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EVE Online August release to be published on 16 August

The EVE Online August release will be published on 16 August. Originally scheduled for publication on 15 August, we decided to move the release by 24 hours to the 16th.

This release brings “Lucky Clash”, a new week-long event from The Agency. We will also get changes to combat mechanics for structures and corp insurance in Upwell structures. UI/UX improvements for the new map and a full overhaul of the NPC standing display are also part of this release.

In addition to this, we see several small and useful improvements (such as persistent scanning results for cosmic signatures) as well as bug fixes.

For a high-level overview of this release, check out EVE Updates.
For the full details, check out the August release patch notes.

EVE Vegas Pub Crawl: The Highroller Experience

The High Roller Experience!

The legendary EVE Vegas pub crawl has developed and changed over the years as more and more pilots attend the constantly growing celebration of all things New Eden hosted in the Nevada desert.

For this year, we’re kicking it up a notch and will be taking advantage of the brand new location that’s hosting EVE Vegas this year and it’s adjoining facilities – namely The Linq Promenade.

We’re also re-introducing a ride on the world’s tallest observation wheel, the Las Vegas High Roller, as part of the experience. As always the Friday-night event is first and foremost a chance for pilots and developers to meet, kick back and enjoy good company.

Here’s a quick taster of the schedule for the event:

  • 18:30 – Drinks at the LINQ pool area reserved for us only!
  • 20:00 – Ride on the High Roller *
  • 21:00 – Open bar & pub games at Virgil’s BBQ, with the 2nd floor & patio reserved for our event

*The ride on the High Roller takes 30 minutes or so, and each cabin is limited to a group of 25.

Ticket buyers to this event can sign up for a High Roller group when they check in for EVE Vegas 2017 at the LINQ. Each group consists will consist of 1-3 game developers and is limited to 25 people.

There is no group division for the remaining program of this event, at the LINQ pool area or Virgil’s BBQ.

You can pick up your tickets for the High Roller Experience here and if you haven’t already got your tickets for EVE Vegas, be sure to get them here!


EVE streamers taking over the CCP channel this week

Howdy, streaming fans.

Starting Monday August 14, we’re kickstarting a little experiment where a selection of experienced EVE streamers will be popping up on the CCP Twitch channel to stream for a couple of hours each. We’ve re-hosted streamers on our channel before but we want to try having them stream their own content directly on our channel, both to promote their content and to breathe life into the CCP channel between our own broadcasts. A schedule is coming together and those of you who follow the CCP channel will get notifications when each streamer goes live, so now is a great time to follow!

We’ve contacted a few active streamers for this first round but if you’re one we haven’t contacted and find this interesting, please feel free to contact us via Odds are you’re already on our radar and if this goes down well we´re very likely to continue with the experiment.

Stay tuned for more info and enjoy watching the rest of this weekend’s Alliance Tournament action!

August Release Patch Notes Now Available!

We are happy to announce that the August 2017 release will be deployed during regular downtime on Tuesday, August 15th, 2017.

This release brings “Lucky Clash” a new week-long event from The Agency, as well as changes to combat mechanics for structures and corp insurance in upwell structures, along with UI/UX improvements for the new map and the in game display of standings.

In addition to this, the August release brings the introduction of persistent scanning results for cosmic signatures, and a new pair of SKINs for the Pacifier and Enforcer.

The August release will be deployed during regular downtime, starting 11:00 UTC on August 15th. We expect the Tranquility cluster to be back online and accepting connections at 11:15 UTC.

For full details of this release, take a look at the full patch notes, and head on over to EVE Updates!

Alliance Tournament XV: Two Weeks Down, Two To Go

Hello Capsuleers

After two weekends of explosions and last minute victories, we are now in the third week of Alliance Tournament XV. If you missed the action from the first two weekends of the tournament, you can find matches on EVE_NT’s YouTube channel, as well as simulation replays of every single match at (Shout out to Bierkof for putting it together). A big thank you also goes out to everyone at EVE_NT from CCP for all their hard work during the first two weekends of the tournament.

