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Exploit Notification – Illicit Transfer of Items & Ships Between Upwell Structures

An issue has been brought to our attention this morning, which allows players to teleport items and ships via misuse of the trade system.

The issue is currently being worked on and this notification serves to inform pilots that using the trade system to transfer items between Upwell Structures is considered an exploit.

Abuse of this exploit will be actioned as per the EVE Online EULA.

The Permaband wants YOU!

The Permaband is looking to collaborate with a few music-loving permaband fans on a new song! We´re looking for people who are willing to send us short video auditions of themselves singing a couple of lines and then to possibly work with us remotely in the weeks leading up to Fanfest 2017.

The way this works

1. You send us a mail including a link to a short video of you singing a verse or two from the  Permaband song, Killing Is Just a Means (this clip will be kept absolutely private and will only be used for evaluation for the audition). The deadline for this is short – Midnight on Sunday Feb 18 (UTC).
The E mail is – Please include your character name in the subject line.

2.  Those we pick will be contacted with further instructions shortly after the deadline.

Things to keep in mind

  • The first audition clip doesn‘t have to be a high quality production. We just need to hear your voice and see you. Phone videos are fine.
  • We won‘t take up much of your time if you get selected, but we want to keep the turnaround relatively fast so please be ready for that.
  • You must be ok with having your voice and your persona appearing in a music video that will be published online. Your real name won‘t appear anywhere.
  • You must be willing to sign a waiver allowing us to use the material we record for the new song, should you be chosen.

Thank you and may your vocal chords strike true!

-The Permaband

Photo credit to Brynjar Snær and CCP Vertex

CSM 11 Summit 2 Minutes Have Been Released

CSM 11 recently finished its second summit in Reykjavik, discussing all aspects of developing and running EVE with a wide representation of EVE’s developers, producers and executives.

The democratically elected Council of Stellar Management has long been an important advisory group to CCP and at least half the council has typically been flown to CCP HQ twice a year to allow for seamless communication and exchange of opinion.

Following the success of the first summit, CCP once again invited the whole CSM to attend the summit in person. 13 members attended and we had four days of productive meetings.

The Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes are a collaboration between CCP and the CSM. A CCP staff member jots down meeting minutes on our internal wiki during each meeting and they are then edited through an open editing process on the same wiki. Every CCP staff member attending a meeting, and the CSM, must review and approve the version of the minutes that goes out. Typically not a lot is changed. Sentences get tuned to better convey meaning and of course a few tiny bits are redacted to preserve surprise and wonder at a later date.

This summit’s minutes can be found here. We look forward to reading, and taking part in, your discussions of them. If you wish to discuss them on the forums, please visit this thread on our forums.

119.2 Release to be deployed on February 14, 2017

We’re happy to announce the deployment of our February release, 119.2, on Tuesday, February 14th.

Downtime for this deployment will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC, and we will give rolling updates on progress of the deployment vial the EVE Status twitter feed.

With the the arrival of the 119.2 release, we will get an exciting new event, the Guardian’s Gala, where you can blow up pirate installations for both fun and profit. We also get a huge amount of bug fixes, general game-play related improvements and a boost to the client performance. Additionally, we enhanced Upwell structures with additional functionality.

Check out EVE Updates for further information.

For more in-depth details, have a a look at the patch notes.

Fanfest 2017 – Party On Top Of The World Lineup Announced!

It’s a mere 8 weeks or so until EVE Fanfest 2017 explodes into our lives again from April 6-8, and the Saturday night Party at the Top of the World on April 8th aims to be the best yet.

Taking place at the incredible Harpa, this wrap-up will provide the cherry on top of your Fanfest experience.

Our confirmed and scheduled acts will light the party fuse, ignite the fire within and fight off any cold that Iceland can throw at you!

Hold the door, can this be true?! DJ Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game Of Thrones) will be honoring us with a performance to mark his first visit to Fanfest.

Sharing the headline slot will be the illustrious Permaband, CCP’s in-house rock gods. You can expect a signature riotous performance of galactic proportions, worthy of Fanfest.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, we also have local party legend Hermigervill to keep pulses racing into the night.

Grab your tickets for Fanfest 2017 here, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming Fanfest 2017 news and announcements, and we’ll see you in Iceland in April!

