RunicPortal is a group of gamers, friends and family. It is about games to an extent (since you can’t have gamers without games) but it’s more about people hangin out together playin some games online. Many times you’ll find some of us on our TeamSpeak server, just hangin out talkin while doing other things, not playing any particular game at the time. That’s what makes this group great. It’s a virtual living room with a bunch of your pals and plenty of cake and ice cream.

About the website

The RunicPortal website is built around MMO gaming, featuring both news posts from the industry as well as a place for gamers to socialize and share information. News is automatically aggregated from multiple outside sources, both official news straight from the game developers, and from third-party sites that report on news about these games. RunicPortal has an automated system that takes the RSS news feeds that these sources produce and posts the content straight to the RunicPortal Home page. Think of it as a big funnel for all your MMO gaming news. RunicPortal is also a community for gamers. Although the main theme of the website is MMO gaming, there are forums for gamers to talk about many different things, gaming related or otherwise. There are also pages dedicated to specific games that have things like relevant links, integrated search boxes, and even some interactive and dynamic elements.

A brief history of RunicPortal

Before it came to be called RunicPortal, it was a website created solely for a group of gamers playing the MMO Final Fantasy XI, banded together as a group who proudly called themselves Paragon. The site itself was used for making plans for in-game events and discussing how the group was run, as well as a way to have all of our policies and rules in one place and easily accessible to all members. Members would make posts about the results of our events for those who couldn’t make it and chat about all kinds of gaming and non-gaming topics. Slowly I began adding new things to the site, a calendar, a flash arcade, even adding in some wiki-like elements so members could update pages on their own, and I began to envision a bigger scope for the site.

When some members started moving on to playing other games, I reorganized the sites layout to allow for additional content for different games. This eventually led to an experiment with hosting other groups along with our own on a new website, and I chose the name RunicPortal for a few different reasons. The name itself was taken from an in-game teleportation device that would be instantly recognizable to Final Fantasy XI players, but ambiguous enough for the word to take on its’ own meaning to those playing other games. The word “portal” itself is also a reference to “web portal,” a site that gives users easy access to information.

The hosting experiment didn’t quite pan out the way I’d hoped. Back in the world of Final Fantasy XI, a server merge forced the group to rename themselves, and provided the perfect excuse to end the hosting experiment and turn the focus to the games that the members were playing, since by then members had been slowly moving into other games.

As Final Fantasy XI aged, and more and more players were leaving for greener pastures, it became obvious that the site was becoming less and less relevant for anything but  news releases from the different game developers and as a chat forum. I decided it was time to reinvent RunicPortal into something that would keep people coming back. A new website was built from the ground up using WordPress as its’ foundation, and popular elements from the old RunicPortal site were transferred over alongside some newer ideas and reorganization.

About the Admin

My name is Mark Pauley Jr. In the gaming world, I have been known as Keyser (pronounced like the German word Kaiser), or Key for short. This name was taken from a character, Keyser Soze, in one of my favorite movies, The Usual Suspects. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it, it’s a good flick. I grew up playing Atari and Genesis games and at one point or another have owned most major gaming consoles. One day I picked up Final Fantasy XI for PS2 completely on a whim and have been hooked on MMOs ever since. I tend to stick with a game if I like it, and don’t like to bounce around to different games. I’ve played Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, Rising Forces Online, Runes of Magic, Aion, and Guild Wars 2, as well as hosting and occasionally playing on the (since removed) official RunicPortal Minecraft server. I have lead a successful linkshell (Square-Enix’s term for guild) in Final Fantasy XI and made many friends across many servers. I dabble in web design and am currently in the middle of creating SPINpages.net, a low-cost and simple web hosting site for hobbyists.