While 44 teams have already been eliminated, only 24 teams remain in the tournament. Eight of these teams are in the undefeated bracket, having managed to defeat every team they have faced so far. They are:

  • A Band Apart.
  • Exodus.
  • L A Z E R H A W K S
  • Northern Coalition.
  • Pen Is Out
  • The Initiative.
  • The Tuskers Co.

The remaining 16 teams in the elimination bracket have all stumbled briefly and lost at least one match, but are managing to hang on and forge a path through other teams in a bid to reach the finals. They are:

  • Brave Collective
  • Bright Side of Death
  • Mercenary Coalition
  • Pandemic Legion
  • Rote Kapelle
  • Salt Farmers
  • Shadow Cartel
  • skill urself
  • Snuffed Out
  • Solyaris Chtonium
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore
  • The Bastard Cartel
  • Thermodynamics

The full brackets for the tournament can be found here.

The third weekend of Alliance Tournament XV starts August 12 at 15:00 UTC on with THE R0NIN versus Snuffed Out. The full match schedule is available here on the community website. We’ll be brining you every match live from the studio in CCP Iceland alongside our expert commentators who you have already heard with EVE_NT. We asked them what they thought were some of the highlights of the last two weeks of play and what matches they’re looking forward to this weekend.

Rahne Chocolate: My highlight match was definitely Solyaris Chtonium vs No Handlebars, featuring expert MJD usage by Panthone. After watching their performance in the first two weekends, I’m looking forward to their upcoming matches, especially their first match on Saturday against Pandmeic Legion. It will be a super exciting thanks to SLYCE’s unpredictable nature.

Elise Randolph: My highlight from this weekend was definitely the tournament micro jump unit. While the unit has been in the AT for years, this weekend we saw them finally used to great effect. Most notably in the matches involving SLYCE, as they had a pilot single handedly winning the match versus drone swarms. This lead to an increased importance in scram tackle frigates – standout performance by Wasa QC in this role. I’m really excited to see the juggernauts clash in the elimination bracket – with tournament winners Hydra, PL, R0nin, and V0lta. PL and hydra have a 50-50 record, with PL winning in elimination matches historically.

Mawderator: One of the highlights for me so far this tournament was The Bastard Cartel vs Ghost Legion. Ghost Legion managed to take a small but seemingly solid lead in the match, but with less than a minute left TBC managed to start getting kills. In the end, TBC managed to pull ahead with just 21 seconds left, and hang on with their own ship with just 16% structure remaining. I’m eager to see which of the teams from the lower half of the undefeated bracket will make it to the undefeated finals, as these are teams that largely haven’t been able to make it that far in the tournament before. Who will get a shot at the final day?

Jin’taan: The highlight match for me has to be A Band Apart. vs WE FORM V0LTA, which for me really showed the impact individual piloting can have in the tournament, from ABA’s Logi pilot, to Tikktok in the interceptor, all making these little minute plays that drastically changed the flow of the match, all topped off with a split-second decision on the Blackbird pilot to keep momentum in ABA’s favour. I’m looking forward to the upcoming match between skill urself and Rote Kapelle, as the captains of both teams (CapQu and Ben Booley) are bitter rivals, so both can be expected to bring everything they have to try and drive the other out of the tournament. Both teams are gearing up for this fight, so expect them to bring everything they have to the table.

Something else to note with the third and fourth weekends is that teams will now have the ability to ban up to three ships instead of just two. This is a big change for the tournament, and is sure to result in some changes in strategy by the teams competing.

Which matches are you looking forward to? Who do you think will win the tournament now that we’ve seen what teams can bring to the table? Tweet to us using the hashtag #ATXV and let us know. We’re just as excited to see what unfolds over the next two weekends as you are, and we hope to see you in twitch chat cheering for your team (or cheering against your nemesis’s team). Until then fly safe!

-CCP Logibro and the Tournament Team

CSM summit in Iceland – August 21-24

The 12th Council of Stellar Management will attend its first of two summits, at CCP HQ in Iceland this August. Nine out of the ten members will be available to attend the four day summit in person this time:

Rhiload Feron-drake
Steve Ronuken
The Judge
Yukiko Kami

The council, democratically elected by the EVE community in March, will be flown in from all over the world to discuss EVE development with the development teams and producers. These summits allow both the CSM and CCP to dedicate time to sitting down face to face, present ideas and plans and give/receive feedback.The results of the summit will be presented in the form of meeting minutes after the summit (usually in the week after), and you can follow some of the action on the EVE Online social media channels. You can also follow the CSM members individually on Twitter to more closely follow their work.

