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Skill Reimbursement Deployed After EVE Online: Ascension Issue

We are happy to announce that after a thorough investigation into the cause, during downtime today we deployed a fix for the skillpoint issues that a number of pilots were experiencing after the launch of EVE Online: Ascension.

This fix relates to those pilots who had skills that trained skillpoints beyond the number of points that were needed to take them to Level V in a skill.

Any pilots with further issues after this reimbursement should file a ticket under the category Skills, Skill Training & Neural Remaps under Reimbursements with the subject Ascension Skill Queue Issues

Black Friday 2016 in EVE Online: Amazing PLEX offers and SKIN bundle discounts

Our amazing Black Friday offers bring you up to 25% discount on PLEX, the biggest savings ever on PLEX! Additionally, you can enjoy more than 50% off various SKIN bundles, with up to 40 items per bundle.

The sale is available throughout the weekend until Monday, November 28th, 11:00 UTC.

Don’t miss these unprecedented offers!

The o7 Show Airs On Sunday November 27th At 20:00!

It’s that time again! The o7 Show airs this Sunday at 20:00 UTC on the CCP Twitch channel!

In this episode we’ll be talking more about EVE Online: Ascension in an interview with CCP Seagull and CCP Quant.

In addition to this we’ll have a roundup of all the most recent news in New Eden, as well as a brawl between a selection of tournament commentators!

The o7 Show is the official source for news update sand information on what’s going on in the world of EVE Online – Be sure to tune in at 20:00 UTC this Sunday, November 27th with your hosts CCP Guard and CCP Mimic!

The EVE Online "Recruit a Friend" program – Everyone wins!

EVE Online is a fantastic game, especially if you play together with (or against) friends! With EVE Online ‘s “Recruit a Friend” you can benefit from bringing friends to EVE Online. As reward for successful recruiting, you can receive either 30 days of game time or 1 PLEX (check the details below). The recruited person will receive 250.000 skillpoints in any case!

Both, Alpha and Omega accounts can recruit. 

Recruiting is easy:

  • You, as a recruiter, log into the Recruit a Friend website with your EVE Online credentials
  • Send a personalized email to your friend or post your unique recruitment link

That’s it for you! 

Whenever someone creates a new account using your recruitment link, the following will happen:

  • The newly created account will receive 250.000 skillpoints. These skillpoints can be dragged from the character selection screen to a character on this account.
  • If the recruited player upgrades to an Omega account using a valid payment method, then you, the recruiter, will receive a reward

    • If you, as the recruiter, are on an Alpha account, you can select 30 Omega days as reward
    • If you, as the recruiter, are on an Omega account, you can choose between 30 Omega days or 1 PLEX as reward
    • The reward will be based on your account status when claiming the reward

Recruiting is profitable for both, the recruiter and the recruited person! We also recommend reaching out to new player friendly corporations such as EVE University or one of the many other recruiting corporations that can help you out.

Check out the Recruit a Friend website, and good luck with your recruitment drives!

Tune in this Sunday for the EVE_NT Championship!

The EVE_NT Championship continues this Sunday at 19:45 UTC and will be broadcast on the EVE_NT TV Twitch channel. We want to point this highly ambitious series of events out to all of you, and urge everyone interested in competitive PVP to tune in and support the growing EVE-sports scene. For new and returning EVE players this is a great opportunity to learn more about spaceships by soaking up the commentator knowledge. The tournament is organized and run by some of EVE’s most seasoned fleet commanders and Alliance Tournament veterans and makes for perfect viewing during EVE’s busiest hours of the week.

One interesting aspect for fans of ship fitting and piloting skill is that the fights will be fought with a selection of pre-fitted ships, giving viewers and commentators easier understanding of the action and the quality of the pilots’ performances. To keep things tricky, they have an interactive pick and ban phase before each match where the two captains go head to head trying to outwit one another while building their team.

