• Level 9 –> 10
    As soon as you ding level 9, stop. Don’t kill anything else or finish any missions/quests. Doing your ascension missions will put you at exactly 1 tnl, regardless of how far into the level you are, so any extra xp you earn will be “wasted”.
  • Level 10 –> ~20
    One quick way to level once you hit level 10 is to craft. If you are Elyos, head to the Artisans Hall in Sanctum and find the NPC who issues Work Orders for the craft you are interested in. Accept a Work Order and buy supplies from the craft merchant there and craft away. You can level your crafting skill and get a good number of levels out of it too! How much you can craft will depend on how much money you have saved up to that point, but don’t forget you can always come back to Sanctum when you have some more money to spend!
  • Hot-linking items
    If you’ve ever seen people put an item into chat where you can click on it and see its stats, here’s how to do it. Simply hold Shift down and right-click on an item in your inventory. This also works for mission and quest names, too.
  • Icons in chat
    You will undoubtedly see people using fancy icons to spruce up their LFG channel spam. Here’s how to use them yourself. Copy the following text (highlight all, then Ctrl+C), yes it looks like a bunch of squares for now:

                                                                                                                

    In the game, open the Menu (the little up arrow on the bottom of the screen, to the right of your Quick Bar) then go to Community > Memo Pad, then that text in there (Ctrl+V). Now that you have it saved, you can highlight any individual icon you would like to use and paste it into your chat or macros.

  • Healing
    • Healing spells or abilities are great if you’re not the target of the mob you’re actively fighting. If you are the target, you will almost always be interrupted.
    • Potions are great if you’re tanking or soloing, since they can’t be interrupted, but they have a cooldown re-use timer that can sometimes be longer than your life bar can hold out and of course you have to pay money for them.
    • If you’re not fighting anything, resting is free and can fill you back up to full very quickly (it does take longer to get to full the higher level you are, however). I’ve often seen the first tic go off before my butt hits the ground.
  • Chat Tabs
    I highly suggest creating a new tab (I called mine Chat) and only enabling the basic chat filters (regular chat, group, legion, etc.) and specifically leaving off the “Channel” chats. The LFG channel is worse than Port Jeuno shout spam, filled mostly with Spanish legion advertisements. This will also make it a lot easier to read chat, I found myself missing a lot due to either battle or LFG spam.
  • Advanced Faction Warning
    When you start going into the Abyss, or even regular areas where the occasional enemy faction member can rift through to, it will be nice to have some sort of warning that there is an enemy player nearby. One way to achieve this using built-in game mechanics is to take advantage of the chat tab system. Add a new tab (I named mine just “Asmo”) and only check off Enemy’s Attack/Atk Skills/Buffs/Rpt Effect/Defense, you’ll find those under Combat – Others. You can then click and drag the tab itself away from the others and put it off to the side, it will stay hidden until there is an enemy faction member nearby. It is important to note that this does not warn you when they are simply within your vicinity, they must be either fighting something or use an ability (i.e. Hide).
  • Graphical tweaking
  • Enchantments, Manastones, and Godstones
  • Quick Enchantment Stone level reference:
    • White Item = Item’s Level + 1~10 Levels
    • Green Item = Item’s Level + 5~20 Levels
    • Blue Item = Item’s Level + 15~40 Levels
    • Orange Item = Item’s Level + 30~50 Levels