As always, your feedback as an EVE player is invaluable to the CSM so this is a good time to reach out to them and tell them what you think is important for EVE Online right now.

EVE Vegas 2017 Party Venue Announced – Drai's Beachclub & Nightclub

We’re proud to announce that the Saturday night party at EVE Vegas 2017 will take place at one of the city’s most prominent entertainment venues – Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub.

Following three good years at the Chateau Nightclub and Rooftop we wanted to make some changes to the celebration this year. The 2016 attendee survey also showed that there was room for improvement when it comes to the venue for the Saturday night event – and with EVE Vegas growing in size year on year, we came to the conclusion that it was time go bigger and bolder for the legendary EVE Vegas party!

EVE Vegas 2017 is set to take place October 6-8 at the LINQ Hotel & Casino, and will officially be the biggest EVE Vegas gathering in the history of New Eden.

With it’s spacious dancefloor and outdoor area overlooking the stunning cityscape of the Las Vegas Strip, Drai’s is conveniently located only 5 minute walk away from the LINQ – and as we’ve already announced, the one and only Permaband will be headlining the EVE Vegas Saturday night party. 

The party starts at 19:00 and features 3-hours open bar service. All attendees meeting Drai’s dress code will be able to stay at the club once it opens doors to the public at 22:00, free of charge! Given Drai’s ambitious line-up on weekends, and how hard it can be to get into the club, this can be an excellent opportunity for EVE Vegas guests to experience the very best of what Las Vegas nightlife has to offer.

Entrance to the Saturday night party is included in the EVE Vegas conference ticket. Minimum age of 21 years is strictly enforced so please bring your ID.

In case you want to bring a friend or your significant other to the Saturday night party, we do have a few single night “Party Only” tickets left – but these are close to selling out so we recommend you act now.

For EVE Vegas 2017 tickets click here.

We’re very much looking forward seeing you all at Drai’s and in Las Vegas this October!

Reminder – New Forums Go Live Tomorrow!

On June 20th, we announced that we would be updating to new forum software for the EVE Online Forums in the coming weeks. You can read the Devblog here.

This news item is a reminder that the new forums will be going live tomorrow afternoon, several hours after daily downtime. 

Please be sure to check the dev blog for information on the new forums, how they work, differences from the old ones, and new and improved features!

Rare skill training issue resolved

We would like to inform you that we have resolved a rare issue with skill training. This fix went live on Tuesday, July 25th 2017.

Some pilots who had skills queued up in their skill training queue could have – in rare circumstances – been affected by an overly long training time on their last skill in the training queue if their subscription status changed for a short amount of time.

Currently, we are compiling a list of the affected pilots and will compensate them accordingly. There is no action required on your part: you will receive compensation automatically in a future patch if you were amongst the few affected pilots.

The Agency – Live event extended by one week to 8 August

We have extended latest EVE Online live event The Agency until 8 August!

Originally scheduled to end on 1 August, this event is available for one additional week until server downtime at 11:00 UTC(4:00 a.m. PST) on 8 August. 

We have also fixed all issues regarding the Agency rewards not being granted, and reimbursed any missing rewards. If you were missing any Agency rewards, please check your redeeming system.

Further improvements for this and upcoming live events are on the way as well! For more in-depth details and discussions, please refer to this forum thread about The Agency.

We wish you a lot of fun with the extended event! 

Sapphire Sungrazer SKINs on sale

Hello Capsuleers

We are pleased to announce another round of sales are available now in the New Eden Store. Save 20% off the following SKINs until Tuesday August 1:

  • Federation Navy Comet Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Maulus Navy Issue Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Exequror Navy Issue Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Vexor Navy Issue Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Brutix Navy Issue Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Dominix Navy Issue Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN
  • Megathron Navy Issue Sapphire Sungrazer SKIN

We will also be removing the above listed of SKINs from the NES on August 1, as well as the following additional SKINs:

  • Venture Amarr Industrial Livery SKIN
  • Venture Caldari Industrial Livery SKIN
  • Venture Gallente Industrial Livery SKIN
  • Venture Minmatar Industrial Livery SKIN

Lastly, we are adding the Venture to the ships available in the Morphite Shine SKIN line. Pick yours up from August 1 for 110 PLEX.

