty” with the two spicy sauces offered! It’s pretty extreme, so we recommend adding them little-by-little…

▼Tonberry Seafood Genovese Pasta

This decadent omelet on top can be sliced open with your very own knife! Everyone’s Grudge? More like everyone’s delight. Am I right?

▼Midare Setsugekka Crepe

Inspired by the new samurai job, this dessert had so many tasty elements built up for some sweet flavor. You could say the potency for this dessert was super high!

And last, but certainly not least, the team definitely had to order this next one.

▼The Three-nation Girls’ Secret Girls-only Meeting

My personal favorite among the items! The three nations’ flavors coming together to sate your appetite. Could you ask for more? Also, check out that Ifrit Pizza on the right!

All that food looked super yummy but I think it’s time we took a tour around the café itself!
On the walls, there was a lot of artwork to check out but we thought we’d like to show this one off in particular.

Looks like T’kebbe, Khloe, and Zhloe had an exciting feast of their own! (Finally, they can eat…)

Have some commendations that you’d like to leave the café? They had a message board ready for patrons to share their thanks for a delectable experience.

Also, if you wanted to check up on anything in-game during your trip to Yokohama’s Eorzea Café, they had a cozy PC space set up just for that purpose. Totally convenient and comfortable~

This was quite the culinary experience and we hope you enjoyed all the amazing feasts… I mean feats, as much as I have.

Thanks for joining me~!

– Sicycre
Community Team

Hamamatsu FATE Complete

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here with a report on the recent “FATE in HAMAMATSU” event that the team in Japan held over the weekend! These “FATE” events are a series of touring events that visit the various cities in Japan, and host things like gaming areas, merchandise sales, meet & greet opportunities and so forth! Take a look at some photos of what the attendees were able to experience!

Here’s a look at the Warriors of Light anxiously waiting for the Letter from the Producer LIVE to start!

Yoshida was joined by Art Director Hiroshi Minagawa!

■ Gaming Area
The attendees tackled Susano (normal) at the event! I’m sure these Warriors of Light didn’t have any trouble!

■ Developer Signing Area (Do not feed!)

■ Carbuncle Origami Area
The carbuncle origami challenge first debuted at the Hamburg media tour, and was said to be “extremely difficult”! Both Yoshi-P and Minagawa gave up on it soon after this photo was taken…

■ Art Area
The attendees were challenged to draw FFXIV-related things from memory, without looking them up. Check out the results!

■ “Real Treasure Hunt” Capsule Machines

■ The Latest “Dev. Team Message Board”
The team places these sign boards in their dev. area so they can always be reminded of the encouragement from the players.

We also debuted an E3 recap video! Take a look at some of the excitement of E3…in video form!

Everyone really wants to get ahold of Yoshi-P’s new t-shirt (for various reasons).

– Bayohne
Community Team

It Belongs in an Aquarium

Greetings, adventurers!

Luxpheras here previewing The Lost Canals of Uznair, scheduled for release with Patch 4.05 on Tuesday!

The basic gameplay of The Lost Canals is the same as the Aquapolis, but the arenas and foes that appear inside are all new and fresh. We plan to upgrade this new content even further after Patch 4.1 as well!
Can we reach the final floor? Let’s give it a go! (Be sure to click the pictures for larger versions, too!)

First things first: Like Aquapolis, you must use a certain map to discover treasure chests and defeat the emerging monsters. Shall we?

Wow, that’s a big shark!

A portal on our first try? It’s like all my namedays have come at once!

Let’s head in.

A somewhat dubious atmosphere…

But let’s keep fighting! How far can we go?

This door looks different from the ones we found in The Aquapolis… I wonder how it works.


Well, that was unexpected. Things are getting a little slippery here.

We’ll defeat various enemies as we go.

Could it be? Did we reach the final floor? It’s so shiny!

And do my ears deceive me, or is this some new music on the final floor? It’s exquisite!
Thanks for coming along for the adventure! Patch 4.05 will introduce Omega: Deltascape (Savage), but don’t forget to visit The Lost Canals of Uznair as well!

Wondrous treasures will surely be waiting for you.
By the Twelve, that Namazu is cute. Hey there, little buddy!

Community Team

The Light in My Mirai

Greetings, adventurers!

Luxpheras here, very excited to share with you some exciting news from the team in Japan!

On Saturday, June 10, and Sunday, June 11, the FINAL FANTASY XIV team had the delight of performing some projection mapping at Yokohama Minato Mirai.

Many Warriors of Light came out to Yokohama to see the array of FINAL FANTASY XIV related images and movies on display against the various buildings of Minato Mirai. Thank you all so much for the support!

While there was a space prepared as viewing area for visitors to enjoy the sight, you could still see the projection mapping from various parts of the city.

Here we see the vengeful Bahamut arriving sea-side in Yokohama.

A view from the water, over the sky dock.

You could even see it from the Ferris wheel if you got the timing right!

It took the team two years of planning to make this production a reality. There were so many people gathered around at this event that we couldn’t even fit the whole crowd on camera! Thank you so much to the FINAL FANTASY XIV community for helping us record the in-game footage for the ending, as it would not have been possible without your participation!

Watching this unfold live was an emotional experience for the team that put this event together, and they were warmed by the happiness and support of the community that has made this all possible.

Take a look at the official video for this dazzling event!

We’re planning to release some behind-the-scenes footage as well as more in-game footage that we couldn’t fit into the video, so please look forward to it!

– Luxpheras
Community Team