For more information you can read up in the EVE_NT website or watch these videos made by Hendrick Tallardar explaining the tournament system. For those who can’t wait, HERE is a playlist of previous fights to get you familiar with the tournament and major players, and warmed up for this weekend´s bloodshed!



Have a great weekend in space! 

New Eden Store: Massive discounts on all classic ship SKINs

We are excited to announce a massive discount sale on ALL classic ship SKINs in the New Eden Store!

Enjoy discounts up to and over 80% on all the classic SKINs for all ship hulls, including capital and supercapitals!

One of the many discounts – The Kador SKIN for the Avatar Titan

We have massively revamped the price brackets in the New Eden Store for the time being. The price brackets are now as following: 

Small and medium: 250 to 800 AUR
Large: 400 to 1800 AUR
Extra-large: 800 to 1800 AUR

Purchasing SKINs is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Make sure that you have sufficient AUR
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT-4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
  • Select any SKINs you would like to have and and purchase them
  • The SKINs are then available in your redeeming system

Support Status After The Release Of EVE Online: Ascension


Since the release of EVE Online: Ascension, we have seen a significant increase in support ticket load due to a couple of issues with the rollout of new account security features. This has resulted in longer than average waiting times for responses to support queries.

This has also been compounded by requests from a large number of pilots who are looking to recover accounts that have not been accessed for some time, and from those who have had issues verifying their email addresses. 

We would like to reassure all pilots that our Customer Support team is working hard, with extra staff on hand, to assist with resolving these cases. We hope to have a response to every affected pilot as soon as possible, as well as a resolution to any issues they may be encountering.

In addition to this, we would like to reassure all pilots who currently have paid Omega time remaining on accounts they can’t access, that any missed Omega time will be reimbursed in full once they can log into their accounts again.

If any of our pilots are having issues with the delivery of email address verification mails, or find that their email is regarded as invalid in account management, they should contact our Customer Support team by filing a support ticket, and one of our friendly Game Masters will assist as soon as possible. To further reduce potential issues with email delivery please add to your address book, trusted senders list, or safe contacts list. 

We are aware that there has been some confusion surrounding email verification, account security challenges and two factor authentication, and we apologize for any inconvenience that unclear messaging has caused.

We will have a Dev Blog ready for release tomorrow that details the new security features that have arrived with EVE Online: Ascension, which will hopefully clear up any confusion that pilots may be experiencing.

In the meantime, if you are experiencing issues, please head on over to our Help Center and take a look at the prepared articles from our Customer Support team to see if they can assist in resolving your problem. If the Help Center isn’t able to assist you with independent resolution, then feel free to file a ticket and our Customer Support team will be happy to help.

For reference, here are a few articles relevant to current issues players are experiencing, and a few that provide more information on security features:

Creating & Validating A New Account

Email Verification For Existing Accounts

Existing Account Recovery

Two Factor Authentication

Ascension Known Issues & Solutions

In Game Biography Fix Deployed!

With the release of EVE Online: Ascension, many players found that their in game biographies had been reset, and that content had been removed from them.

Our wonderful programmers have just deployed a hotfix to the Tranquility cluster that has repaired the vast majority of biographies for those pilots who were affected.

Please be aware that some of these biographies may not show up until the server cache expires and they are refreshed.

EVE Online: Ascension Celebratory Rewards Coming November 22nd

With the deployment of EVE Online: Ascension, many capsuleers have asked many questions about when they can expect to receive the celebratory rewards that were announced in this news article, and updated after the postponement of the expansion in this one.

Fear not, intrepid pilots, for the news is now here to answer your questions!

The rewards will be issued into the redeeming system of every eligible account on November 22nd, so be sure to keep an eye on your redeeming system on character selection in order to pick them up.

If you need information on how to redeem items, please take a look at this handy Help Center article!