Bug reporting system maintenance on February 11

The bug reporting system will be taken offline for regular maintenance work on Saturday, February 11, between 10:00 and 12:00 UTC.

As a result, you won’t be able to submit or access bug reports during those hours. We aim to keep this downtime as short as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

The o7 Show – This Sunday (Feb 12) at 20:00 UTC!

On this first episode of 2017 we’ll talk with developers and show you some features and beautiful graphic updates we’ve been working on for EVE. CCP Seagull, EVE’s Executive Producer, will join us with an update. We’ll have player made videos and news from around the galaxy, and we’ll crown a few winners for the fitting contest we challenged you with recently.

We asked for your favorite unconventional fit for a tech 1 cruiser and were blown away by the reception! We got around 300 fits submitted and for this episode we’ll pick out a few that we like and talk about them.

CCP Guard and CCP Rise were impressed by the fitting creativity

As always the best part of the show is you guys keeping the party going in chat…and we look forward to seeing you all there!

o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 

You can watch the show on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook

The o7 Show is an EVE talk show produced and hosted by EVE developers and aired monthly from our headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. It shines a spotlight on EVE’s development and the amazing things EVE players do in and around space every day.  

#MYEVESTORY Video Contest Results!

During December 2016, we released a series of videos that charted the stories and experiences of several of our high-profile pilots, and afterward… we announced a competition!

If you missed the original videos, you can see them on YouTube here:

Asher Kagen – I Want Revenge

Jayne Fillon – The Pirate Underworld

Sindel Pellion – Nobody Has Been Everywhere

Nashh Kadavr – I Lost Everything I Stole

Chessur – They Were Wrecks When I was Done


The Competition

To enter the contest, all our pilots needed to do was create their own video that charts an experience that they’d had in New Eden.

Whether it was a run-in with pirates, discovering something valuable out in space, a war declaration or maybe a successful scam or trade, we wanted to hear all about your experiences. The highs, the lows, the successes and failures, all laid bare as learning experiences in the dystopian world of New Eden.

The only parameters were that the video had to consist of in game footage, voice overs, video of yourself, and even motion graphics and effects if you were feeling ambitious.

Some of the results were simply spectacular!

The Results!

Prizes are awareded for first, second and third place. The full list of prizes can be seen in the contest announcement.

We will be contacting winners via direct message from the @eveonline twitter handle over the course of the next 48 hours with instructions on how to claim prizes!

First Place:

Jalep Malukker


  • 24x PLEX (two years of Omega Time)
  • Signed Limited Edition Copy of The Frigates of EVE book (ships summer 2017)
  • Choice of 5x Battleship SKINs from the New Eden Store
  • Choice of 5x Cruiser SKINs from the New Eden Store
  • Choice of 5x Frigate SKINs from the New Eden Store

Second Place:

Avarei Kugisa

  • 12x PLEX (one year of Omega Time)
  • Signed Standard Hard Cover of The Frigates of EVE book (ships summer 2017)
  • Choice of 3x Cruiser SKINs from the New Eden Store
  • Choice of 3x Destroyer SKINs from the New Eden Store
  • Choice of 3x Frigate SKINs from the New Eden Store

Third Place:



  • 6x PLEX (six months of Omega Time)
  • Signed copy of the EVE: True Stories comic book
  • Choice of 3x Cruiser SKINs from the New Eden Store
  • Choice of 3x Frigate SKINs from the New Eden Store

Honorable Mentions!

Each of these honorable mentions will also win two PLEX. 

We will be contacting winners of honorable mentions via direct message from the @eveonline twitter handle over the course of the next 48 hours with instructions on how to claim prizes!





Dunk Dinkle:

Fanfest 2017 Call for EVE TV player hosts

Greetings capsuleers,

Fanfest 2017 is approaching and we are already preparing for the live broadcast from Reykjavik, Iceland for those of you who won’t be able to make it out this year.

As in previous years, we are looking for players who would like to join the EVE TV crew as a host for the broadcast. This role involves hosting a few interviews in between main presentations and keynotes.

Here are some things we are looking for in a player-host:

  • You have to be at FanFest
  • You will need to have a few hours to spare during the days of Fanfest
  • You have to be fluent in English
  • You have to be confident on camera
  • You have to know and love the EVE Universe
  • Any public performance experience would be a huge plus!