Make sure you grab one of the disappearing SKINs before they’re gone!

Alliance Tournament XV Starts Next Week!

Once again, this year’s Alliance Tournament is fast approaching. Teams have been practicing for months in preparation for New Eden’s premiere tournament. Who will take home the prizes? Watch the action over all four weekends starting July 29 to find out.

Tournament Times

As mentioned earlier, Alliance Tournament XV will take place over four weekends. Each weekend, the stream will start at these times:

The full match schedule can be found here on the community website.

The first two weekends will be broadcasted by EVE_NT on their twitch channel over at EVE_NT also have an excellent collection of articles and videos regarding the tournament and the teams fighting in it that should not be missed, as well as analysis of the Feeder Rounds that took place in June.

EVE_NT is also hosting a viewer party at Antenna in Nottingham, United Kingdom. If you’re in the area, you should grab a ticket and join them for all the fun and action from the tournament. More details can be found here.

The final two weekends will be broadcast by CCP from our studio here in Reykjavik Iceland, where we’ll be covering every match with the help of a team of expert player commentators. Make sure you’re there for every match as this is when the best teams will be bringing everything they have to the table to win.

Show your colors

This year we are adding some new ways for you to show your support for the Alliance Tournament. First up is a new IGC themed background for your character portrait. This is available for free to every pilot in New Eden right now, so show your support by grabbing it today.

Additionally, we will be offering IGC themed SKINs for the entire line of Serpentis ships in the New Eden Store. We’ll be rolling out a different group each week starting July 25, starting with the Violator and Daredevil SKINs.

July 25 – Aug 1

  • Violator IGC SKIN – 55 PLEX
  • Daredevil IGC SKIN – 110 PLEX

Aug 1 – Aug 8

  • Vigilant IGC SKIN – 110 PLEX
  • Vindicator IGC SKIN – 250 PLEX

Aug 8 – Aug 15

  • Vehement IGC SKIN – 390 PLEX
  • Vendetta IGC SKIN – 390 PLEX
  • Vanquisher IGC SKIN – 390 PLEX

 Aug 15 – Aug 22

  • All 7 IGC Serpentis SKINs will be available at the above prices

As a special bonus, we’ll be offering the complete set of SKINs from July 25 for only 1525 PLEX. This is great if you want to either grab all the SKINs, or want to grab some early.

Additionally, we’ll also be offering a bundle of IGC SKINs offered during the previous EVE_NT Championship containing the Cormorant, the Caracal and the Drake. If you’ve been eyeing other pilots enviously that managed to pick them up the first time, make sure you grab them when they’re available from August 15 to August 22.

Billboard Blitz

If you have skills with making videos, you’ll be pleased to know we have a contest just for you. The Independent Gaming Commission is commissioning the creation of advertisements to be played on billboards across New Eden to promote the upcoming tournament, and is now accepting submissions from Capsuleers. They will be selecting four videos to be played on billboards, and as a reward are offering 1000 PLEX and IGC SKINs. Details are as follows:

  • Videos must follow all normal rules for billboard submissions. Note that the Fancy UI used for the tournament broadcast is permitted in videos if you wish to use footage from tournament matches.
  • Videos must promote the Alliance Tournament. Part of the judgement of videos will be on how well they promote the tournament
  • Videos may also contain promotion of a team participating in Alliance Tournament XV
  • Videos may not include promotion of player entities not involved in Alliance Tournament XV
  • Videos must be submitted to before 23:59UTC, 2017-07-30
  • Please include your character name with your submission and email it from the email registered with your EVE account
  • 1000 PLEX and a complete set of the IGC Serpentis SKINs will be awarded for the four best videos as judged by CCP. Each person may submit and win with more than one video.
  • Video creators may find the following two images useful: Alliance Tournament Logo; IGC Logo

We are also still taking submissions for ads during the Alliance Tournament broadcast itself. If you’re interested in seeing you, your corporation, or your alliance up in lights, make sure you check out this forum post with all the details.