Dawn of a new SKIN era: First Star Captain SKIN now available

Celebrating the arrival of EVE Online: Ascension, we are excited to present the first next-generation SKIN in the New Eden Store: Behold the Star Captain SKIN for the “Confessor”-class Amarr Tech-3 destroyer!

This incredible Star Captain SKIN features a prominent white star on top of a striking red and blue color scheme. First of its kind, this SKIN uses our next-generation pattern projection technology recently introduced to EVE Online.

Watch this video about pattern projection technology and discover the fantastic potential for new SKINs in the New Eden Store. 

Purchasing SKINs is easy:

  • Log into EVE Online
  • Make sure that you have sufficient AUR
  • Go to the New Eden Store (press ALT-4 or use the Neocom to access the store)
  • Select the Star Captain Confessor SKIN (permanent) and purchase it
  • The SKIN is then available in your redeeming system

The EVE Store Is Back Online!

We are happy to announce that the EVE Store is once again open!

Some of our eagle eyed pilots managed to find the store while it was undergoing testing yesterday and was not up to date with the latest prices and shipping costs, which caused a little bit of a stir. However, all prices and shipping costs have been rectified, and the store is ready to start taking orders.

At this point in time, we have an initial offering of merchandise that includes some of our classic items from both EVE Vegas and EVE Fanfest – keychains, mugs, t-shirts, glasses and notebooks.

The new EVE Store is operated by our partners over at DPI in the United States who source and distribute fantastic quality items, however all the designs for EVE merchandise are produced in house here at CCP by our very own internet spaceship professionals.

Given that the store is run by our partners, it is not connected to our SSO, so you’ll need to create an account with the store website if you’d like to save wish lists and shopping carts. If you’re the decisive type of capsuleer, you can also check out as a guest.

We’re currently looking at expanding the inventory of merchandise, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what kind of EVE Swag you’d like to see for sale.

At this stage we have our first line of Swag available to order so that we can make sure that there are no issues with distribution, but we’ll be adding to it in the near future! 

You can visit the store by clicking the top image on this page, or by heading on over to to see the full listing of EVE Swag.

You can find customer support details over on the site too, and can also contact us via if you have any issues with the store.

We’d love to hear feedback from you guys, as well as suggestions on other swag you’d love to see for sale.

You can leave feedback and suggestions in this thread on the EVE Online Forums.

Login issues on November 15 – Information and solutions


WIth the activation of email verification on November 15th, we have received reports about players being unable to log into EVE Online due to email verification or account related issues.

Our Customer Support team has compiled a “Known issues and solutions” article on the Help Center, please check it out!

This article covers the following topics:

  • Email Verification and Two Factor Authentication (Two Factor Authenticator is still optional, even though the messaging might be confusing at the moment)
  • Not receiving the verification code (Please do not re-initiate / re-send the verification code multiple times, either wait up to 10 minutes for the mail to arrive or contact Customer Support)
  • Localized Launchers / Clients (If your localized client doesn’t work, please use the English laucher for now)
  • Lost access to email (Please contact customer support)

Detailed information about each topic is available in the Help Center article, please consult it!

If you still have troubles logging into EVE Online, please contact Customer Support.

Ascension Known Issue: Ships in SMA and Command Processors

Hello Capsuleers

Characters flying ships with Ship Maintenance Arrays containing ships that were previously fitted with Command Processors before the Ascension Expansion are currently unable to warp or jump their ships as the Command Processors have been moved to the cargohold of the ship inside the Ship Maintenance Array.

We will be fixing this issue during downtime tomorrow (2016-11-16). Alternatively, players that need to move those ships before downtime tomorrow can eject the ship with the Command Processor into space. Note that Customer Support will not be moving these ejected ships or otherwise manually fixing this issue, so please do not file a support ticket asking for assistance with this specific issue.

EVE Online: Ascension Has Been Successfully Deployed!

We are happy to announce that EVE Online: Ascension has been successfully deployed!

The largest and most significant update in the history of EVE Online, Ascension brings a new access paradigm to EVE Online that allows pilots to play for free.