Please submit your application by sending us an e-mail to with “EVE TV host” in the subject line. Your application should include the following information:

  • Your real name
  • Your main character name
  • Your date of birth
  • What would you like to talk about on EVE TV
  • Your photo
  • Previous experience examples

See you at Fanfest!

– The EVE TV crew

CSM 11 Second Summit Schedule Now Available!

We are happy to announce that the schedule for the second CSM 11 Summit is now available!

You can check it out on the CSM Assembly Hall forums here!

The CSM will be joining us here in Reykjavik, Iceland over the course of next week for the summit, which will take place from January 30th through until February 2nd.

This summit, to keep voters up to date with all the latest information, we’ll also be broadcasting daily live streams to cover the summit, starting this Sunday, anuary 29th.

You can find out more about these live streams in this news item from CCP Guard.

Live coverage of the CSM Summit

The Council of Stellar Management is having its second and last summit of the CSM 11 term here at CCP HQ in Reykjavik next week (Jan 30 – Feb 2).

To keep you, the voters, involved and up to date we’ll be doing daily live streams to talk about the summit, starting this Sunday!

Sunday Jan 29

The Sunday live stream, which will be the biggest one, will start at 18:00 UTC (EVE time) on our Twitch channel. We’ll discuss expectations going into the summit, what the CSM members are looking forward to discussing with CCP and what issues they will be highlighting. We’ll also take live questions and suggestions from viewers on Twitch and discuss them. Who knows…maybe your suggestion will be brought up in one of the summit sessions.

You can start posting your questions and suggestions in this thread.

Live daily recaps on Facebook

After the last meeting of each summit day, we’ll sit down with a few different CSM members and briefly recap the discussions and events of the day via live FB videos. We intend these to give you an overview of the info you’ll be getting in much more detail in the meeting minutes, released in the following week. It’s hard to nail down the exact time for each of these as meeting schedules can change, but they will generally happen from 17:00 – 18:30 UTC Monday through Thursday next week. If you miss them live, they will of course remain on our Facebook page for you to view later. To receive notifications when the videos go live, simply like our Facebook page.

That’s it for now, for more information about the CSM and the upcoming CSM elections, please read this recent dev blog.



Next o7 show: February 12!

The next o7 show will be on Sunday February 12! 

We look forward to talking to you about what’s coming up in EVE and what’s happening in the community.

The CCP offices are really buzzing these days, developers are mapping out new features and improvements for EVE, we’re about to have a CSM summit here in Reykjavik followed by elections for CSM 12 and of course Fanfest is happening April 6-8 with preparations already roaring!

We want to remind you all that you can send us videos, screenshots, artwork or whatever else you feel should be on the o7 show. Shoutouts and tips are welcome too. Our E mail address is…

We’d also like to propose a little contest!

Send us your favorite unconventional fit for a tech 1 cruiser. Something that’s not quite the standard approach but still works well in your opinion. In your own few words, tell us why it works. We’ll look over the fits and pick what we like…and we’ll have some skins and PLEX for the winner(s).

Send your fit to the same E mail address, evetv@ccpgames with the subject “My fit” – Deadline is February 5!

Tune in for the show Sunday Feb 12 at 20:00 UTC (EVE time) on any of our channels:


(make sure to follow/subscribe/like our channels for updates on broadcasts and everything else EVE related)

That’s it! We look forward to having fun with you on Feb 12!


Known Issues – Rubberbanding & Latency


We have recently received a number of reports from pilots that they have been experiencing “rubberbanding” as well as de-synchronization with the Tranquility cluster, notable latency and long session changes when travelling between systems.

We would like to thank everyone who has submitted detailed bug reports, these are proving to be incredibly valuable in tracking down the source of these issues. We now feel that we have enough information from pilots in game to fully investigate the cause of these issues.

Over the course of the last week we have been closely monitoring Tranquility, and will soon be looking to apply a fix once a cause is identified. A number of teams here at CCP are currently working on a resolution to the issue, and our Customer Support team have been able to identify specific scenarios in which this is having an effect on gameplay for our pilots.

We hope to have these issues resolved as soon as possible. If you’d like to discuss these issues, you can do so in this forum thread. We will also use this forum thread to post any necessary updates.