That’s all for now. As always, we look forward to seeing all the teams compete and having the community join us to see who comes out on top.

On behalf of the Tournament Team

-CCP Logibro

All about The Agency live event – Join the developer live demo on July 20 at 19:00 UTC

We invite you to join the next CCP live stream this Thursday, 20 July, at 19:00 UTC on Twitch. Have fun and enjoy the developer hands-on demo of the latest live event in EVE Online: The Agency!

When: 20 July at 19:00 UTC
Where: Developer live stream: The Agency demo

Get an insight of what The Agency is all about. Explore the design of this live event and learn more about upcoming events.

If you want to have a look behind the scene and interaction with the CCP devs, join the live stream on 20 July!

Further information

The Agency – Welcome to the next EVE Online live event!
The Agency – Forum feedback and discussion
CCP Twitch channel

EVE Online Summer Special: Global Omega discount

We are delighted to present our EVE Online Summer Special: Enjoy a 15% discount on all Omega packages.

The discount is available between 18 to 25 July and is valid for all our Omega package:

  • 1 month
  • 3 month
  • 6 month
  • 12 month

To benefit from this discount, simply go to the EVE Online account management page and purchase your game time package(s)!

Enjoy your Omega time, and don’t miss out the exciting EVE Online events with Project Discovery and The Agency!

Old EVE Forums To Be Retired On August 3rd

We’re happy to announce that we’re drawing closer to the switchover to utilizing the new EVE Online forums full time!

While all our official communication has transitioned to the new forums, the old ones are still available at this time as we test and work on functionality of the new forum software.

While testing, we’ve already made a long list of changes and improvements based on community feedback and suggestions, and have identified a few things we’d like to change that will take a little longer.

With this in mind, we’ll be leaving the existing forums online until August 3rd, two weeks longer than was initially messaged, while we finalize the new forums for full launch.

The Dev Blog and forum thread have been updated to reflect this new date!

You should be sure to read the Dev blog linked above for information on the new EVE Online forums and differences between old and new!

The Agency – Welcome to the next EVE Online live event!

Welcome to The Agency, the new live event for EVE Online!

Start: Tuesday, 18 July, at 11:30 UTC
End: Tuesday, 1 August, at 11:00 UTC
Potential rewards: PLEX, Booster, SKINs … and fun!

The Agency offers you new challenges of varying difficulties in the world of New Eden. While none of these challenges are mandatory, they offer you an opportunity to spice things up a bit and try something different.

Currently available challenges and your status are visible on the login screen and in game. When in game, simply click on The Agency icon in the NeoCom menu.


The offered challenges cover a wide range. You’ll see relatively easy and general tasks (such as fighting the pirate menace by destroying a certain amount of pirate NPCs), and more specialized tasks (for example completing a combat signature in a Tech-3 cruiser), there is something for everyone!


You do not need to actively accept the various challenges, just go ahead and have fun! Whenever you complete a challenge, you’ll receive a notification. You can also check your progress in the The Agency overview. 


Completing a challenge yields points. The Agency will reward you with PLEX, boosters and SKINs as soon as you have earned enough points. The rewards will be delivered to your redeeming system. Your progress and points are easily visible in The Agency interface.

Please note that you will receive a 30-minute booster after logging in. This bonus is available for everyone, but only once every 23 hours.

We wish you happy hunting. Have fun!

EVE_NT Alliance Tournament Viewing Parties – First Two Weekends!

For Alliance Tournament XV, EVE_NT are hosting a viewing party each day of the first two weekends alongsides their broadcasts on 29th and 30th of July, then 5th and 6th of August.

The studio team including techs, host and commentators will be around all day to meet and greet those who come along, providing a great opportunity to enjoy the Alliance Tournament with friends and fellow pilots!

Held at Antenna in Nottingham – site of previous EVE_NT meets – the tournament will be shown live on 5 HD screens as well as 2 projector screens for the first two tournament weekends.

Tickets are available right now, and you can pick them up here!