The headline feature of EVE Online: Ascension, Clone States, brings free access to EVE Online in the form of Alpha Clones, using a pre-determined skillset, giving access to a whole host of playstyles and in-game content without the need for a subscription. In addition to this, the first phase of a completely re-worked new player experience, Inception, will offer new pilots more assistance and guidance than ever before as they take their first steps into the vast expanse of New Eden.

Engineering Complexes, a new set of colossal industrial structures, are set to fundamentally change the economy and industry game play, alongside a full rework of command boosts, mining foreman revamps, new effects generators for Titans, a rebalance of the Rorqual, new visual feedback and brand new explosion effects, as well as more activity in the asteroid belts of New Eden in the forum of non-capsuleer resource gathering operations.

Find out more about this release on EVE Updates and the feature tour video.

Full details are available in the patch notes.

Important Launcher Information:

Please be aware that due to the deployment of EVE Online: Ascension, which requires that you accept the new End User License Agreement, all pilots will need to sign in via SSO again and re-add their accounts to the EVE Launcher.

The EVE Online Launcher will not automatically remove accounts, so some pilots may experience situations where their accounts appear logged in, however when they click the play button for the first time since the deployment, they are signed out and need to log in again. This is normal behavior, and the easiest way to remedy it is to go to your launcher settings and click “forget all accounts” to clear the list of logged in accounts, before signing in to them again.

Important EVE Portal (Mobile App) Information:

Given the changes that have been deployed with EVE Online: Ascension, pilots using the EVE Portal mobile app will need to remove all characters from their app and re-add them. To remove characters from EVE Portal, simply head to the character switch screen and swipe left on each character to remove them. From here, they can be re-adde via the normal process.

Email Verification Notification:

Please also be aware that as stated in this news item, in order to log in to EVE Online after the deployment of the Ascension expansion, you will need to have a verified email address. Please make sure you verify your email address as soon as possible!


We have several threads available on the EVE forum for feedback, discussions and updates:

Calling All CEOs – EVE Online: Ascension & Corp Standings

With the arrival of EVE Online Ascension, we will be making some changes to our billing and account status system that changes how we handle EVE Online accounts.

One change we will be making is that from the deployment of Ascension, there will be no expired state associated with EVE Online accounts, as all accounts will be considered active after the expansion goes live.

Before the release of EVE Online: Ascension, characters on expired or otherwise disabled accounts were not counted when caculating corporation standings towards other entities in EVE, however once Ascension is deployed this will no longer be the case.

This means that your corp standings may change if you have characters in your corporation that are on expired accounts once Ascension is deployed, so be sure to check that your corporation won’t be adversely affected if you have a lot of inactive members in your ranks.

You can find more information and discuss this announcement in this forum thread by CCP Rise.

EVE Online: Ascension To Be Deployed On Tuesday, November 15th!

We are happy to announce that EVE Online: Ascension will be deployed during an extended downtime on Tuesday, November 15th 2016.

Downtime will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC, however, unlike previous downtimes for expansion deployment, there is no announced set duration for the deployment.

While we have a rock solid internal timeline for the deployment, changes to EVE Online that are so wide reaching and touch so many systems are incredibly complex, and as such we would like to take the time to perform extensive testing on Tranquility before we open the cluster for play after the deployment of Ascension.

With this in mind, while we will not be releasing a duration for the downtime, we will be providing live updates at least every fifteen minutes in this forum thread so that pilots can see how the deployment of EVE: Online Ascension is progressing.

The largest and most significant update in the history of EVE Online, Ascension brings a new access paradigm to EVE Online that allows pilots to play for free.

The headline feature of EVE Online: Ascension, Clone States, will bring brand new cloning technology to New Eden, including the Omega clone which will be familiar to all our current subscribers, alongside the new Alpha clone, which pilots will be able to utilize to gain free access to EVE Online using a pre-determined skillset, giving access to a whole host of playstyles and in game content without the need for a subscription.

