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Digital Fanfest 2017 Schedule Now Available!

It’s about that time of the year, when Fanfest is almost upon us.

As you can see from the image above, Bam Stroker is incredibly excited to be escaping one island for another, as the time for the epic celebration of all things New Eden approaches.

He was even happier when he saw the amazing artwork we have for Fanfest this year. Please feel free to download it and use it as a desktop or social media background at will!

(click to enlarge)

This year, we’re pushing out the schedule a little bit earlier in digital form, so you can download it right now by grabbing the Guidebook app for your mobile device, which is available for both Android and iOS. Simply enter the redemption code “EVEFANFEST2017” and you’ll be able to download the schedule directly via the app, and plan the sessions you’d like to attend.

For those of you travelling from outside the EU, fear not – Harpa will be equipped with free Wi-Fi for all Fanfest 2017 attendees, so you’ll be able to access Guidebook at the venue even if your roaming data services don’t work in Iceland.

If you’d rather look at the schedule in web form, you can do so here.

There’s also a pretty detailed Devblog out there that’s just been released, and charts most of the major events at Fanfest 2017. You can check it out here!

Roll on Fanfest, we’re looking forward to seeing you all there! If you haven’t already picked up your tickets, there’s still time to do so here!

Fanfest 2017 Charity Evening Developer Guest List – Tickets Selling Fast!

With Fanfest soon approaching, we’re happy to announce that we have now finalized the roster of CCP Developers that will be joining attendees for the Fanfest 2017 Charity Evening.

Hosted at Harpa, all proceeds from the Fanfest Charity Evening are donated to Barnaspítali Hringsins – The Iceland Children’s Hospital, who specialize in providing long term care for children who require treatment for a variety of health issues including cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular and neurological issues.

Beginning at 20:00 UTC on the ground floor of Harpa, on the first day of Fanfest (April 6th, 2017), the charity evening is a chance to enjoy dinner and drinks with CCP staff, all for a good cause.

Tickets are selling fast, and there may only be a couple left on the day for people to buy at Harpa, so be sure to get your tickets soon from the Fanfest Website in order to avoid missing out.

The list of developers attending this year is as follows:

  • CCP Affinity – Senior Game Designer, EVE Online
  • CCP Antiquarian – QA Analyst, EVE Online
  • CCP Denebola – CCO
  • CCP Falcon – EVE Universe Community Manager
  • CCP FiveMagics – Game Master, EVE Online
  • CCP Fozzie – Game Designer, EVE Online
  • CCP Ghost – Development Producer, EVE Online
  • CCP Guard – Lead Community Developer, EVE Online
  • CCP Hellmar – CEO
  • CCP karkur – Senior Software Engineer, EVE Online
  • CCP Larrikin – Game Designer, EVE Online
  • CCP Loki – Senior Video Producer, EVE Online
  • CCP Mimic – Development Producer, EVE Online
  • CCP Nagual – Senior Game Designer, EVE Online
  • CCP Orca – Senior Brand Director, EVE Online
  • CCP Quant – Data Scientist
  • CCP Rise – Game Designer, EVE Online
  • CCP Roo – Lead Game Designer, EVE Valkyrie
  • CCP Seagull – Executive Producer, EVE Online
  • CCP Spider – Game Master, EVE Online


EVE_NT Championship finals on Twitch this weekend!

The finals of the player-run EVE_NT Championship Minor League will take place this Sunday at 19:00 UTC (EVE time). Watch on the EVE_NT_TV Twitch channel.

CCP Fozzie and CCP Antiquarian will join the broadcast as guest commentators.

The teams will be fighting to graduate to the Major League next season, where they´ll face top competition for better payouts.

Team Exodunk is the only team to already secure a spot. Three other teams will move up with them, but the four bottom teams will have to earn their spot in the Minor League once again through the EVE_NT Cup, a single elimination tourmanent where anything can happen.

The Independent Gaming Commission has sponsored the tournament with prizes in the form of limited edition battleship skins but this time they’re also creating skins for three popular Caldari hulls to celebrate another successful season. The Drake, Caracal and Cormorant IGC skins will be made available in the New Eden Store next week where you can get your hands on them.

Have a great weekend in space!

