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Advisory: Check Automatic Payment Settings

Hello Players

In the 118.6 Release 1.6 patch, we fixed an issue where some of the “Automatic Pay Settings” checkboxes in the wallet UI could sometimes show up as checked on the client, even though there were not actually set on the server. As this fix has not changed the existing settings on the server, we recommend that you double check your automatic pay settings to ensure they are set as desired now that the UI is displaying their state correctly.

Join the EVE Online mass test on July 12th at 17:00 UTC

Join our mass test on Tuesday, July 12th, and explore the latest EVE Online features under development! 

We invite you to our next mass test on the server Singularity this Tuesday, July 12th, at 17:00 EVE time (=UTC). During this mass test we will test new features such as an improved visual damage system, and improved code for missiles. We are also looking into client and server performance.

(Image from a previous mass test, courtesy of Sered Woollahara)

All participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity). Please be aware that numbers, art assets, and other game properties on the test servers are not final and can change before they are released.

Further information about this mass test can be found here.
Information on connecting to the test server Singularity can be found here.

A Reminder Regarding Scamming & Charity Events

After a number of reports from pilots across New Eden, we have noticed a increase of scams using the word “charity” via both EVEmail and in local chat of large trade hubs and other busy systems.

We would like to remind all pilots that any form of scamming that relates to either in game or out of game charities is strictly prohibited.

While scamming, confidence tricks and theft are permitted in EVE Online, and are not regarded as being a breach of the game rules, CCP operates a zero tolerance policy when charity events, or in game or out of game charities are used in any way, shape or form as fronts for this kind of gameplay.

Any pilots found to be engaged in this type of behavior, or who are found to be using charity or charity fundraising to defraud, deceive or gain an advantage over other pilots in any way, will be reprimanded to the full extent of our rules, and may permanently lose access to their EVE Online accounts.

Announcing The First Round of EVE Vegas Speakers!

As October 28-30th draws closer, preperations have begun on what is set to be the largest EVE Vegas ever!

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce our first round of developer speakers who will be heading out with us to form part of the presentation and roundtable team at Planet Hollywood over the course of the event. Our first confirmed developer attendees are:

  • CCP Seagull – Executive Producer
  • CCP Mimic – Development Producer
  • CCP Ghost – Development Producer
  • CCP Affinity – Game Designer
  • CCP Rise – Game Designer
  • CCP BlueScreen – Senior 3D Artist

Covering everything from Game Design to Ship Balancing and Scope Network Challenges to New Player Experience improvements, the schedule for this EVE Vegas is swiftly looking to be the most interesting and player focused we’ve ever had, with announcements, videos and of course the traditional round of Vegas style celebration of all things EVE. Coupled with this, we have our two first player presenters to announce:

  • Jayne Fillon – How to be a content creator
  • Tyrrax Thorrk – Guiding Hand Social Club History

Both will be joining us on stage at EVE Vegas 2016 to present their take on their favorite topics in EVE. If you’re still looking to be part of the EVE Vegas presenter lineup, submissions are still open until July 27th, and you can read more about what we’re looking for in presenters in this news article!

If you want to know more about EVE Vegas, feel free to check out the EVE Vegas Website, which will take you to the official EVE Vegas website, and if you haven’t gotten hold of your tickets to the event yet, then what are you waiting for?

If you’re still looking to pick up tickets for EVE Vegas 2016, you can head on over to the EVE Vegas Eventbrite page. Picking up tickets today also makes sure that you’re included in the EVE Vegas 2016 Ticket Holder’s Draw, with the chance to win upgrades to your EVE Vegas experience.

Be sure to grab tickets as soon as you can, though, as they’re selling fast!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Alliance Tournament XIV Schedule Update

After monitoring feedback from the community, we have made the decision to adjust the dates for Alliance Tournament XIV.

The tournament will now be held over three weekends rather than four, starting on the 1st of October and finishing on the 16th of October. Our original intention was to run the tournament over four weeks, but since that is not possible due to scheduling conflicts this year, moving to three weekends gives us some additional options for when to host and we feel that this time period would be better. The first weekend will not be broadcast directly by EVE TV, while the remaining two will be broadcast with a full CCP hosted stream.

Please be aware that this also moves the period that we require commentators to be available to fly to Iceland to those dates.

We are also pushing back the alliance member cutoff to July 6 if you wish to participate. If you are unable to move to the correct alliance before then, please file a support ticket under CCP Community Team or email before that date.

The commentator application deadline has also been pushed back to July 11. These are both being pushed further back to allow players that were not preparing due to date clashes with the previous dates time to make themselves ready.

To reflect these changes, the tournament announcement dev blog has been fully updated here. Further information on the tournament and rules will be forthcoming next week.


CSM 11 – September Summit

The eleventh Council of Stellar Management will have its first summit September 12-15 at CCP HQ in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Usually we invite half the CSM to attend in person with the rest of the CSM joining remotely through video conferencing. For this summit, however, CCP has decided to invite all 14 council members to attend in person.

The CSM has gotten off to a strong start and the EVE developers are very excited to spend four days with all of them and getting their expert help in kicking off a great EVE winter!

CSM summits are a great tool for CCP and the CSM to discuss EVE and its future

Do you want to help the CSM prepare for the summit and take an active part in space democracy?