In addition to this, the first phase of a completely re-worked new player experience will offer new pilots more assistance and guidance than ever before as they take their first steps into the vast expanse of New Eden.

The arrival of Engineering Complexes, a new set of colossal structures that will form a key part of the industrial backbone of corporations and alliances across the cluster is also set to shake up the economy, alongside a full rework of command boosts, new effects generators for Titans, a rebalance of the Rorqual, new visual feedback and brand new explosion effects, as well as more activity in the asteroid belts of New Eden in the forum of non-capsuleer resource gathering operations.

You can find out more about EVE Online Ascension and view the patch notes for the expansion over on EVE Updates.

Extended Downtime – Friday, November 11

In preparation for the deployment of EVE Online: Ascension on Tuesday, we will be extending tomorrow’s daily downtime in order to perform some essential pre-expansion maintance on the Tranquility cluster.

With this in mind, daily downtime will be extended by 15 minutes, and will run for a total of 30 minutes tomorrow, Friday November 11th. Downtime will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC, and will run through until 11:30 UTC, when we expect Tranquility to be back online and accepting connections.

Patch notes and downtime duration details for Tuesday’s deployment will be forthcoming tomorrow afternoon.

Email Verification Coming With EVE Online: Ascension

As part of our ongoing efforts to maximize account security for our pilots and ensure that the incredible amount of time investment you all put into character development is afforded the best protection possible, we will be making some changes to account security with the deployment of EVE Online: Ascension.

The main change noticeable to our pilots will be the requirement for all EVE Online accounts to be attached to a validated email address. This will be a requirement for all accounts moving forward after the launch of EVE Online: Ascension as we introduce a new mandatory email verification system.

Email verification will work much the same as many other authentication services that are already in use by our pilots on other platforms, producing a login challenge when an attempt to access an account is made from a new geographic location, computer, or IP address.

This type of login challenge will require an email verification access code, which will be provided via email to the validated email address associated with the account.

One of the primary causes of delays in recovering EVE Online accounts is that returning pilots already know their account name and password, but cannot recall the names of characters that are on the accounts they are trying to recover.

As such, with the introduction of email verification, we will be removing character name challenges from the SSO both on our website and in the launcher in order to improve security, expedite the account reactivation process, and reduce the amount of waiting time on account recovery.

With the introduction of this change, we would also like to remind pilots that multiple accounts can of course be verified against the same email address, in order to simplify the process a little, and make management of multiple accounts a little easier.

This does of course mean that all pilots will need to verify their email addresses, preferably before November 15th, when EVE Online: Ascension is released.

Those pilots who do not verify their email addresses before this date will be prompted to do so before being able to log in to EVE Online after the deployment.

For more information in how to verify your email address, you can take a look at this Help Center article that has been prepared by our Customer Support team.

Next o7 Show airs November 27 – Can we have your stuff??

This November is one of the more exciting months in EVE’s history with EVE Ascencion launching on the 15th. 

The o7 crew is looking forward to going over current events on November 27, and as always we want your stuff!

The show wouldn’t be the same without player created content whether it’s awesome player created segments or hilarious ads from corporations, alliances streamers and all kinds of EVE related services.

This is your regular reminder to clear your calendar for the show AND to send us anything you think belongs on the o7 Show (preference for stuff we can air without standing trial). Send us your ads, your videos, suggestions for players or events deserving of shoutouts, drawings…whatever you think is fun and relevant to the pilots of EVE. You might see it on internet spaceship television!

Our E mail is and the show will air on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. 

Send us your stuff, we will double the views

For our soon-to-be first time viewers; The O7 Show is an EVE talk show produced and hosted by EVE developers and aired monthly from our headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. It shines a spotlight on EVE’s development and the amazing things EVE players do in and around space every day.

Past episodes can be found in this playlist.