EVE Online release "119.3" to be deployed March 14, 2017

The next EVE Online release, named YC 119.3, will be deployed on Tuesday, March 14th. This release brings a huge amount of game improvements and balance updates. The release will be deployed during a 15-minute downtime on March 14th between 11:00 and 11:15 UTC.


New Eden Store: New caps for you

New berets are available for your avatar in the New Eden Store. Ornamented with symbols of the empire faction, these caps are a must-have for every loyalist.

Show allegiance to your faction. Get latest factional berets and enhance your avatar!


Voting for CSM 12 is now open

Citizens of EVE,

Voting is open and you can now cast YOUR votes.

The voting page can be found HERE. Voting will be open until Match 27, and the results will be announced at Fanfest 2017.

Out of the 64 candidates this year you can pick up to 10 you trust to represent you, in preferential order. This short video we made best explains the election system and how to use the voting page to cast your vote:

For more information about the CSM please visit the CSM page, and for information about the candidates, we recommend the candidates page, and the campaign thread forum.

Happy voting and thank you for helping us help you.

EVE TV Fanfest broadcast – Player Videos

Greetings capsuleers,

Fanfest 2017 is approaching and we want to spice up our live broadcast this year with your wonderful videos! 

Please send your submissions to before March 26th. Your videos can be up to 60 seconds long but we recommend keeping it under 15 seconds. We are looking for all things EVE, from alliance propaganda to lore speculation the choice is yours.

Use the following format for your videos:

  • 30fps
  • Mp4/H.264
  • 15mbps

How to Vote in the CSM Election

Hello Capsuleers

In an effort to help players both new and old participate in the CSM elections, CCP have created a video guide showing how the voting system works, and how to cast your vote using the online portal.

Take a look at the video here:

The CSM portal is available at Voting opens on March 6 and closes on March 26, so make sure you get your vote in on who will join CSM 12.

Extended Downtime – Friday, March 3rd 2017

Tomorrow’s daily downtime will be extended by 15 minutes so that essential maintenance can be performed on the Tranquility cluster.

Downtime will run from 11:00 UTC through until 11:30 UTC, lasting for a total of 30 minutes. We hope to have the cluster back online and accepting connections as soon as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this downtime extension may cause!

Your Candidates for the CSM 12 ballot


Citizens of New Eden,

The application period has passed and applications have been vetted in accordance with the the candidate requirements. X candidates will be on the ballot when elections for your new CSM open on March 6.

Please go to the Candidates Page to see who the CSM 12 candidates are!

To further read up on the candidates and what they stand for you can head over to the forums and check out their campaign threads.

That’s all for now. You’ll be able to vote come Monday, March 6 and the results will be announced at Fanfest on April 6.

The Next Stage Of Project Discovery: Exoplanet Research

Stage one of Project Discovery concluded during 2016, when our amazing community contributed to the development of the Cell Atlas in association with Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) and the Human Protein Atlas.

By categorizing a database of more than 250,000 images of proteins within human cells, which included the submission of more than 25 million classifications of images, capsuleers contributed to real life science through their gameplay, providing thousands of man hours of analysis for the Human Protein Atlas.

Soon, capsuleers from across the globe will be able to contribute toward another scientific endeavor, as Project Discovery focuses its unique scientific crowdsourcing efforts on the search for exoplanets in 2017.

The first stage of Project Discovery proved our community’s incredible support for real science efforts, as players formed one of the largest collectives of citizen science contributors in the world. Now it’s time to contribute again!

During 2017, capsuleers will have the chance to collaborate with MMOS a second time, alongside the University of Reykjavik and the University of Geneva in the search for exoplanets.

This time around, the project will be joined by Michel Mayor, honorary professor from the University of Geneva, winner of the prestigious 2017 Wolf Prize for Physics and discoverer of the first exoplanet.

The search for exoplanets will come to EVE in 2017 and once enough capsuleers reach comparative consensus on classification of the data, it will be sent back to the University of Geneva for use in refining the search for exoplanets.

Be sure to check out Professor Mayor’s presentation at EVE Fanfest 2017 (April 6-8), which you can watch on the Fanfest Live Stream, or in person during Fanfest 2017 here in Reykjavik, Iceland.

If you haven’t already secured your tickets for Fanfest 2017, be sure to get them while they’re still available at the Fanfest Website.