Here’s information on how you can reach out to invidiual members.

….and you can always post topics and take part in discussions that are important to you in the Assembly Hall forum section.

Áfram Ísland! – Cheer for Iceland in Euro 2016!

Picture courtesy of @CCP_Kitteh (he’s supporting Iceland in Euro 2016, are you?)

Over here in Iceland right now, there’s a little bit of Euro 2016 fever going on as Iceland compete in their first major football tournament.

For many sports experts, it was expected that in their first major tournament Iceland would not make it past the group stages. However, in true traditional viking style it would appear that the Icelandic team have beaten the odds and are through to the knockout stages, facing host nation, France, this Sunday at the Stade de France for the quarter finals.

At CCP, as an Icelandic company born and bred, we’ve been watching closely and cheering on Iceland during this historic journey, and we want you, the amazing EVE Community, to join in the fun!

With this in mind, we’re going to start granting server wide rewards for every active EVE account to celebrate each Icelandic victory in Euro 2016 from here forward, so be sure that you’re cheering on Iceland as they attempt to battle their way into the history books!

On the day of each upcoming match, make sure that you’re cheering on Iceland and posting pictures to show how you’re supporting the team on twitter with the #EVEONLINE hashtag, for the chance to win a few PLEX here and there too!

Here’s what will be coming to pilots (one reward per active account) should Iceland advance and win their forthcoming matches:

Quarter Finals Reward

France vs Iceland – Sunday 3 July, 21:00 (Saint-Denis)

  • Thorax Quafe Skin – Permanent
  • 1x Festival Launcher
  • 200x Barium Firework
  • 200x Copper Firework
  • 200x Sodium Firework


Semi Finals Reward

Match Time – Thursday 7 July, 21:00 (Marseille)

  • Megathron Quafe Skin – Permanent
  • 200x Barium Firework
  • 200x Copper Firework
  • 200x Sodium Firework


Finals Reward

Match Time – Sunday 10 July, 21:00 (Saint-Denis)

  • 1x Skill Injector
  • Hyperion Quafe Skin – Permanent
  • 2x Festival Launcher
  • 400x Barium Firework
  • 400x Copper Firework
  • 400x Sodium Firework

While the odds are being predicted to be against Iceland, here at CCP we’re all hoping that they’ll advance even further and add even more chapters to this amazing story!

Fear not though – Should Iceland be knocked out of Euro 2016 at any point, we’ll still issue a consolation prize:

  • Tristan Quafe Skin – Permanent
  • 1x Festival Launcher
  • 200x Barium Firework
  • 200x Copper Firework
  • 200x Sodium Firework

We do hope that the entire community will join us in celebrating the amazing achievement by the Icelandic team so far, and we hope you’ll cheer them on with us in the coming matches! 

Also, we have cake, thanks to CCP Bettik’s commitment to smacktalking the competition:

REMINDER – Changes To OS Minimum Requirements Coming Today!

As was previously announced on February 26th 2016, and reiterated on June 7th 2016, EVE Online support for Windows XP and Windows Vista will come to an end today.

As of this afternoon, we will discontinue support for the old EVE launcher, which will also bring our Windows XP and Vista support to an end. As has been explained previously, players still using Windows XP will be unable to launch the EVE client from the new EVE Launcher.

Microsoft ended the mainstream support for Windows XP 7 years ago (14 April 2009) and extended support ended 2 years ago (April 8th 2014). While we wanted to maintain support for XP and Vista for as long as possible, it is now causing too great a burden on our development team.

Although we are aware this change will affect 3.2% of our player base, we cannot continue to maintain the additional overhead supporting this platform causes. Sunsetting Windows XP support will simplify development and the complexity of our platform testing. This allows us more time to focus on new features, such as providing a smoother and more enjoyable experience on our DirectX 11 client and puts us in a better position to end DirectX 9 support in the near future.

If you are unsure what Operating system you have you can check on this site, and you can continue to discuss this announcement in this forum thread.

The minimum system requirements for EVE Online will be updated later today to reflect this change.

Shadow of the Serpent is now live!

We are happy to announce that Shadow of the Serpent is live!

You can now find a multitude of Scope Network challenges and their associated rewards under a new button on your Neocom in game!

In addition to this, as part of the event we also have a number of offers available on PLEX packs, Multi Character Training, and Aurum packs that include new Serpentis SKINs.

Check out the Shadow of the Serpent webpage and scroll down for more information on the event and offers, as well as EVE Updates for more information on the 118.6 release!

There’s also a new Scope Broadcast that outlines the events leading up to the Shadow of the Serpent that you can check out here.

The June release is now live!

The June release for EVE Online has now been deployed!

This release brings a new breed of pirate faction capital and supercapital ships that can be owned by players, Legalization of combat boosters, the fantastic bulk fitting tool, brilliant visual updates, a multitude of bug fixes and improvements and a wide range of improvements that clarifies the opportunities and rewards systems for new players

Due to an issue that was found last night with the Shadow of the Serpent event, this part of the release will not be deployed today, and is expected to be release at the back end of this week, once the issue has been fully investigated and resolved. This does not affect the offers that come with this release, which are now live as of the deployment of the 118.6 release.

Check out the full details for the 118.6 release in the patch notes and on EVE Updates!

For feedback please use this thread on the EVE Online forums. To report issues, please post here.