Each day pass gives you entry for that day’s event – so you can grab yourself a weekend of AT action for £10, or throw down £20 for all 4 days with a full set of 4 day passes.

Simply click on the date in the calendar and hit the “Get tickets” button to grab your tickets for each day of the event!

The EVE Online T-Shirt Design Contest – Results!

On June 2nd, we announced the EVE Online T-Shirt Design Contest for EVE Vegas, with a few prizes and guidelines for cool shirt designs.

It seems that this really got the creative juices flowing, and by the time we closed the doors for submissions, we’d had 168 designs that had been created by our amazing community.

We did notice that there was a distinct lack of spaceships in a lot of the designs, however there was some really cool abstract artwork and other more uhh… memeworthy… content that was submitted.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks myself, CCP Goodfella, CCP Orca and a few others have managed to narrow down the submissions to our top three and now we’re ready to show off the designs that will receive prizes as part of the contest.

Please bear in mind that we may have to tweak the winning designs that will be printed a little in order to make sure that they translate to fabric okay, however the designs will remain as intact as possible and artists will be credited on the back of every shirt printed.

A note to those who’ve won – We’ll be contacting you via email over the course of the next couple of days to arrange delivery of prizes!

So, let’s count them down from third to first!


Third Place

Third place goes to: codorniz Ambrye

For this awesome combat booster inspired design that calls back to the Lacrimix style merchandise that CCP have sold at many past events, codorniz wins the following:

  • $50 store credit at the EVE Merchandise Store.
  • 1500 PLEX.


Second Place

Second place goes to Franky SixFingerz

For a design that we’ve all been on the giving or receiving end of at some point in our EVE careers, Franky wins the following prizes, and his t-shirt will be sold in the EVE Merchandise Store:

  • $50 store credit at the EVE Merchandise Store.
  • Character name credit on the back of every t-shirt sold. 
  • Signed standard hard cover of “Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections”.
  • 3000 PLEX.


First Place

Finally, first place goes to Zooc Zhao

For this EVEolution themed design charting human progress, Zooc will have his t-shirt sold in the EVE Merchandise Store and in the EVE Vegas Store, and also takes away the following prizes:

  • $100 store credit at the EVE Merchandise Store.
  • Character name credit on the back of every t-shirt sold. 
  • Signed Limited Edition of “Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections”.
  • 6000 PLEX.

There’s also a few other designs that wouldn’t necessarily transfer to t-shirt print too well that we really liked, so if we decide we’d like to use those in future for posters, artwork or other applications, then we’ll be in touch with the creators to talk more!

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the contest. We’ll be looking to run more of these types of community initiatives in future, particularly as we ramp up toward the fifteenth anniversary celebrations at Fanfest 2018.

Exoplanet research with Project Discovery – Join the developer live stream on July 12 at 17:30 UTC

Discover the exciting world of exoplanet research with the least version of Project Discovery in EVE Online: Join our live stream on July 12 at 17:30 UTC! 

July 12 at 17:30 UTC
Developer live stream: Project Discovery – Exoplanets

Get an insight of what Project Discovery is all about, how it actually works and the amazing science behind it. Explore the flow of data and learn what happens with your samples after you completed the research.

If you are interested in real science and freely accessible exoplanet research, don’t miss this stream!

Further information

Video with Michel Mayor about Exoplanets and Project Discovery
EVE Online dev blog about Project Discovery
Project Discovery Feature page

2017-07-11 – Issue with Project Discovery Evaluation Set

Hello pilots,

MMOS are currently investigating an issue with Project Discovery.

It appears that during the evaluation phase (after the tutorial) data sets that are presented for analysis are too difficult for that stage. This has led to many players being given extremely low overall accuracy.

While this has caused some concern among players, we will not be shutting down Project Discovery. Samples are still being assessed correctly, and once past the evaluation phase players are still able to continue assessing and completing samples.

A fix will be deployed tomorrow after downtime, which will update the data sets to a more reasonable one for the purposes of evaluation, and reset to 50% all Accuracy Ratings for players who have it below 50%.

We will publish another update once the fix has been deployed.

Please feel to discuss this news item in this forum thread.